20 Celeb Brides Who Didn't Wear The Typical Wedding Dress On Their Big Day

One thing that celebrity brides have taught us over the years is that they aren’t your average brides. When you have millions of dollars at your disposal, you don’t want just any average dress, you want something that is show-stopping because you know it’s going to be splashed all over the magazines and newspapers the next day. Why be traditional when you can be anything but?

When we hear about celebrity weddings, we get excited to see the amazing gown that the bride will choose among other things. Sometimes these brides take us by surprise because they go away from the norm and try something daring instead. Sometimes this pays off while other times it does not. You might be shocked, you might be delighted, but either way, these wedding outfits are sure to give you something to talk about. Check out these 20 celeb brides who didn't wear the typical wedding dress on their big day.

20 Olivia Palermo Wore Shorts

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It might not look like it by the first glance, but that is not your average wedding dress. For starters, the top almost looks as if it could be a long-sleeved shirt that we would lounge in on a Sunday afternoon. But that wasn’t the only casual part of her dress. The bottom of the dress was actually a pair of shorts and we aren’t even kidding just a little bit. So she was probably in absolute comfort all day long. We’re not sure if we love the idea or we hate it but it does fit under the unconventional.

19 Angelina Jolie got her kids involved 

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Some people’s hearts melted when Angelina Jolie showed off her wedding gown that was covered in her children’s drawings. Not everyone swooned, however, as many thought it was a little tacky. In 2014, she married Brad Pitt in an A-line skirt that was made by Luigi Massi at Atelier Versace. All her children’s drawings were sewn on the back of the dress and on the veil. It was definitely a unique idea, but one that fell flat with some people, but the only thing that mattered was how much she liked it.

18 Marilyn Monroe Went dark

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Having original or unique wedding dresses isn’t exactly a brand new trend. Actresses and celebrities have been going by the beat of their own drum for years. Even Marilyn Monroe wore a very different dress for her wedding day and she did it at the time when it was probably less fashionable to be creative. She wore a chocolate pencil dress with a matching jacket that was lined with fur when she married baseball player Joe DiMaggio. It was classic just like she was, but it was the last thing you would expect at a wedding.

17 Gwen Stefani’s was shades of pink

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She’s definitely one celebrity that gives us fashion surprises all the time, but a lot of people were surprised by her choice of wedding dress. She wore the dress in 2002 when she was marrying Gavin Rossdale. The dress was designed by John Galliano of Christian Dior and it was actually made of silk. Stefani always knows how to find a balance between looking like a feminine woman and looking like a rock star. She wore the dress twice that year, once for her wedding and again for the vow-renewal ceremony.

16 Yoko Ono Was Mod-Inspired

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Yoko Ono looked more like she was going to a tennis match than a wedding. This little number was what she wore when she married John Lennon. She’s definitely never been a conventional or traditional person, so the dress wasn’t really surprising to anyone. We may have been more surprised if she would have worn a gown. The dress was a mod-inspired dress that she wore in 1969 and it included sneakers, tube socks, and a felt hat.

15 Jessica Biel’s Pink Dress

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Pink has definitely been a popular color choice when it comes to celebrity wedding dresses and Jessica Biel was another girl that went for it.

“I wanted the dress to be very romantic and feminine and a shape that I very rarely wear. I have never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, for me at least.

[Giambattista Valli] had created that same fabric in a fuchsia-and-pink combination for a dress in a previous collection, and I asked him if he could create that same pattern in a white combination, and he suggested pink. It was a bit of a leap of faith at the time, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. [Putting it on], I felt like I had made the right choice. I felt elegant. And it moved like a dream.”

14 Emma Thompson definitely stood out 

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It’s certainly not the kind of dress that most brides would choose for their wedding day. We really can’t quite put Emma Thompson’s colorful wedding dress into words. When she married Kenneth Branagh in 1989, she decided to add a little fun color to her choice of dress. We may think that the dress was a little theatrical and over the top, but in the '80s, these were the kinds of trends that were going on. At the time, it seemed perfectly normal for her to wear a wedding dress like that one.

13 Solange Knowles Wears A Jumpsuit

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Solange Knowles definitely loves fashion and we see that with a lot of clothing that she wears but she’s also made it on the worst dressed list before. She is the sister to famous singer Beyonce and we’re not quite sure what to make out of her wedding jumpsuit. It’s possible she chose this outfit because she wanted to bike to the party venue with her new hubby. She had six different outfits that she changed into, but they were all ultra-modern styles.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker Wore a little Black dress

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married for a whopping 21 years now. When she got married in 1997, she wore a Morgan Le Fay dress that was hanging in one of her favorite shops. She didn’t even have a dress specially designed for her big day. What surprised everyone the most was that the dress was in black. She thought she was choosing a low-key dress that no one would notice, but instead, it was made one of the most famous celebrity dresses over time. The actress has since said she regrets wearing black. "Oh, I wish it was because I was badass," she said.

"I just was too embarrassed to spend any time looking for a wedding dress.

