20 Stunning $1000+ Shoes That Need To Be Taken Off The Streets

Whoever lives for shoes will recognize this feeling. "I don't get it. They're just things people wear on their feet." This is the kind of phrase that can drive a sneakerhead over the edge, not to mention making them want to drown their sorrows in the greatest pleasure there is – shoe shopping. 2018 has given the world a giant reality check. Shoes being "a girly thing" has been firmly replaced with Nike's latest drop. The price tags for Yeezy, Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton, or the Kith X Nike? Buyers can kiss their rent goodbye.

As celebrities step out in Christian Louboutin's signature red soles and #ChanelSlides becomes a status symbol, it's official. Pricey shoes are the biggest accessory anyone can be wearing, and the selection is endless. Jennifer Lawrence is wearing Charlotte Olympia. Margot Robbie is stepping out in Jimmy Choo. Kim Kardashian might have more shoes than is humanly imaginable, but she's a walking advertisement for the entire Yeezy footwear (and clothing) line. Back in the real world, shoe fanatics have two options: forever gaze at them from a safe distance or brave the waters. Instagram hashtags are bursting with six-month savings dropped on one pair of shoes, and people are proud of their footwear. From the ultra-exclusive sneaker drops to the highest stilettos we've ever seen, it's time to take a look at one section of the shoe market. Here are 20 $1000 shoes that are too nice to take out of their closets.

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Azzedine Alaia is one of the fashion world's most respected designers. The Tunisian-both couturier sadly left us in November 2017, but his statement look is still very much alive. Ciara was clearly a fan when she stepped out in the Azzedine Alaia platform boot. The retail price? Around $1,630. These platforms are a fashion-forward take on the traditional hiking boot – probably more of a focus on the word "fashion." Pony-skin versions can cost $2,158.


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Louis Vuitton obsessives don't care about the price tag. The French fashion house is dominating fashion one monogrammed purse at a time, and the footwear isn't far behind. This chunky heeled boot was released by Louis Vuitton for an industrial, millennial edge on footwear, and it's got the celeb fanbase, all right.

Celeb fans of the Star Trail include Ashley Tisdale, Alicia Vikander, Sofia Richie, and Hailey Baldwin.

At $1,284, the shoe is definitely in the "luxury" section. Mud-proof might be the look, but these boots aren't for anyone but the rich.


via: blog.endclothing.com

Don't be fooled by the $850 price tag. The Balenciaga Triple S MR PORTER is floating around Ebay for around $1,400 as its resale price. Designer sneakers are basically what 2018 has been all about, and the ranges are ultra-exclusive. The Italian brand Balenciaga is a huge favorite among the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin – probably why fans have caught Hailey casually walking around in the Italian brand's Triple S MR PORTER sneaker. The depressing thing is that celebs often wear a pair once before throwing them out.


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What's not to love? Black satin? Check. Crystal-embellished? Check. Playful mule look? Check. Manolo Blahnik has been flying the flag for luxury footwear for decades. The high-end boutiques can be found from Paris and New York to Dubai. These Lurum satin mules retail for $1,295. They're made from 100% satin with a 100% goatskin lining and an option of five colors.

Manolo Blahnik still represents "shoe luxury." The brand has featured on SATC, Gossip Girl, and the Twilight Saga wardrobe.


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If you haven't heard of Fendi, you're living under a rock. The luxury clothing and accessories line was founded by Chanel's artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld. Fendi is known for putting a fun spin on serious fashion. With furry animal charms, peep-eye bags, and angular designs, the look is very "now" (and the price is very "expensive"). These sock boots are a hybrid of recent seasons. They've got a sneaker design covering the entire shoe, a vanity curved heel, stretch metallic knit, and a sweet $1,050 price tag.


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Something about 2018 has turned shoes into a giant Kardashian curve. Footwear has become all about the "feminine," and women are loving the freedom of expression. Shoes like this Gianvito Rossi Vires boot are channeling criss-cross canvases, wicker, and anything woven, and nude palettes are just as "in" as black. The Italian designer went for a perforated knit with the Vires bootie, which also comes in Praline Pink, Tabasco Red, and Silver. A pair of these will cost you $1,090, though.


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That's Scarpe Le Silla to you. In 2018, Ariana Grande appeared on The Tonight Show wearing what she wears best – a lot of pink. She was sporting these babies, and looking amazing while doing it. The pint-sized pop star has a bit of a thing when it comes to baby doll dresses and thigh-high boots, and these over-the-knee ones definitely fit her trademark look. Le Silla's model is currently sold out, but they'll be back – for $1,294.


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$1,109 for a pair of sneakers– that's really pushing the boat out. This time, five years ago, Dolce & Gabbana was well within the confines of high fashion. Walking into a Dolce & Gabbana store, you'd see a fine array of Italian leather belts, silk shirts, cashmere, and definitely no sneakers.

Stefano Gabbana came under fire in 2018 for saying less than nice things about Selena Gomez. Miley Cyrus was quick to defend Selena. With around 40 sneakers on their website, Dolce & Gabbana are definitely in the game.


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Luxury fashion is dominated by two Alexanders – Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. The latter is the British designer who has created some of the most iconic fashion looks of the last 15 years. These Alexander McQueen metallic platform boots might have a punk edge, but the $1,693 price tag isn't for the new kid on the block. This shoe is for whoever wants to unleash their metallic edge (and spend handsomely doing so). Maybe the price is a good thing – most outlets are "out of stock" for this model.


