15 Most Expensive Perfumes For Women (15 For Men)

Smelling good is a must if you want to make a good impression. That's why, these days, perfumes are all the rage, not only for women, but also for men.  Women are attracted to the opposite gender less because they look good and more because of the way they smell. It's not noticeable, but it's perceived, and it's the first thing a person notices about someone.

Most people wear a perfume like Chanel No. 5 for women or a cologne like Polo Blue for men. These range around $100. But we're not talking about those types, which are considered moderately priced and can be found anywhere, from Amazon to Walmart. They are made to be disposable and are not really luxury items.

That said, we're talking about scents for both women and men that are prohibitively expensive, costing thousands upon thousands of dollars and even going up to the million dollar mark. That's right, a cool mill! They are costly because of the ingredients but more so because of their expensive packaging. We've found colognes in bottles made from Baccarat crystal and in bottles made of 18-carat gold, for example. Customers buy these final touches because they are artistic objects to collect.  Because of that, many don't dare to open the bottle.  They're that beautiful!

So, here are 15 most expensive colognes for men and 15 most expensive perfumes for women. The results will surprise you!

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30 men - Tom Ford Oud Eau De Parfum - $170

Made from oud, this scent comes from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar (aquilaria) tree, and is one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world. A former perfume critic of the New York Times said, "Oud is astonishingly rare. . . It has a very particular scent and there is nothing like it on the market. It’s dark, rich and opaque.” Oud is inspired by a blend of herbs, flowers, and spice-laden tobacco. It costs around $170.00. (Source: Fortune)

29 women - mon paris eau de parfum - $160

For a bottle of 90 ml, this sells for a solid $160.00. It is a fragrance by none other than Yves Saint Laurent, based of course, like all expensive and romantic things, off Paris. It allows for women to feel feminine and strong all at once, losing themselves to the hypnotic smell that comes with it. It is elegant, fantastic, and alluring, and it is basically what every woman needs to feel good about herself. Why buy anything else? (Source: YslBeauty)

28 men - Ambre Topkapi - $250


This fragrance is designed for men and smells like you've just made your first million. In fact, that's the kind of message the fragrance wants to come across, a cologne that embodies strength, power and wealth. It costs $250 for a 60ml bottle, and is made of many things, including basil, thyme, lavender, vanilla, jasmine, and violet. Hmm. A lot of these smells come from herbs! Do herbs smell like power? Or are you going to smell as if you've just been cooking?

27 women - Ambre Topkapi - $250

Osswald NYC

Renowned perfumer Pierre Bourdon created this scent specifically for Parfums MDCI Paris. Designed also for women, the fragrance embodies strength, power and wealth, and in this case, it smells similar to the most expensive colognes on our list. And just like other high-end perfumes, it's blended to feel expensive. It has top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, pineapple, cardamom, and cinnamon. The Bottom Notes include oak foam, patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood, raspberry, amber, vanilla, and musk. The perfume costs $250.

26 men - Byredo Russell Westbrook Eau De Parfum - $350


Ben Gorman, the creative director and founder of Byredo teamed up with Russell Westbrook to create the perfect scent that signifies Westbrook's two different roles: athletic playing and a modest creative type. The collaboration was a result of fresh top notes of bergamot, osmanthus and mid notes of black violet and tobacco leaves. Westbrook, who was really proud of the results, said, “I wanted to create a fragrance that you can wear. . . no matter the occasion."  The cologne costs $350. (Source: TheWindow)

25 women - Annick Goutal Eau D'Hadrien -- $1,500

Eau d'Hadrien, made by Annick Goutal, is not just for men but also for women. The scent smells like fresh citrus because of its mixture of lemon, mandarin orange, Sicilian lemon, cypress, and grapefruit. If you're looking for something refreshing, this is the scent you should be wearing in the day. Goutal created this scent because of her love for Tuscany and because of the inspiration from the novel Memoirs of Haiden. This perfume will set you back $1500.

24 men - Straight to Heaven by Kilian - $350

Kilian Hennessey, the man behind the luxury cognac maker, recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his fragrance line by creating highly-fragrant scents of his brands. One is Straight to Heaven by Kilian which was blended by Sidonie Lancesseur. If you want to smell like a very virile man, this 2007 relaunch is based on a double dose of Martinique rum, dried fruit, patchouli and dry cedar wood. A 1.7-ounce bottle will set you back $350. Smoking jackets are not included!

23 women - Hermès 24 Faubourg - $1500

Designed by legendary perfumer Maurice Roucel and Bernard Bourjois and named after the address of Hermes' first store in Paris, this perfume is light and floral, perfect to bring the scent of spring to your body. Unlike other expensive perfumes, you're paying for the elixir, not the packaging, which makes the Hermes affordable (well, a little, maybe). The ingredients are a mix of vanilla, patchouli, iris, ylang-ylang, tiare flower, jasmine, ambergris, sandalwood, and orange blossom. 24 sells for $1,500 per ounce.

