15 Strange Hotels You Need To Stay In

For those looking to discover something unusual and quirky, here are fifteen of the world’s strangest hotels. This list goes above and beyond what most travellers are generally accustomed to. These hotels do not accommodate the average businessman, nor the fortunate luxury seeker. These hotels were built for globetrotters chasing wonder and seeking adventure around the world, they were built for daring travellers. With so many to choose from, these hotels stood out the most and left a lasting impression.

15 Hotel Lindenwirt, Germany

After a day of wine tasting in the Rhine Valley of Rüdesheim, Germany, why not finish off the evening by sleeping inside a wine barrel? That’s right, at Hotel Lindenwirt, guests have the opportunity to sleep in gigantic barrels that were once used to hold approximately six thousand litres of wine. Today, they are fully equipped with beds and bathrooms to accommodate wine-loving lodgers.

14 Benesse House, Japan

The Benesse House was built by a Japanese architect named Tadao Ando as a museum that would provide accommodations for millionaire Nobuko Fukutake’s heaping collection of modern art. Nowadays, it has twelve rooms that comfortably house guests who have permission to visit the sculpture exhibit outside, as well as the gardens and close by beach.

13 Livingstone Lodge, UK 

Guests, especially Brits, who wish to experience a wild safari excursion but cannot make it as far south as they would like can now do so in Kent, United Kingdom at the Livingstone Lodge. For some, a 100-acre park filled with roaming giraffes, wildebeests, and zebras is a dream come true, and this hotel provides just that, as well as a supervised tour throughout the park and a luxurious stay in a safari tent.

12 Mira Mira, Australia

Surrounded by wild and uncultivated country, Mira Mira is home to three unconventional habitats, which were built by the owners. One of the habitats is an underground cave, which can only be entered through a door that is shaped like the mouth of a troll. The second is a peaceful, zen-like retreat with a Japanese garden, and the third is a surreal woodside cabin that appears to have been inspired by the infamous Gaudí.

11 Dog Bark Inn, USA

This is just weird. In Cottonwood, Idaho, a gigantic wood-built beagle stands ten metres high and five metres wide. To take this weirdness even further, the chainsaw artist owners even named him Sweet Willy. Upon entry, a large sign reads: “A noble and absurd undertaking”. The slightly odd structure holds a double room in the stomach, and a loft-style room in the muzzle.

10 Costa Verde, Costa Rica

In 1965, this fancy Boeing 727 was obtained from San Jose airport, and later transferred to Manuel Antonio National Park where the plane’s interior would be refurbished with teak panelling 15 metres high into the rainforest canopy. The right wing was turned into a viewing deck also made of wood.

9 Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge is a ‘tad’ freaky and unconventional, albeit absolutely eccentric and artistically creative. Made up of 27 distinct rooms that evoke a different theme, guests can choose from a tomb-inspired room where one can sleep in a coffin, a room totally enclosed by mirrors, a room in which all of the furniture is shaped like buildings, and a prison cell.

8 Mirrorcube, Sweden

Camouflaged into its surroundings, the Mirrorcube is a treehotel in Sweden that is easily overlooked. The suspended cube is encompassed by reflective glass, as well as infrared film to prevent birds from crashing into it, and provides stunning scenic views, making this hotel a phenomenal hiding place for guests seeking a peaceful and breathtaking refuge.

7 Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

In a secluded forest on Vancouver Island, these wooden sphere-shaped hotel rooms were built. Cosy and fully-equipped, they up the ante on treehouse-inspired hotels. From the ground, the three capsules look like massive eyeballs hanging on ropes amid the beautiful trees. Using a suspension bridge that connects to a staircase spiralling around the respective tree trunk is the only way in and out of the mesmerizing rooms.

6 Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Astonishingly enough, the Palacio de Sal is made entirely from salt. Yes, this includes the  ceiling, flooring, most of the furniture, and walls. Perhaps the only hotel in the world made of salt, it was constructed using more than one million blocks of salt and salty water as the mortar.

5 Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

In the coastal region of Harlingen, an authentic dockside crane was brilliantly transformed into a hotel for two. The observation windows stuck around, but a bedroom and bathroom were built with industrial luxury in mind. Breakfast is served using an internal lift that delivers it straight to the room. Visitors are even able to steer the crane, as it still happens to function quite well.

4 Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Built 40 feet under the sea, this hotel is similar to living in an aquarium; a mind-blowing one at that. Guests are able to venture off within the lagoon by using a three-person submarine that has been made available to them. For entertainment, the resort offers excursions on a 16-passenger luxury submarine, as well as various activities.

3 Utter Inn, Sweden

Situated right in the centre of Lake Mälaren, Utter Inn is formed by a cabin and deck atop a floating platform. What lies beneath is a concealed bedroom 10 feet under, which is accessed using a ladder. For those interested in seeking mild adventure, the hotel’s guests may be taken out by boat, where they are later transferred to their own inflatable canoe and left alone to explore and roam the waters amongst the fish.

2 Magic Mountain, Chile

The immaculate Hulio Hulio Reserve of Chile is home to the Magic Mountain Hotel, which mirrors a mythical land. Cone-shaped and built from wood and stone, much greenery protrudes from the structure, while a waterfall eloquently spills from the highest point. A wooden drawbridge leads to the entrance, where nine lucky guests can enjoy luxurious suites with porthole windows that are situated in varying places. It is truly magical.

1 Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Yes, this motel was inspired by The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Its creators found the venture to be a lucrative, money-making market and constructed two cozy replicas of a hobbit’s home. Visitors now have the chance to experience a hobbit’s living quarters firsthand, although the ceilings were built a little bit higher in order to accommodate guests comfortably.

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