20 Most Expensive Chocolate Bars (That Are Worth Every Penny)

One of the most widely enjoyed treats across the globe, chocolate bars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Indeed, while many of us have enjoyed our fair share of Hershey's and Snickers bars, it is highly unlikely that the average person has had a chance to taste most of the delectably luxurious chocolate bars appearing on this list. In fact, many of us who think we have been eating fine chocolate have been eating anything but, as truly premium quality chocolate brands appear to be few and far between. However, there just so happens to be several premium brands known for making reasonably priced to highly expensive chocolates, which are available for purchase. However, many may be outside of your price range.

Nevertheless, given that eating chocolate has been likened to things such as romance, it makes perfect sense why many of us would be on the hunt to find the perfect one, no matter how pricey. Indeed, the same way we all waste tons of time and money trying to find the perfect mate, the same could be said for how much the world loves eating chocolate. That said, this list is an overview of some of the priciest chocolate bars ever. If you have a shopping addiction, you might want to put the credit cards away before eating.

20 Madécasse Espresso Bean Milk Chocolate Bar ($6)

At just $6 bucks, the Madécasse Espresso Bean Milk Chocolate Bar may not seem like much of a splurge. However, if you keep in mind that the average person lives on considerably less than that on the daily basis, it should put into perspective how spending $6 on a chocolate bar may be a tad like lavish living. A unique combination of espresso and milk chocolate, this bar is ideal for those who love chocolate but like it with a bit of a kick to it. Made and manufactured in Madagascar, this chocolate bar is here to give you the rich and famous vibe...without requiring you to totally break the bank.

19 Dick Taylor Chocolate ($8.50)

A premium chocolate brand that prides itself on their ability to source the finest fairly traded cocoa, as well as performing all the steps it takes to transform it into chocolate, although $8.50 may not seem like an expensive candy bar, consider the fact that most of us spend less than that on lunch each day. Repeatedly embarking on a 3-week journey to make the finest chocolate around, this brand is inexpensive enough that you might want to try it but certainly too expensive to become a daily habit for most. Be mindful of that before you go running out to get a taste of some Dick Taylor Chocolate.

18 Fine and Raw Chocolate Bar

A Brooklyn-based candy company specializing in raw chocolate infused with an array of other natural ingredients to create unique combinations that are also super tasty. Plant-based and vegan-friendly, these chocolate bars are essentially offering more common folk a slice of the good life, one chocolate bar at a time. Although Americans have not been known for producing fine chocolates, many new companies are looking to change that. A company that came into existence based on one man's love of chocolate and the desire to create and share products with his friends, Fine and Raw is certainly worth every penny but I would not advise spending those pennies on the daily basis.

17 Cacao Prieto Red Hook 72% Dark Bar ($10)

A candy bar that is handcrafted from 72% single origin organic Dominican cacao, if you think all chocolate bars are created equal, this one is sure to change your mind. Made from the oldest, finest strains of cocoa on their farm, these babies are roasted in small batches and made especially to perk up your taste buds. One of the less pricey options on the list, although I recently tried this one, I will say it was an amazing experience but after checking the price, I quickly realized it would not be an everyday staple. Either way, mark this chocolate bar down as one to try...soon! I'd be willing at least twice the price...but I would likely purchase them half as much.

16 Compartes ($10)

Known as trendsetters in the chocolate game, you might want to get your hands on one of these Compartes chocolates while the getting is good. Made from scratch on the daily basis, Compartes prides itself on using natural, fresh ingredients, although these bars are delicious, Compartes is much more than just about taste. Unlike most other brands, Compartes are as visually pleasing as they are yummy. With tons of color and flavor combinations, this is a great pick-me-up for the more common folks amongst us. However, be mindful that this is also quite pricey for a daily habit and is better left as an occasional treat...unless of course, your filthy stickin' rich.

15 The Good & Evil Bar from Eclat Chocolate ($13)

So, this is likely not the first time you have compared chocolate to something sinful, but it might be one of the most applicable. Created based on the unique friendship between well-known chef Eric Ripert and culinary guru, the late Anthony Bourdain, the fact that Bourdain has since passed away only adds to the intrigue of this chocolate bar. Made from fair trade cacao, what distinguishes this bar from others like it is its velvety texture as well as complex taste. Either way, this is certainly not a chocolate bar to be eaten every day. Unless, of course, you're cool with not having enough left over for your lunch. And I'm not judging you either.