There was a store that I liked that I knew, and I just went and got whatever they had hanging."

11 Kaley Cuoco’s Pink Wedding Dress

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Another victim of the pink wedding dress, Kaley Cuoco also chose one for her wedding. She married Ryan Sweeting in 2013 during a New Year’s Eve wedding. It was ice-themed, and her wedding dress was pink. The dress was designed by Vera Wang and it had a sweetheart neckline. She certainly looked happy in the pictures and she posted on Instagram that it was “the best night of her life.” The two ended up getting divorced and we have to wonder what her next wedding dress is going to be like.

10 Emily Ratajkowski went undercover 

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No one was really expecting supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski to marry her filmmaker boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McLard. They had an under-the-radar ceremony at City Hall and rather than show up in a white gown and have the whole world know she was getting married, Emily wore this mustard-colored ensemble so the media wouldn't suspect anything. “It felt very ‘heist movie,’ because all of my girlfriends were in suits, too, and I wasn’t wearing white, so I kept passing the bouquet of flowers to them, like, ‘Decoy, decoy!’”

9 Elizabeth Taylor was never traditional 

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Elizabeth Taylor has worn eight wedding dresses. So it comes as no surprise that would stray from the traditional gown for some of her weddings — it can get boring. The first time she married Edward Burton, Taylor wore a conservative, forest-green gown, but when she remarried him 16 months after their divorce, she clearly didn't hold back. She married Burton in Bostwana in this Gina Fratini tie-dye, feathered dress. I mean, it was the '70s.

8 Julianne Moore’s Casual Dress

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When Julianne Moore got married in 2003, she went for a very casual and low-key dress. It was a little disappointing because in our opinion, you typically only expect to get married once, so why not go all out? That wasn’t what Moore wanted, however, and just opted for a backyard wedding and a gown would have been a little inappropriate for such an occasion. “For her backyard wedding, the Oscar-winning actress wore a simple mauve-colored sheath, designed by Prada, to go with the vibe of the low-key wedding.”

7 Audrey Hepburn Went Old Hollywood

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Audrey Hepburn has always been a style icon and her outfits are legendary, but she did surprise everyone when she got married. She definitely didn’t go traditional in 1969 when she married Andrea Dotti. She wore a Givenchy dress and instead of wearing a veil, she just wore a scarf. She seriously looked more like she was going to brunch with her girlfriends than to her own wedding, but she still pulled off being stunning while she was doing it.

6 Dita von Teese Goes Purple

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When Dita von Teese married Marilyn Manson in 2005, she knew she had to try something different. She wasn’t about to walk down the aisle wearing a traditionally white dress.

"I think he appreciates women who are willing to dress in an eccentric way — women who aren't just trying to follow fashion."

They got married in a castle in Ireland and she certainly looked like she belonged in one. Her corset purple dress was designed by Vivienne Westwood.

5 it was all about the details for Dianna Agron 

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When the Glee actress married Mumford and Sons' Winston Marshall, she did it in a $20,500 gown. It was a nude sequined chiffon Valentino gown and it suited her style very well. The dress was described as “just as graceful and elegant as the ballet dancers who inspire it.” The wedding festivities went on for three days for the bride and groom. You might have seen this stunning gown on the runway.

4 Poppy Delevingne Went Boho-chic

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Poppy is the big sister to model and actress Cara Delevingne and the two look very much alike. Poppy is an English model and just as gorgeous as her sister. When she got married in 2014 to James Cook, she had two dresses. She had a traditional dress as well as this boho-floral Emilio Pucci dress that was actually designed by a friend of hers, Peter Dundas. Although the dress is not traditional, it certainly is stunning.

3 Sofia Coppola looked feminine in Lavender

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Now this is a very different look for a wedding. Lavender is actually a very pretty color, but we typically see this color on a bridesmaid, not a bride. Sofia Coppola wore a short lavender Alaia dress when she married the singer of the band Phoenix. They wed in a palace that was owned by her father, Francis Ford Coppola. This was of course, Sofia’s second marriage and she may have wanted something different because of that.

2 Amber Tamblyn Was as bright as the sun

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Amber Tamblyn certainly picked an eye-catching dress when she donned the bright yellow gown. The designer is unknown and it’s clear that she didn’t care much about that sort of thing as she was barefoot the whole time. She got married in 2012 to Arrested Development’s David Cross.

"It was marigold and it had a train in the back that was cream,"

Tamblyn clarified to Us Weekly. "There's nothing really traditional about me." It’s definitely a gorgeous dress, just not what you would expect for a bride.

1 Cynthia Nixon wanted to feel like a grown woman

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The wedding dress is the one hanging on the wall, but you might be hard-pressed to find a picture of her wearing it. The shade of green is really pretty and it was designed by Carolina Herrera. She got married in 2012 to her partner Christine Marinoni.

"I decided on green by process of elimination,"

Nixon told Elle. "I already knew I didn't want white — I wanted to leave that little-girl fantasy out of it." Marinoni wore a dark green suit that complimented Nixon’s dress.

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