20 Everyday Things That Average People Can't Afford (That Rich People Buy)

At one point in our lives, we will all find ourselves wanting to buy something to show off how much money we have. Generally, this is a car or something else that can really get our neighbors angry and had them wishing they could do what we do for a living.

Now, some people just buy expensive things to just blow their money away, while others spend money on the cheapest items possible. The fact that some people need to buy expensive items just to feel valued is a little sad, but it is what it is. So, feeling valued is something that certain people need in order to feel good about themselves.

We are not encouraging you to go out buy these items. We are simply trying to inform you about what is going on in the world. Specifically, people buying really expensive items for some strange reason. It's not incredibly bad but is something that some people do just to flaunt their wealth in the faces of everyone.

20 College Tuition - approx $30 thousand

Via Scary Mommy

If there is one thing in this world that can put someone into debt, it's college tuition. This is the hard fact for anyone that does not live in a country with either free college or heavily government funded college. Specifically, the United States is one country where people go into tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just to get a good college education. It's clearly something that not everyone can afford, but for those who were born into money, they don't really have these kinds of problems.

19 The Lamborghini - approx $200 thousand

Lamborghini Palm Beach

This car is by far one of the most popular expensive vehicles that one can buy. It isn't cheap though, it can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars and that money does not go to waste since it's packing a nice engine under the hood and makes anyone look stylish when they're in it. Other than that, it's also something that most people would have to pay over an entire lifetime, much like a house, so that's why it's really marketed towards the upper-class people that are around.

18 The Bugatti - approx $2 million

Via Bugatti

This vehicle is another well-known one. It's more than expensive and is something that most people would never even be able to get a loan from a bank for. They can only marvel at it from a distance. The car is one that is luxurious and drives people crazy at the cost of the tires, engine and more. The Bugatti is a car that we all dream about but only a few of us will ever ben able to see, touch and drive such a car.

17 The wooden keyboard - $1,400

Via Rakuten

Most people buy some cheap keyboards that are only 10-20$ tops. They don't want to spend too much. The thought process is basically that if it works, it's good enough for them. However, there are some people who spend more than that, they buy what's known as mechanical keyboards and they can run someone around 150$. But that is not even the most expensive. A Japanese keyboard made out of wood takes the cake. It runs people a whopping $1400 and does everything else a standard keyboard would do. (Source: YouTube)

16 Sennheiser’s Orpheus Headphones - $50,000

Via YouTube

Who likes good audio? Most of us right? Some people, like the keyboard lovers, enjoy something a little better. They will pay more money for better quality and that's the case with high-quality stuff. The more you pay, the better it is. In this case, Sennheiser, a well-known company when it comes to making awesome little devices for listening to audio, made a $50,000 pair of headphones. In that price range, it better last a lifetime and be the best around town for over a  decade. (source: DigitalTrends)

15 Tiffany Tennis Ball Can - $1,500

iGavel Auctions

Tennis is something that everyone plays at least once. It's generally not the most interesting sport for a lot of people but it is still quite popular. It's even got tournaments that go on every now and then if not more. When playing tennis, players use a ball, and basically, all you have to do is hit it over the net and get a point. Those balls are held in a can. This can is of the higher quality and does the same job as any other can. However, this particular one might keep the balls in better condition. (Source: CoolMaterial)

14 Louis Vuitton Skateboard - $54,500

Via Flickr

This is a skateboard made by Luis Vuitton. It is also something that comes off as not to leave the shelf of your home. It's more a showpiece rather than an actual skateboard. It can, however, be ridden if someone really wanted to put it through that. However, the damage that can happen to it, might cost you a fortune, on top of the over 50 grand it's going to cost to get this puppy in your hands. It comes with a unique black and white color scheme on it. (Source: CoolMaterial)

13 Goldplated Staples - $50,00

Via Jorymon

Next time you are stuck in the office and stapling packets of papers together. You can take comfort in knowing that you'll be giving only the highest quality of paper that's been stapled together. Come to think of it, in most instances, this is actually a useless thing. It will just cost a lot of money and only be used for a short period of time. Staples like this are just going to run you a ton of cash and you won't even want to use them. It's mostly just a way of flaunting your wealth in the faces of other people. (Source: Cracked)

12 Renova Colored Toilet Paper - $20

Via DesignMantic

Toilet paper. We all use it and we're never going to stop using it. Why not get some custom rolls of it if you're tired of the typical plain ones? While there is some level of preference for toilet paper, such as the softness and thickness, you can get yourself the color of your preference. It's much like buying your favorite color and then using it whenever you need to. It's a cool idea and will only be bought by those who can afford something like this. (Source: CoolMaterial)

11 Posh Instant Noodles - $43

Via Pinterest

These are easily one of the more expensive options for food. They're also the cup of instant noodles that will not be bought by the college kid trying to pay for school. These instant noodles better have some gold in them or better be super filling. A few cups of these are sure to drive you insane. This isn't to say they don't taste well, they probably taste amazing and that's why they cost what they do, but these are not for the average person. (Source: CoolMaterial)