14 Fruition Chocolate Toasted White Chocolate Bar ($14)

Another excellent option for those looking to try some high-quality chocolates without the high-end price tag, Fruition's Toasted White Chocolate Bar is made from 38% cacao. The winner of the USA silver in the 2013 International Chocolate Awards, this baby was also a finalist in the 2014 Good Food Awards. A tad pricey for a chocolate bar, however, many agree that this bar is more than worth the money. Furthermore, in addition to its white chocolate and other accents, the makers of this bar even toasted a tad bit of cocoa butter, which adds notes of dulce de leche flavor to this already infamous chocolate bar. A must try for sure!

13 Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library ($25)

Actually, one of the most inexpensive items on the list, the fact that these are commonly purchased in set form makes these worthy of appearing on the list. These exotic mini chocolate bars are made up of 45%, 62%, as well as 72% cacao, making them as rich to the taste as they can be to your wallet. Including various 1/2-ounce chocolate bars, the flavor combinations of Vosges includes exotic choices such as coconut and banana, bacon and almonds, caramel and butter toffee, and much more. A great gift for yourself or a loved one, although these are certainly not a daily treat, they are more than worth the dough if purchased on special occasions such as birthdays and Valentine's Day.

12 Mast Chocolate Bars (Starting at $40 Per Collection)

A chocolate brand that includes an array of chocolate bar collections with special themes and ingredients. Another brand intending to mix new age aesthetics with old school flavors, this brand includes a wide variety of unique flavor combinations you're sure to love. With collections ranging in price from $40 to $75, these are ideal for those who are looking to try some new chocolate flavors but are also not afraid to spend a few dollars in the process. For instance, the Fraggle Rock Collection gives a nod to the legacy of Jim Henson and includes flavors such as coffee chocolate and sea salt chocolate, among others.

11 Goldkenn Chocolate Bars ($40)

Made by the leading luxurious Swiss chocolate brand, Golden Kenn is well known for their expertise in making traditional chocolate making. Created using the finest Swiss chocolates, these bars include everything from milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate, which means there is something for everyone's taste buds. With various combinations that include flavors such as the famous original pralines, these chocolate bars have a rich flavor that is unparalleled. Moreover, with rave reviews all over the internet, despite being so expensive, it seems that people from all over the world love this chocolate brand and don’t mind paying the extra coins to get it.

10 Amedei’s Prendimé Chocolate Bars ($60)

A brand of chocolates said to be perfect for chocolate lovers, Amedei Prendime 8 unique bars with their own flavor combinations. Flavors including extra dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white milk chocolate, gianduja chocolate, extra dark chocolate with almonds, extra dark chocolate with hazelnuts, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, and white milk chocolate with hazelnuts, this brand includes an array of delectable chocolate bars that appear to be more than worth the price tag. However, as with others on this list, this is certainly not a poor man's habit. No matter how much money you make, these chocolate bars are better left for celebrations and other special occasions.

9 Hershey's 5-Pound Chocolate Bar ($50)

Not to be outdone, your favorite inexpensive chocolate bar company, Hershey, also has an expensive chocolate bar. However, in this case, you truly get what you pay for. If you are the type that strictly prefers the super sweet version of American chocolate to all others then this Hershey bar is exactly what you need. Perfect for chocolate lovers, this 5-pound chocolate bar is sure to get you chocolate wasted. However, if you are seeking the higher end chocolate taste, this bar may be a waste of your money. Pretty good overall, but here in America, all of our sweets are loaded with sugar. If you have been eating fine chocolates your whole life, a 5-pound Hershey bar is certainly something you'd want to steer clear of. I'm just sayin'.

8 The Chuao Chocolatier ($79 Per Pound)

Although these are not incredibly pricey on the individual basis, these are most commonly bought in sets with prices ranging up to $79 per pound. Either way, some of their most well-known flavor combinations are as follows: cinnamon cereal, sweet and salty, spicy Maya, tangy mango, potato chip, and much more, it should be easy to see how these unique flavors can be addictive and why people prefer to buy so many at a time. Either way, having tasted a few myself, I'd say they are more than worth their hefty price tag...as long as they are eaten occasionally, of course.

