20 Cars Left At The Dubai Airport Worth More Than Some Homes

You often see people with expensive cars caring for them as if the cars were their babies. They get those luxury cars washed, buffed, waxed and sealed on the regular and if you happen to be unlucky enough to nick or scratch their beautiful, expensive car, then you might as well say your goodbyes right then and there because you are in for a world of trouble.

People who own expensive cars often take up two to three parking spaces in a busy parking lot to avoid anyone parking too close and accidentally hitting their precious car with their car door. People who own expensive cars pay for the good gas. They get their oil changed on the regular by pricey mechanics. People who own pricey luxury cars take care of them. So you might be surprised that the Dubai Airport is actually littered with luxury cars that are so expensive, that some of them are worth more than your home, and the others would certainly be a hefty down payment on a nice house.

Take a look at the epidemic of abandoned fancy cars in the Dubai airport as we take you through the tragic, if not slightly strange reasons why these cars are left, forgotten and completely no longer cared for.

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20 Chrysler subjected to graffiti


In the Dubai Airport, it was not unusual to see cars worth $250,000 just sitting there with a thick layer of dust covering them, sitting there as a former shell of their once glory days. People have even taken to writing through the dust to "graffiti" these vehicles. This stunning Chrysler Crossfire is a car that a lot of people would be proud of and have cleaned and buffed, and is a car that they would not want to leave behind, so the question becomes, why was it abandoned?

19 Ferrari left to dust

The stunning and fierce Ferrari Enzo is worth more than a million dollars and was completely abandoned in a Dubai Airport. In fact, around two thousand to three thousand cars are abandoned each year, which sounds absurdly high, especially when you think about how many of those cars are expensive cars that could easily be used as a nice down payment on a house! The reason for these rapidly abandoned vehicles actually started way back in the early 2000s.

18 Audi that was once part of a luxurious lifestyle


In the early 2000s, Dubai was having a very big boom in the economy, which was really great. People were doing well and businesses were doing well. This, of course, attracted the interest of people all over the world. There was an influx of people coming to Dubai to capitalize on this with the promise of a more luxurious lifestyle. So people flocked over and immediately started wanting to live that wonderful, lavish life of luxury.

17 the supercar Ferarri left with no home


As their businesses started growing, and in part to look more successful than they were right away, people started buying nice cars that were sometimes even worth the cost of a really good house. People were living the high life with the idea that things would continue to go up and up and they would be able to afford this kind of posh lifestyle that they were building for themselves across the world in Dubai.

16 the Mercedes Benz becomes a metaphor

In 2009 the economy crashed and many wealthy people found themselves in serious hot water. Suddenly they had expensive cars and insurances to pay off, big houses and a lifestyle that was banking on those nice paying jobs to keep up with it. I would like to take this moment to say that employment is never ever a completely sure thing and it is always smart to not live outside of your means and to not have too many things that are on credit, on loan, or that you're doing payment plans for. And these stunning yet abandoned cars are a visualization of why that is so important.

15 the Blue Ferarri is another victim of the economic crash


Unfortunately, the economic crash is not the only sad part of this story, and does not really explain why an airport would be the number one place to abandon your luxury vehicle if you're drowning in debt while in Dubai. Because while you can understand people abandoning cars and houses when they simply cannot afford to pay for them any longer and desperation kicks in, you would think that they would just leave them at their expensive homes, but clearly that is not the trend here.

14 Poor porche


A large number of countries in the middle east, including Dubai, work under Sharia Law. Sharia Law states that not paying off your debts is actually a punishable criminal offense. They also do not have a bankruptcy program for people who are struggling with their finances. So when the economy takes a serious downturn and people lose money and lose their source of income, they become a little stuck and are without many good options for getting themselves back on their feet.

13 Jaguar left in the wild


Look at this Jaguar. In its prime, it was a sick car that I'm sure was the envy of many neighbors. Now it sits, covered in dirt and dust, as a ghost of its previous owner's once lavish lifestyle and has now become a symbol of loss and regret. You can imagine the sadness that crept up on the owner as they realized that all hope was lost and under Sharia law, they would know that their options were very limited, if they even had any.