10 Fishing Lure - $1 Million

Via Sport Fishing Magazine

Much like other items on this list, this one is not for the average person. This is actually for the super rich guy that needs expensive items to fuel his life. It's a showpiece that is just for talking when guests are over at your home. It's not really supposed to be used in the water since the price could drop. Other than that, it looks great, why would someone even risk putting that in the water, despite it being built for it. (Source: CoolMaterial)

9 Toto Neorest Toilet - $4,000

Via YouTube

This toilet is pretty cool and is far from a showpiece. It's more towards a piece of technology that will make most people jealous. It is sure to have some useful features that you will never find on a regular toilet and that's why it's worth the luxurious price that it is. It's not for the average person but is rather for the person that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and who's got some good cash to blow on cool little things to make their life more interesting. (Source: CoolMaterial)

8 Roland Iten Belt Buckle - $25,000

Via Quill & Pad

A belt buckle is something that most people will not see. However, the few that will see are sure to become jealous and learn some respect for you when they see what you are wearing. It's like having something that is on another level. This time, it's a belt buckle that shows how much money you have and how much you're willing to put into your appearance. It's best worn with a suit if you want to keep a certain image and idea about yourself alive. This belt buckle is sure to raise some eyebrows since the color is not the average silver but is rather gold and looks pretty premium. Thus, it makes you look premium. (Source: CoolMaterial)

7 Bullet necklace with diamonds - $3,000

Via Brinkhaus Jewellers

Bullets are a tool for artists ever since someone figured out that you can make art out of something designed for chaos. It's kind of like an art that is sure to make someone ask where you got it. However, there are sure to be some luxury items whenever something like this becomes available. In this case, it's a cool little bullet that is nice and shiny. It's also got some stones on the tip of it, which is why it's pretty expensive and will likely cost someone an arm and a leg. It's also something to wear but also shows off because no one really has anything like it. (Source: CoolMaterial)

6 Golden Playstation 3 - $323,000

Via Pinterest

This is by far the biggest showpiece of all. A golden PlayStation that is plated. This little device is not really going to get seen by everyone but will surely get the attention of everyone who sees it. It will get attention simply because it's gold. Anything that is gold plated, will get attention. It's a simple fact. Other than that, it's a working PlayStation. Who would not want to have that? It's not really for the average person because it's an expensive item. Gold is not cheap and will never be cheap, so, this is clearly for the upper class of society who tend to make some money. (source coolmaterial)

5 The limited edition moon landing pen - $49,000


The moon landing. It was a great time. It's provided many of us with fascinating topics to talk about, and was probably the beginning of conspiracy theories. It was the first time that humans ever traveled so far away from Earth, our home. On that note, this pen is more than fitting for those who can afford it. As you can see, it's got some nice engravings and should be used only on special occasions rather than for everyday use. It's based on a special time and should be used for special times in the future. Other than that, it's a reminder to the first real-time that humans made a giant achievement like that. (Source: CoolMaterial)

4 A saucepan that has both gold and diamonds - $155,000

Via World Record Academy

This is by far the biggest way someone can waste some money if they need to get rid of that cash that's burning a hole in their pocket. A saucepan, that's got both gold and diamonds on it. It's also a rare occasion to see such an item as it's not the best to be used on top of a stove. It's more towards, yet another, good old-fashioned showpiece. This has got diamonds all over it and has some unique positions of gold but that means it's also capable of working as a saucepan but it's too expensive to want to shove that on top of a stove and heat. (Source: CoolMaterial)

3 Toothpaste - $100

Via dandane

This is by far the fastest way to burn 100$. If you hate having money, why buy classic, popular toothpaste that's affordable when you can join the elites and brush your teeth with expensive toothpaste! The best part is it's going to do the same job as toothpaste. It's also far from affordable for most people, especially those who cannot even get a decent paycheck. This time around, the toothpaste would run them dry and be far too expensive. This is why toothpaste is cheap and can be used easily by many people for a cheap price. This is the latter when it comes to pricing. It better has some gold in it for that price range. (source Cracked)

2 Candle - $470


Another thing that is sure to grab the attention of others and almost literally burn your money, is this candle. It's a ton of cash at 470 dollars and will surely be the talking point of the house. It's not going to be a positive talk since most people don't want to spend that amount of money on just a candle. However, as you already know, there's a type of person for everything and this time, it's targeted towards a person who doesn't care about their money. It is a scented candle, and better be the best smelling thing ever. (Source: Cracked)

1 A football made of python skin - $345

Via Leather Head Sports

Some people like to have animal furs on their items, others like skins. This time, it's a regulation football wrapped in Python skin. It's certainly something that's going to make some people angry since it is an animal that was needed in order to create a luxury football. It will also make other really happy that they can go ahead and have a super expensive item that they will be too scared to even take out of the box. Other than that, it's going to cause a stir at the neighborhood dinner party simply because of what it is made out of. (Source: Cracked)

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