7 Debauve & Gallais Chocolates ($94 Per Pound)

A high-end chocolate brand that has been in existence for over 210 years, of all the chocolates on the list, if you are going to pay some extra cash for high-end chocolate, Debauve & Gallais is the go-to brand. Creating a variety of chocolate bars and other snacks, visiting the shop is n experience in and of itself, and one in which is rarely taken lightly. However, your pockets will likely be much lighter once you pay the $94 per pound price tag. I can't lie and say I know for a fact these are worth the money, but I do truly plan to find out... sometime soon!

6 La Madeline au Truffe ($250)

Although this is not technically a bar, it was hard not to include a $250 chocolate truffle. Recognized by Forbes as one of the most expensive chocolate brands in the world, this truffle is made of 70% Valrhona dark chocolate. A super rare French Périgord truffle, this truffle is also surrounded in ganache and is even rolled in fine cocoa powder. Lying in a bed of sugar pearls in a gold box tied with ribbon, the presentation of this truffle is perfect for the contents inside. Either way, this is a chocolate lover’s dream. Essentially chocolate, rolled in chocolate, wrapped in chocolate, if you are searching for the ultimate chocolate experience, this just might be it!

5 To’ak Rain Harvest Chocolate Bar ($270)

Known as one of the most expensive chocolate brands known to man, To’ak chocolates are hand-made using traditional Ecuadorian techniques. With each bar containing a single roasted cacao bean at the center, bars are even shipped in hand-crafted hardwood boxes that are stamped with the number of the bar. Moreover, although many may believe that a vast majority of these chocolate brands use only the highest end chocolate, in all actuality, most are using hybrid cacao trees and only 5% of the world uses premium quality, Nacional cacao from Ecuador. To’ak is such a brand so, keep that in mind as you take advantage of their delicious finds.

4 DeLafée of Switzerland’s Gold Chocolate Box ($330)

It's almost impossible to make a list of lavish chocolates and not include this brand. Have you ever had chocolate wrapped in gold or a box of chocolates that included a rare collectible gold coin? Probably not. A collection included Swiss chocolate and edible gold, this brand is the epitome of expensive chocolate. Also selling products such as sheets of edible gold, edible gold flakes, and much more, this brand is a great option for those who can afford the hefty price tag. Moreover, DeLafée also makes wine with edible gold, making it a brand worthy of my attention for sure. Judge all you want!

3 To’ak Chocolate Bar (Aged in Cognac) $365

If you prefer your chocolate with a bit of a whiskey aftertaste (because who doesn't?!), the To'ak is certainly one to try. Aged in 50-year-old cognac, the interesting flavor combination is one that, if enjoyed, cannot be simply replaced with another chocolate bar. With flavors including sweet plum, tobacco, and raisins, as well as hits of cranberry, creamy hazelnut, and a "buttery cream" finish, this is made for those who have pallets as sophisticated as their wallets. Although it may not sound especially appetizing, do keep in mind that the foods one is regularly exposed to are what helps one develop their pallet. So, if this sounds like the worst combination ever, it may just be because you've had too many Hershey chocolates. Just a thought...

2 NokaVintages Collection ($854)

An American-based company that sources its chocolate from Ecuador, the Ivory Coast, Venezuela, and Trinidad, Noka is said to be "not so much candy as a tasting experience". Indeed, no matter how well you may be doing in life, you will likely think at least twice before spending the required $854 a pound to try this array of tiny chocolate bars. Either way, for those who choose to splurge, the box comes complete with its own mini-book that provides tasting guidelines, to help enhance your tasting experience. One of the most expensive chocolate choices to date, this chocolate is almost impossible to find. The flagship store has since closed and it has only been available via third-party vendors for quite some time.

1  Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate ($1,600)

Although Cadbury is most commonly associated with cheap chocolates that can be bought in bulk, the Wispa gold wrapped bar is an attempt to break away from their norm. Taking a page right out of Willy Wonka's playbook, this bar is covered in an actual gold leaf, likened to the wrapper of a Twix bar. However, the bar was a limited-edition item. But if you are thinking it can't be purchased, you may be wrong. Given that the company could not find anyone to purchase the bar, they then bought it back to put it on display in their Museum, Cadbury World. So, although it might not be very edible at this point, everything has a price and if you want to own the world's most expensive chocolate bar, I'm pretty sure Cadbury would be willing to negotiate.

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