20 Fashion Brands We Forgot About And Are Making A Comeback

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Especially when it comes to brands that we loved for many years. Fashion trends tend to come and go but when it’s our favorites we don’t want to see them go at all. Over the past year, there have been a ton of fashion bands that made a comeback and we are loving every minute of it. They have made a triumphant return and we are welcoming them with open arms. Some of them are vintage brands which made them cool, to begin with, while others have a fresh new look and hopefully they won’t disappear again. These brands are hitting the top notes again and have once again found themselves on our radar. Sometimes it’s the help of celebrities that bring these brands back. Either way, we are thankful for it. You may not have even been aware that some of these brands took a hit over the years. But they are back in action and ready to find their way into our closet again.

You can be excited about these brands all over again. You might even feel a bit of nostalgia when you go through the list. Check out these 20 luxury brands we forgot about and are making a comeback.

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20 Juicy Couture crawled its way back 

via daily mail

Remember when Juicy Couture was everywhere? It was the fashion trend to wear a jogging outfit when out to running your errands or grab a coffee. In other words, they made being lazy look really cool. The Juicy on the bottom sure didn’t hurt either. Celebrities all over Hollywood were photographed wearing the Juicy brand and all of a sudden, they were gone. They just weren’t cool anymore. But they are back in style and we knew that as soon as Kylie Jenner posted a picture of herself wearing the brand on Instagram and was then photographed wearing her Juicy getup out and about.

19 Esprit found a partner 

Via Harper's Bazaar

Remember Esprit? We haven’t seen this brand in a long time, but we loved it a lot. It was really popular in the '80s and '90s, but they made a major comeback in the past year. The brand hooked up with Opening Ceremony for a collaboration which helped them make their way into Hollywood. Now we are starting to see the logo popping up in more places. We will have to see if they are going to be just as popular again. People love getting back into brands that they loved when they were growing up.

18 Johan Lindeberg impressed us again

Via Ape To Gentleman

Johan Lindeberg started his fashion brand because he wanted to design clothes that he wanted to be able to wear himself. The designer has been gone for almost ten years before making a comeback. “Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg recently came back to his namesake label after having left almost ten years ago. I saw his comeback show in person during Stockholm Fashion Week in January and was seriously impressed, so I know he’ll continue to do bigger and better things this time around,” says Erin Fitzpatrick, news editor.

17 Calvin Klein found their "it" girl 

via irishtatler.com

Calvin Klein was determined to make a comeback and they succeeded. In fact, it’s hard to miss the aggressive ad campaigns they've put up in the last few years. Having Kendall Jenner modelling for their brand may have had something to do with their comeback. Even Justin Bieber was modelling for them over the years and his ads looked fantastic. We are happy to have them back because they are a pretty amazing brand.

16 Jennifer Lopez Came to Guess' rescue

via Glamour

Guess has always been around, but it also sort of faded away over the years. Guess was determined to stay relevant and they started bringing in people to help get it back into the forefront of pop culture. A$AP Rocky was brought in to collaborate with the brand and that made a huge difference for them. The best thing they could have done for the brand, however, was bring in Jennifer Lopez to be the new face of the clothing line. She’s super popular and that’s exactly what they need to stay relevant in the industry.

15 Fiorucci Upped Their T-Shirt Game

Via Fashionista

If you are a T-shirt girl, then you are going to love the new lines of graphic tees Fiorucci has been designing recently. Celebrities like Dakota Fanning and Naomi Campbell have been sporting the tees and looking amazing in them. We are glad to see this brand making a comeback. “Fiorucci’s comeback this year definitely helped me step up my T-shirt game; the brand makes the coolest tees with bright graphics, and the fit is great,” says Michelle Scanga, a fashion managing editor. If that isn’t reason enough to check them out, then we don’t know what is.

14 Adidas isn't just about sports

Via PopSugar

Adidas used to be the go-to brand for athletes, but they disappeared for many years. They made a huge comeback in the last few years, catering to everyone rather than just the sporty type. The classic sneakers seem to have revived the brand again and people are wearing Adidas at the gym as much as they are to the bar . They have even been turning out dresses and yoga wear and some of their dresses are perfect for the summer. If you haven’t checked out the brand in a while, we would recommend doing so.

13 Jockey Brand is Back

via the bra closet

If anyone can make Jockey the new Calvin Klein, then it’s going to be Urban Outfitters. We have been seeing the brand a lot more of over the past year and it looks like they want to come out ahead when it comes to workout gear. Urban Outfitters has been presenting the brand on their Instagram page and the clothing line is looking pretty good. It’s always been great quality when it comes to workout gear. They at least deserve the second chance that they are going for. If you are looking for something new in your athletic wear, then give them another look.

12 UGG Upped Their Winter Game

Via InStyle

Blake Lively is loving the UGG life and we’re glad to see them make a comeback. Lively is definitely someone who we look to for fashion inspiration. If you were a fan of the classic boot they had, , then you will probably love the new changes they've made. They took it up a notch by bringing out a new line this past winter that had embellished boots, shearling slides, and smart gloves. If you were a fan before, then you will probably want to fill up your closet once again with all the new ideas they brought to the table for their comeback.