22 men - Clive Christian X Perfume Spray for Men 1.6 oz Spray – $430

Clive Christian's perfumes appear many times on our list, as they are the most exclusive and expensive. But the lines should be tried, as you will then realize that the high cost is due to the scent. This Clive Christian X is a mixture of unique notes as the main accords that it contains are woody, sweet, amber, warm spicy and balsamic. Even the bottle exudes luxury. It's made of glass and has a crown-shaped stopper. The cost is $430.

21 women - Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Limited Edition - $1,800


Joy, created in 1929, was once voted "Scent of the Century" by the public at the Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards in 2000, beating rival Chanel No. 5. It costs $800 for one fluid ounce bottle. The heavy floral scent of Joy, based on the most precious rose and jasmine, smells exactly like the limited edition of Joy Baccarat, which is more expensive at $1,800. With its crystal Baccarat bottle, this is a true LE, as only 50 bottles are made each year.

20 men - Royal Mayfair By The House Of Creed - $475

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This $475 elixir was created for men who love to indulge in luxuries. It is inspired by its origins, the British royalty, as well as the posh neighborhood of Mayfair. The smell of this fruity and floral blend is derived from top notes of gin, lime and pine tree. Middle notes include fragrant Duke of Windsor Roses combined with base notes of Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar and Australian Eucalyptus. Back in the day, it was originally created for Cary Grant.

19 women - Henry Jacques Rose Bulgare Composee - $1,990


Henry Jacques used to be just a custom-design perfumer, whereby high-net-worth buyers could collaborate on a scent with his company to create their very own fragrance. Rose Bulgare Composee perfume is now sold as the company's signature scent, with notes of labdanum, amber, and iris and hints of rose and clove. When you first spray the scent on your body, you get a heady fragrance of geranium, verbena, and honeysuckle. The beautiful floral scent costs $1,990 per fluid ounce.

18 men - Clive Christian 1872 Perfume Spray for Men – $650


British Clive Christian is the head of CC Perfume, the man behind some of the world's most expensive colognes for men. The 1872 smells woody and sweet at the same time, with hints of citrus and florals. Its main ingredient is a mix of notes derived from vegetable sources that were included to make the scent last longer on men. The 1872 1.7 ounce bottle costs $650. Despite the high price, the 1872 is considered one of the best selling perfumes in the US. (Source: TopTeny)

17 women - Chanel N°5 Parfum Grand Extrait - $2,100

The founder of Chanel wanted to create a fragrance that captured the essence of women. The result is a scent that's both complex and floral. The brand sources their ingredients like rose and jasmine from its very own fields in France. The bottle is created with a glassmaker's touch and it's placed in a case that is hand-assembled. Customers buy the perfume not so much for its scent but as an artistic object to collect. The cost: $2,100 for a 7.5-ounce bottle. (Source: Chanel)

16 men - Clive Christian No.1 Perfume Spray For Men - $865


This scent has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as The World’s Most Expensive Perfume. And it is expensive. It costs $865! Created by Clive Christian, the perfume is refined and smells like ultimate luxury. Even the bottle exudes wealth. Made from Baccarat crystal, it's decorated with a five-carat white diamond and an 18-carat gold collar. You can buy the spray from Bergdorf Goodman and during the Christmas season, the price included delivery in a Bentley!

15 women - Henry Jacques Oud Imperial - $2,267

Another Henry Jacques perfume is on our list, as it's also expensive, and around $2,2000 per ounce. The base scent is patchouli, amber, and a dash of vanilla. As you spray a bottle of Oud Imperial, a scent of Oud will hit you. That scent is followed by geranium, as well as the distinctive smell of leather. While other comparable perfumes come in crystal bottles from Baccarat or in tops made of gold or diamonds, Imperial simply relies on its scent with simple packaging.

14 men - Annick Goutal Eau D'Hadrien - $1,500

Eau d'Hadrien is made by Annick Goutal, a European former model, and prize-winning pianist. If you're trying to downplay elegance from smelling musky, woody or spicy, this is the go-to fragrance you should try for a light touch as it's a citrus fragrance with hints of cypress and which smells like ripened fruit. The scent will remind you of your summer house, lazy days tanning in the sun, and a walk down the beach. This cologne costs--wait for it-- a whopping $1500.

13 women - Petite Mort by Marc Atlan -$3,000

"Petite Mort" means "little death" in French, but in modern usage, it means "the sensation of o----m as likened to death." Tasked with distilling the human extract into a scent, the perfume is thought to embody our body's most primal conditions, exuding an animalistic carnality with hints of sweat and urea. This perfume is also a work of art and each bottle comes in a signature black pound, along with its own signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. The cost is $3,000 per ounce. (Source: List25)

12 men - Caron's Poivre - $2,000


This unis*x mix was created in 1954 to commemorate 50 years of fragrance production by Caron. It is an explosive and intense scent that begins with a peppery smell with a woody base that develops into a floral scent. That makes for a very brave perfume, as it smells spicy and floral. The result is a strong cologne that will set you back $2,000. You're probably paying that much in part by the fragrance's bottle, which is handcrafted Baccarat with a gold collar.

