12 Luxury RVs That Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again

Traveling can be an annoyance. Most people traveling across the country have no real choice except to fly. It’s probably cheaper than driving, and it’s the most convenient of options. But it’s still far from fun. There’s the TSA to deal with and those cramped spaces with lots of other people. If only you had the money and time, you could just buy yourself a nice RV and make the trip by land instead.

An RV with a nice kitchen and the amenities to keep yourself comfortable can make the trip much more bearable than by car. Cars are just too cramped and boring. What your car really would need is some more legroom and a full home theater system, right? RVs are pretty awesome sure, but luxury RVs are even more awesome. Often topping the $1 million mark, they aren’t something easily attainable for your average Joe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at them and dream of one day owning these amazing machines.

Some of these are mansions on wheels, and others are straight out of a Sci-fi movie. Let’s experience them all as we have a look at 12 of the most luxurious RVs ever created.

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12 2015 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ


This insane vehicle looks more like a narrower version of a mansion than an RV. It sports eight-way power seats, and special steering technology called SmartWheel designed to make sure the ride is super smooth for the people in the back enjoying. There’s a pre-installed entertainment system and sound bar. The countertops for the cooking and eating areas are a stunning quartz. The floors are made of porcelain and heated, and it also sports a sizable walk-in shower and walk-in closet. This is the type of RV you could live in for quite some time without feeling too bad about it.

11 Country Coach Magna 630


This RV is a sizable 40’ bus-converted model created by Country Coach, a company that actually specializes in luxury RVs. This RV sports an earthy feel. Its inside is decorated with walnut cabinets, and the tones are all earthy. It also has a custom sofa and queen bed. So you can truly live out of it, as it also comes with a washer and dryer for laundry as well as solar panels on the roof to power all the appliances. It also has a queen bed in the back and nice, comfortable chairs throughout. Just to emphasize luxury, it has touch pad keyless entry as well.

10 Global Caravan Technologies RV


In terms of tech, this one is a real game changer. The entire RV is made out of carbon fiber, making it no heavier than a regular car. Because of this, they’re able to load it in with big appliances and a lot of value for your money. There’s a washer and dryer, sleeping space for 6, and all of the electronic devices can be controlled by your smartphone. Now that’s awesome. Of course, in order to run all of those awesome appliances, they have solar panels installed on the top. One slight negative might be that the black color makes it slightly hard to see at night, but it also makes it all the more stealthy and cool.

9 KiraVan


The KiraVan is a different kind of RV. It’s designed for offloading, and so it looks more like an ATV pulling a giant RV. It comes equipped with resources to keep 3 people for up to 3 weeks in nature, and it can go over 2,000 miles on one tank of gas. It’s really like something out of the Transformers universe, and when you take a look inside the cockpit, you think you’re looking at some kind of space shuttle. It comes equipped with all sorts of lighting rigs, imaging equipment, and GPS systems, which make it look even more like something out of a Sci-fi movie.

8 Der Bus Neoplan Jumbocruiser


This luxury RV from Germany is touted as the world’s biggest RV. Unfortunately, its run ended in 1993, and there haven’t been any produced since. Still, though, it’s a cool RV for the time. In addition to the standard stuff, it also sported a special VIP lounge with a bar. It has full living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. While it only has seating for 8 in the main area, it can hold up to 144 passengers. There’s also a small garage in the rear for ATVs and the like. The vehicle itself measures 13.9 meters long and 4 meters tall, and it holds the Guinness World Record for largest RV.

7 Marathon Coach


The Marathon Coach embraces the expensive materials aspect of luxury. Calling themselves the world’s largest luxury bus converter and dealer, you might expect something great, and you’d get it. They’ve built such a name for themselves, that no best list in this category would be complete without them. It’s designed with luxury in mind, sporting beautiful mother of pearl accents throughout. There’s also a dual salon and bedroom slide-outs present throughout their different models. Some models even have ambient fireplace inserts. All this luxury will come at a price though, with their most expensive models topping the $2 million mark.

6 Most Futuria


Another entry from the wonderful nation that is Germany, the Most Futuria is fairly new on the scene but deserving of its place in this list. Unveiling their first RV in 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany, this one is often called “a villa on wheels.” This is an absolute behemoth of a machine, coming in at sixteen tons and fifteen meters. It has a luxurious whirlpool bath for that relaxing experience you want when you’re getting away from home. Of course, it has the full entertainment system as well. What really sets it apart is the car garage with stern ramp, which is just amazing.

5 Parliament Coach


Despite the somewhat European-sounding name, the Parliament Coach Corporation is based in the US. They partnered with Homeland Defense Vehicles in 2005 to create a $1.2 million luxury RV designed to withstand a nuclear attack. Designed with doomsayers in mind, this vehicle is perfect for any of you fearing nuclear fallout in the coming years. The coach includes a $100,000 nuclear, biological and chemical filtration system that will seal the motor home and use positive air pressure and hi-tech filters to cleanse the air. Even taking out all the preventative stuff, the RV is luxurious and just as cool as anything else. It even sports built-in grills for the American feel.

4 Terra Wind


The Terra Wind is the world’s first amphibious RV, meaning it can go into water! It was featured on Good Morning America in July of 2003, and it began making waves shortly thereafter. The interior is very luxurious, sporting a full entertainment system, household appliances (including washer and dryer), whirlpool bath, marble floors, and a swimming deck at the back. On the water, it sports twin 19” bronze propellers and touch-control rudders that allow for a very smooth ride on the water. It’s basically an RV-shaped yacht. The transition from land to water is also as easy as it gets, requiring only to put the transmission in neutral and engaging the marine transmission. Simplicity at its finest.

3 Volkner Mobil Performance


This one has a real hook to it. What’s that you might ask? It’s the fully-automatic hydrolic-powered vehicle cargo bay. The bay in the bottom can hold a full-size car so you can take it with you. The inside is quite spacious as well, and it has all the amenities you would expect in a luxury RV. The bathroom is spacious with a walk-in shower, the kitchen has everything you’d need. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed and nice ambient lighting. For extra luxury, you can add in a drop-down bed with ambient lighting, external cameras, and additional cabinets and a wine cooler to bring on the party.

2 Newmar King Aire


The King Aire 360 is much more like a mansion on wheels than a simple RV. It comes equipped with everything you’d need to take your home comforts with you wherever you go. It has a 40” Sony LED TV with a Bluetooth sound system, another 49” 4K TV with a full Bose home theater system, and furniture from the Ralph Lauren Home Collection. It also sports a sizable full bathroom with walk-in shower, a full-size refrigerator, and a dish washer. To top it all off, wireless charging mats built in to the surfaces will make sure all of your portable devices stay juiced up.

1 eleMMent by Marchi


The element looks like something you’d see Tony Stark going around in. In fact, you might actually have to be as rich as Tony Stark to purchase it. If the King Aire is a mansion on wheels, this one is a two-story mansion on wheels. In fact, the company themselves even call this a “mobile mansion”, as it sports a ridiculous full bar and kitchen. The bedroom has a king bed and a full closet. For entertainment, it offers 2 world class audio systems and top of the line TV. The bed is furnished with the finest Italian linens, so you can feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

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