15 Most Extravagant Houses In The World In 2015

Successful people like to flaunt their money in many ways. One of these ways is to invest a lot of money in pricey pads and then use more money to refurbish these houses. For example, Will Smith bought a $20 million home in Calabasas California, which features a golf course and a basketball court. These people focus on size as well as luxurious amenities on the properties they buy. Most luxurious houses on the market today come with such luxuries as stunning views, heated bathroom floors, helicopter pads, private-label vineyards, and multi-storey car garages.

These amenities serve an important purpose of attracting homebuyers and making them feel special. For example, wine cellars are not enough nowadays, as homeowners prefer dine-in wine cellars in which they can entertain their closest friends alongside their bottles. Affluent car enthusiasts also stress on the need of having an automatic car garage before buying a property. Other amenities rich people want include good air quality, longer driveways and multipurpose rooms. Here are 15 of the most luxurious houses and homes in 2015:

15 One Beacon Court

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Beleaguered billionaire Steven Cohen owns One Beacon Court. The hedge fund Guru listed it for sale in 2014, but the property failed to sell. In 2015, Cohen was forced to slash its price from $110 million to $82 million and entrusted Sotheby’s International Realty to sell it. This stunning property is a 9,000 sq ft duplex that largely features stainless steel, Anigre wood and maple floors. It has two wall-to-wall windows that overlook the Central Park, a powder room, a kitchen that Gordon Ramsey would die for, top of the line security and heating systems as well as two staff rooms.

14 432 Park Avenue Penthouse

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432 Park Avenue is the highest residential tower in the western hemisphere. Located in the 56th and 57th street in NewYork, this tower houses one of the most expensive penthouses in the world – the 432 Park Avenue Penthouse. It’s expansive 8,255 sq ft contains luxuries such as heated floors, a climate-controlled wine cellar, 10ft windows, as well as private amenities such as a restaurant, a gym, and massage therapy rooms. It also goes without saying that its views of the Central Park and New York are priceless.

13 The Atelier

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The Atelier is a combination of all the nine apartments at the 45th floor of The Atelier Tower in New York at a jaw dropping $85 million (including a two million construction credit). The developer targets high net-worth individuals hoping to put together a 10,000-square-foot mega-pad with breathtaking 360-degree views. You would be right to think this as a preposterous deal given that 40 units selling at lower floors do not even cost anywhere close to $85 million.

12 18th Floor of Sherry-Netherland

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Real-estate developers and agents always use that ‘impressive view’ argument to inflate a property’s worth, but the developers of the 18th floor of Sherry-Netherland couldn’t be more accurate. This $95 million property has some of the most stunning NYC views. However, relative though, what’s disappointing is its interior décor. Like the combination of blue and red, its interior décor seems unbalanced, and thus, uncomfortable to the eye. It has an estimated 9,000 sq ft of floor space of which 2,000 sq ft is outdoor space.

11 Shakespeare Ranch

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Shakespeare Ranch features England-style properties, some of which have styles that date back 1870. Located adjacent to Lake Tahoe, this extensive establishment consists of 17 guest homes – 22 bedrooms, and 27 bathrooms, and a 5,000 sq ft barn on 134 acres of land. It also contains 420 feet of shoreline as well as a private pier on the lake. Mr. Ruvo, who bought it 31 years ago, has listed the serene property for $98 million, owing to the fact that his family has moved to the East Coast.

10 City Spire Penthouse

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Steven Klar is asking for $100 million for this 8,000 sq. ft. penthouse with an additional 3,000 sq. ft terrace floor space. This state of the art property features six bedrooms, a private elevator, nine baths, and a wine cellar. It also offers panoramic views of Manhattan, the Central Park and the Empire State Building. The building went through several challenges before and after being listed. Its original interior designer described it as a ‘horror’ because he and Klar couldn’t agree on the interior design. The property was also delisted for some time then relisted.