11 women - Baccarat Rouge 540 Limited Edition -$3,700

Baccarat celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2016, and the Baccarat Rouge was the star, as it was launched as a limited edition for the milestone. Only 250 bottles were made, and they cost approximately $3,700 per ounce. The French luxury retailer has been producing crystal glassware for a long time now, and the good thing is you get a piece of that in the 540 LE bottle. The scent is like a burst of blood orange, dazzling just like the summer sun.

10 men - Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition -$4,600

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The renowned French crystal manufacturer Lalique has created the first ever perfume crystal flacon for the British car icon Bentley Motors that is specially created for men. The Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition is a fragrance comprised of wood, leather, cedar and patchouli notes for a hyper-masculine and very virile smell. You will exude the "private plane" life with this edition made in a crystal bottle with a case that's made of wood. The 40 ml fragrance costs a cool $4,600.

9 women - Jar - $4000


The Jar perfume collection is the creation of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, one of the world's most famous, secretive and expensive jewelers, who simply goes by his initials as JAR. There are 7 scents known under the brand "Jar." The JAR lineup is often spoken about in hushed tones, and which reeks of inaccessibility, perhaps because an ounce costs $4,000. The gold-colored perfumes have complex scents that are desired by customers because they have a distinctive smell that is incomparable to others.

8 men - Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats – LUXE Edition Perfume - $57, 000


Known as the Paco Rabanne 1 Million 18 Carats, this LUXE edition is created for men who don't mind spending $57,000 for a 100ml bottle in order to smell sexy. The fragrance is a mixture of orange roses, cinnamon, and mint, as well as other spices. The case of the perfume is bag shaped with 18-carat gold and the bottle is made of gold and features a diamond topper. It's a work of art. And like a limited art print, every bottle is individually numbered.

7 women - Shalini - $4,900

Shalini perfume is one of the top most expensive perfumes in the world. It has rich notes of coriander, ylang-ylang, and neroli, which blends perfectly with vanilla, musk, sandalwood, and tuberose. It’s a floral fragrance manufactured specifically for women. Shalini perfumes were created by Maurice Roucel, and these elixirs are now considered the most famous and precious smell in the world. Its exclusivity lies in the fact that only 900 bottles were made, and the most expensive Shalini costs $4,900.

6 men - Gianni Vive Sulman Parfum VI - $89,000


Gianni Vive Sulman created Parfum VI after being inspired by the Rolls-Royce Phantom Six. In fact, the box is even made by Rolls-Royce coachbuilders. The fragrance is a combo of jasmine and rose, as well as other natural ingredients. Like other expensive colognes, you're also paying for the packaging. The box is made of exotic wood and gold and the key is made of gold, diamonds, and rubies.  Expect to pay $90,000.00. Only 173 bottles were ever made.

5 women - Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes – $6,800

The delicious scent of this perfume is inspired by Egypt and King Tut's tomb. Created by Christine Nagel, the fragrance includes flavors like frankincense, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, basil, and myrtle. Even the bottle, which is Baccarat crystal, pays homage to the Middle East, a refined and sensual sensibility. Its shape is an Egyptian pyramid. Expensive both for its fragrance and the bottle it comes in, it is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world coming at $6,800 per ounce.

4 men - Clive Christian Imperial Majesty - $435,000

The Milliardaire

Clive Christian 's Imperial is one of the most expensive perfumes for men in the world. Costing $435,000 per 16.9 ounce bottle, you're paying for the unique fragrance but more so for the presentation that comes with it. The bottle is made of Baccarat crystal and is decorated with a five-carat-white diamond and a fabulous small gold piece around its neck. The cologne features cardamom, cedarwood, tonka beans and mandarin orange, as well as other notes. The fragrance and the packaging are breathtaking.

3 women - Clive Christian No. 1 Passant Guardant -$175,000

Here is another edition of Clive Christian No. 1 perfume. This special edition was made to mark Christian’s new boutique in London. It is another fragrance that buyers collect, not use, as the bottle is a work of art and is the reason why the Passant is so expensive. The crystal bottle is encrusted with 2,000 diamonds on the 24K gold crown and body. The lion logo is made of yellow and rare pink diamonds. Pure luxury, Passant costs $175,000 per ounce.

2 men - DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Perfume - $1 Million

At $1 million, this is the most expensive perfume in the world. The fragrance is a combination of apple, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla, to name a few. You're mostly paying for the bottle, which is a work of art. It's made up of 14-carat yellow and white gold and is encrusted with 2,909 precious stones that are collected from different countries throughout the world and which is supposed to represent the New York City skyline. And before you pish posh the clientele, at least you know that they will be buying a luxury good whose profits will be donated to the global charity, Action Against Hunger.

1 women - Clive Christian's No 1 Imperial Majesty - $435,000

Clive Christian

Clive Christian's Imperial costs $435,000 per 16.9-ounce bottle and is also designed for women. The notes are a combination of sandalwood, cardamom, mandarin orange, Indian jasmine, white peach, bergamot, benzoic, lemon in addition to others. The bottle is designed for royalty, and is made of Baccarat crystal and decorated with a collar made of 18-carat gold. There's also a five-carat diamond in the golden collar. When you buy it, it's actually delivered to you in a Bentley!

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