12 BMW Convertable up for grabs


So, because of this law, anyone who cannot pay for their car payments, the cost of their mortgage, or pay off credit card debt can find themselves on the inside of the notoriously tough prisons, which is by no means a place where anyone wants to find themselves. Especially if you have been under the stress of economic crash and were scrambling to figure out options for yourself.

11 Blacklisted BMW


Many foreigners that went to Dubai during the boom were blacklisted from leaving the country, simply for missing one credit card payment or bouncing a cheque. So it became practice for anyone who came to Dubai for that wealthy lifestyle to head straight to the airport, and quickly leave their entire lives behind them, stunning cars included, as they head for the airport and quickly escaped, before they get caught in financial trouble and blacklisted.

10 bye bye Mercedes Benz


But the abandoned cars are not just an issue for those who came to Dubai from other countries to try and capitalize on the economic boom. Dubai citizens also felt the sting of these laws. They too were part of the ones who felt the blow of the economic crash and had their impending payments and their dwindling paycheques not adding up, and the stress of knowing their laws would have been hanging over their heads.

9 the Range Rover was part of the downfall


Many citizens of Dubai were unfortunately taken up with the whole "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality during the economic boom. They saw their neighbors getting the nice fancy Range Rovers and BMWs and they too wanted to show that they could have nice things. It was part of the culture and part of their downfall. The exorbitant lifestyles were everywhere and everyone wanted to, at least pretend to be part of it.

8 Audi stuck in a parking lot

Unfortunately, because of that, it meant that many Dubai citizens found themselves in the same issue as many of the foreigners that had to flee. Many of the foreigners were at risk for being thrown into the rough jails for not being able to pay their bills and the only option that they had was the one that led to so many dust-covered luxury cars in the airport parking lots.

7 the Lamborghini that hurt to leave behind


Imagine needing to leave a beautiful sports car like this Lamborghini behind forever. You would never know if you would ever have the chance to own one again in your lifetime, and if stats are any indication, you probably wouldn't. You would be leaving every last indication of your luxurious life behind you as you turn the keys (and leave them in the ignition like so many people did) and walk away from your car.

6 Bentley left behind for a new start


The citizens also would drive their nice luxury cars to the airport, probably way to stressed to enjoy their last drive in these beautiful, classic, sports, or luxury vehicles, and would just ditch them, fleeing to another place and hopefully another life where they are not in debt and fearing to be thrown into jail for it. A fresh start and clean slate is all that they have their eyes on as they abandon the expensive cars in their wake.

5 roughed up Delorean


Many of these cars sit for a long time, gathering dust and dirt, as they wait to be discovered by the local authorities. People who pass by don't notice until the dust and dirt start to collect and they realize the sad truth. This once beautiful car has certainly been abandoned by its owner and left as an empty shell of a once rich, fabulous, and lavish lifestyle.

4 the Nissan has hope


When the local authorities find these abandoned cars, they impound them and then eventually (after a 15-day window where the owner can claim their car again) auction them off. So car lovers can rejoice, because through these auctions you can get amazingly pricey vehicles, we're talking cars that cost the same amount as a nice house, for a heavily discounted price. You just have to be okay knowing exactly why the stunning vehicle was abandoned.

3 Accura that was well cared for


Just think about it, you could easily get a Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Nissan Skyline, Bentley, Lamborghini, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, or so many other amazingly stunning pieces of machinery that you would normally never be able to afford. And other than the time that it was abandoned and left to gather dust, the reality is that many of these vehicles were probably well cared for by their proud owners. That's a pretty damn good deal.

2 Mercedes Benz to stay behind


But for those car lovers who opt for this, you'd better make sure that you feel stable in your income and know that you can afford to pay for all of the payments for the car so that you do not fall into the same trap as the car's previous owner. It would be a terrible cycle that no one wants to repeat again and again. So be smart and be safe when it comes to your finances.

1 ditched Bentley

And that is how thousands and thousands of luxury cars are left abandoned each and every year at the Dubai airport. It's a mix of living outside of your means, not planning for the future, very strict laws against debt, fear, stress, and a desperate hope for a clean slate and fresh start in the future that leads to people making the last-ditch effort to drive straight to the airport and leave their beautiful luxurious cars behind to collect dust and be sold for pennies.

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