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Kanye West might rap about his tough upbringing on the streets of Chicago, but he's shopping on Rodeo Drive. The rapper, producer, and fashion designer has taken on full-speed in the shoe world, and his Yeezy sneakers are on every kick wish list. Kanye's biggest ambassador is his wife, Kim K. She has been seen wearing the $1,400 Yeezy knit ankle sock bootie with their daughter, North West. Talk about giving the brand a boost.

Kanye West might rap about life on the streets, but he's dropping big bucks on Rodeo Drive.


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What, the shoe industry wasn't going to get in on the superhero trend? Casadei might not be the first brand you think of when trying to picture pricey shoes, but the Italian footwear company has a more-than-impressive celeb portfolio. Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, and Chrissy Teigen have all stepped onto the red carpet in a pair of Casadei shoes, and the latest drop is flying off shelves. The Spidergirl shoes are crystal-studded pumps with an eye-catching webbed finish. They can be yours for $1,190.


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Look closely enough, and you'll see the price tag for these. £1,300 works out to $1,706 for these Dolce & Gabbana embellished pumps. Women are crushing on these for their Wizard of Oz, click-your-heels-together look and epic level of detail. To be fair, there's a lot to choose from in this range. Some have a solid gold-finished heel. Others come in velvet. This shoe channels the designers' more recent embracing of all things floral and girly (and pricey).


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These are straight off the Spring-Summer 2018 Chanel runway. As yet unpriced (because they haven't yet been released), these boots take the PVC & Grosgain Chanel boot one step further by being virtually all-plastic. Chanel's artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld made sure that his entire model squad was wearing the season's signature style, and the rest of the clothing definitely matched. Whatever these will retail for, expect Chanel prices. Similar boots retail for around $1,100.

You're paying for more than just saran wrap, here. Remember, it's Chanel. 


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Designer shopping site Net-A-Porter didn't have to think hard when it came to describing the Christian Louboutin Toufrou shoe. They called it "[making] all of our most romantic shoe fantasies come true." The bow-embellished chiffon shoe is covered in layers of wispy raw-edged fabric, and the heel is dangerously high. While brides-to-be rush to the checkout with this shoe, urban fashionistas are wearing it with boyfriend jeans – both, clearly, have a healthy budget. The shoe retails for $1,695. On the plus side, the jeans recommended by the site are $98.


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If there's anyone out there whose love for shoes knows no bounds, it's Victoria Beckham. The ex-Spice Girl and fashion designer has worn sky-high heels on crutches, and having four kids doesn't stop this mom. From carrying her baby, Harper, in stilettos to stepping out of ski boots and into heels, this is a fashionista who knows her footwear. Victoria wore the Azzedine Alaia Shearling-lined suede platform ankle boot here in 2011, although her most recent looks are still digging the designer. These could be yours for $1,630.


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Givenchy is huge right now. The French designer shot to fame after Audrey Hepburn was dressed head-to-toe in Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Let's face it – that movie's charm has only gotten better with age. Now that millennial celebs (and younger) are posting photos of their latest Givenchy gear, the fashion house couldn't be more relevant. This designer comes with an edge, though. The Givenchy Shark Lock sandal takes some serious stamina to wear, plus, you know, a decent bank balance. $995 and not a dollar less for these.


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Calling all sneakerheads. These kicks aren't just any sock shoe. They're Fendi (and yes, it means something). When the guy running Chanel creates his own line (complete with Kendall Jenner as the spokesperson), people are going to notice it. Fendi channels Chanel's classic style with a funky edge. Of course, you're looking at top-end prices, so don't expect to get a pair of these for any less than the $985 asking price.

Fendi is the fashion line created by Chanel's artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld.


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Congratulations. Buying a pair of these will "save" you $10 off the $1000 threshold. Vetements is a fashion brand so new, it's turning high fashion on its head. Instead of glittering gowns and lace, Vetement's grunge-infused designs are all about the DHL hoodies, sweater dresses, and boots that have "made for walking" written across them. Taylor Swift was spotted in a pair of Vetements leather platform boots in 2016. Other platform looks Taylor has worn include Vetements' $1,655 platform sandals and an unpriced pair of Prada peep-toes.


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Christian Louboutin doesn't just rely on its trademark red leather soles for color. The Madonaflor Crystal and Floral Embellished Block Heel is a power shoe with a petal kick (and a price tag to match). Complete with Swarovski crystals, these hand-made beauties are the real deal.

Hand-made in Italy, these shoes have twinkling sapphire Swarovski crystals and hand-made floral embellishments.

Retailing for $1,395 at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, it's a dress shoe for ladies with a budget, although window shopping never hurt anybody.


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Stark white, but named "OFF-WHITE," this Converse collaboration turned serious when Louis Vuitton's artistic director, Virgil Abloh put his designs towards a kick that's outshining the rest. The OFF-WHITE x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi is a futuristic-looking, sleek sneaker with a $1,099 price tag and a whole lot of class. It's finished with a bold "VULCANIZED" print on the shoe's outer.

Jealous much? Shoes like these don't share themselves (particularly if they're sitting in closets). Hit share on Facebook and get these beauties out. If your Facebook friends are Carrie Bradshaw, they will love you (or possibly treat you).

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