9 Homer's Pond on Martha's Vineyard

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Homer’s Pond is a property surrounded by ocean currently for sale at a jaw-dropping $118 million. Its owner, Gerry DeBlois has categorized this asking price as follows (1) $44 million for the Deblois home (2) $74 million for the initial 266 acres and (3) $31 million for an additional 100 acres. Gerry also says that buyers can acquire these three properties collectively or separately. Situated in New England, the property provides its residents optimum privacy and tranquility. It features an outdoor heated pool, an underground wine cellar with a 12,000-bottle capacity, sauna and steam rooms as well as a tennis court.

8 Pumpkin Key

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Owning a private island is one of the greatest things to accomplish in life right after changing the world and buying a yatch. Pumpkin Key is a private island, and you can snag it for $110 million. It features a 5,000 sq ft home on 26 acres of land off Key Largo in Florida, United States. The property comes equipped with such luxurious amenities as a marina big enough to accommodate a mega yatch, tennis courts, which also double up as helicopter pads, and an expansive private beach.

7 Ritz-Carlton Penthouse Trio

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Ritz-Carlton Penthouse Trio was officially the most expensive apartment in America in 2014. It is still up for sale at a whopping $118.5 million. It uses the same method as the Atelier, combining the three apartments on West Street’s Ritz-Carlton 39th and 40th floor. This combination creates a mind-bending 15,434 sq. ft. of floor space, making it the largest Manhattan condominium on the market. The combo forms a 12 bedroom, 15-bathroom duplex.

6 Rancho San Carlos

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This picturesque property sits on a sprawling 238 acres of land in the aristocratic Montecito neighborhood. Valued at $125 million, Rancho San Carlos is not only one of the largest private establishments in the area, it also comes with avocado orchards, horse facilities, an office building, 11 additional properties, and stunning views of the adjacent ocean and mountains. Built in the 1930’s, the main 30,000 sq. ft. property includes 30 rooms, a tennis court and an underground bar.

5 Beverly House

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Not only is Beverly House one of the priciest pads on the market, it also holds the record as one of the most expensive rentals at a monstrous $600,000 per month. Occupying 3 and 1/2 acres of land, Beverly House was built in 1927. It features 28 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms, a nightclub, a 50-foot foyer, a spa, a gym, and a well appointed two-storey library. On the outside, it features a pool, cottages, a waterfall, and a lit tennis court.

4 Le Palais Royal

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Le Palais Royal is a 60,000 sq ft spectacle located in Florida, and its has an asking price of $139 million. It sits four acres of land and features 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. It is also equipped with an underground 30-car garage, a private mega-yatch dock, the first private IMAX Theater, and a 4,500 sq. ft. infinity pool. This French-inspired mansion, with its $2 million marble staircase, is in its final construction stages with completion slated for this year.

3 Georgian in the Hamptons

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Owned by media entrepreneur Chris Whittle and his wife Pricilla Rattazzi, this property is a six-bedroom house sitting on 11.2 acres of East Hampton land. Built in 1937, this estate features luxury amenities such as access to Georgica Pond, posh grass and a detached four-bedroom guesthouse. Chris and Priscilla say that they are selling the property to pursue a new chapter of their lives as empty nesters. They are selling it for a jaw dropping $145 million.

2 Jeff Greene's Estate

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Jeff Greene's Estate is as luxurious as modern houses come. This opulent 53,000 sq ft property features a half a kilometer driveway, a 15,000 sq. ft. entertainment center that includes bowling alleys, a 50-seater theater, and a ballroom, a private-label vineyard, waterfalls, a 3,000-bottle wine cellar, a walk-in refrigerator, and a 27-car garage. The house’s living space also includes 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and a master suite with a gargantuan 5,000 sq. ft. floor space.

The real estate billionaire, now worth $3 billion, acquired this house from Saudi business tycoon Mishaal Adham in 2007, consequently saving it from foreclosure.

1 Antilla

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Antilla, named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, is the billion-dollar house of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. This gargantuan house covers 400,000 sq. ft. on 27 floors and consists of a six-story 168-car garage. It features three helipads on the roof, nine elevators, a temple where Ambani’s family go to pray, a spa, terraced garden, 50-seater theater, a ballroom and a large staff. Antilla’s rooms are distinct from each other.



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