11 GAP plays on nostalgia

via adweek.com

Gap had it peak in the '90s, and since fashion influencers have brought back one of our favorite decades, they jumped on the opportunity. If you loved the iconic GAP hoodie, then you will love the Archive Re-Issue Collection. They even had Cher come in and collaborate with them last fall and she loved every minute of it. “When Gap said they wanted to team me up with a young artist I knew it would be really beautiful,” Cher told PEOPLE. “We had a blast together.” She also loves the brand herself. “I can’t even tell you how many denim jackets I have or how many I’ve had in my lifetime. I couldn’t tell you if you put a gun to my head,” she said.

10 Nike didn't rely on their rep 

Via pinterest.ca

Nike didn’t necessarily go away, but they did have an insane amount of sales last year, especially when it came to their Cortez sneaker. One of the reasons they bring in the numbers is because they like to play on nostalgia, especially when they launched the retro Farrah Fawcett ads. Who wouldn’t want to wear Nikes after seeing this girl on a skateboard. They are clearly a brand that plans on sticking around for a while.

9 Von Dutch isn't done yet

Via Marie Claire

Seriously, it seems as if all you need is one of the Jenners to wear a piece of your clothing brand and it becomes popular all over again. When it comes to teens, the Jenners are someone they follow religiously. So, Von Dutch made a comeback and it may be thanks to Kylie Jenner. It was a fashion trend that was popular in the early 2000s, but we've recently seen Kylie embrace it once again. The sweatshirts for sure look like a comfy winter option to try if you are looking for new items this coming winter season.

8 Tommy Hilfiger changed it up

via tommy hilfiger

Remember when everyone was wearing Tommy Hilfiger in high school? They were at one time one of the coolest brands you could wear. Well, the brand did take a backseat in fashion for a while, but it seems to be headstrong in making a comeback. They released some pretty cool Tommy Jeans jean jackets that were super cute and you could get them in a variety of different colors. Stars like Gigi Hadid have no problem sporting the brand on a regular basis. You might like the fresh new take the brand has launched over the past year.

7 Burberry Has A Fresh Take

Via Teen Vogue

There was certainly a time when it seemed like all we saw were celebs wearing Burberry. But it got to the point where the brand became a little too much — it was just overkill. They've made a huge comeback, however, and stars like Taylor Swift are jumping on board. It might just be the beginning of another great era for Burberry. Some of the new staples that they have released include bags, scarves, and their classic trench coats. If you loved the brand before, then you are sure to love their new pieces coming out of the gate.

6 Dr. Martens have an edge

via www.whowhatwear.com.au

We had almost forgotten about Dr. Martens, that was until they decided to make a comeback. They were huge in the '90s — all the cool kids were wearing them in high school. Their popularity took a nosedive in the early 2000s, however, and we didn’t think that we would see them again. That was of course until Kaia Gerber started wearing them. All you need is a cool model willing to wear your clunky boots and you are an instant hit again. It wasn’t long before their boots became a hot commodity again and now they are in high demand.

5 Coach Is Back On Top

via pinterest

Coach is another brand that had to take another look at what they were offering and try something different. The brand was pretty popular for a time, but they also had to make some big changes. “Coach has been evolving the past couple of years and we’re completely in love with their western-inspired fall and winter collections. The animal bags and maximalist embellishments are the perfect way to stand out this season,” wrote Style Caster. Now the look is back and with all the new changes, it looks like the brand is back on top.

4 Champion joined forces with Vetements

via wheretoget.it

Champion made a strong comeback recently by working with the company Vetements. Now we are seeing celebrities sporting the Champion logo and it’s making us nostalgic. It is still one of the most affordable hoodies that you can buy at around $70 and stars like Hailey Baldwin are snatching them up. Now that Vetements is part of Champion, most of the celebrities are buying the $800 version of the sweaters. "It’s the sweatshirt of the moment,” says a sales associate at Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship. “I love the comfy fit, the cut, and the details on the hoodie,” says Milan-based blogger Patricia Manfield.

3 Levi’s for no-fuss jeans

Via .pinterest.com

Levi’s has been around forever, but it’s definitely had a lot of ups and downs in the industry over the years. But in the past year, it’s become trendier than ever. It’s partnered up with other companies such as HBC which helped the brand become popular once again. It also doesn’t hurt that Claudia Schiffer has stated how much she loves Levi’s jeans. They've also revamped their denim and their styles to keep up with trends. It looks like this comeback is sticking around for a while. Anyone that has worn Levi’s knows that they are a brand that you can trust to last a long time.

2 Birkenstocks are all about comfort

Via Playbuzz

Birkenstocks are known as basically the most comfortable sandal in the world. If you have ever you’re your foot into one, then you know what we are talking about. Their popularity has sure died down over the years, but in the past year or so, they have definitely made a huge comeback. As you can see stars like Leonardo DiCaprio who love to be comfortable have been sporting these sandals for some time now. The classic and comfortable sandal has been doing well since it’s comeback.

1 Puma Is Back in 

via Billboard

It’s been a while since Puma made a dent in the fashion industry, but they've definitely made a huge comeback. Rihanna is one celebrity that has made the brand popular again and she manages to make athletic wear look like high fashion. Both The Weeknd and Kylie Jenner have also been seen wearing the brand as part of the street style. Clearly athletic wear isn't just for the gym. Just because they're sneakers are comfortable doesn't mean they're not fashionable.

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