11 Tech Breakthroughs That Will Completely Blow Your Mind

When Back to the Future part II premiered in 1989 and introduced us to the hoverboard, most Americans never thought that they would ever have the opportunity to ride one. The tech seemed too far out l

When Back to the Future part II premiered in 1989 and introduced us to the hoverboard, most Americans never thought that they would ever have the opportunity to ride one. The tech seemed too far out like something from a science fiction novel. But, alas, as we edge closer and closer to October 21, 2015 (the date that hero Marty McFly was transported to in the film) it seems that hoverboards are actually an innovation that will (hopefully) soon be available to the average consumer. For all intents and purposes, we are living in the future.

The development of self-driving cars, sex robots and 3d printing (to name a few) are emblematic of something important: that human ingenuity is rooted in imagination and that, right now, it seems that we are capable of creating pretty much anything that we can imagine. This limitless imagination, ingenuity and creativity typifies a culture that is growing more and more reliant on technology. This is a natural progression and one that is aimed at making our lives, as humans, easier by tasking computers and robots with carrying out duties that are tedious (and sometimes menial) in order to allow us more leisure time - time that will inevitably allow people to spend focusing on leisure activities and, if you're so inclined, future creative innovations.

Inevitably, some will be wary of these incredible advances. To them I say chill out and enjoy this beautiful, rapidly progressing tech-based world that we have the privilege to be a part of. In any event, prepare to have your mind blown as you navigate through 11 of our most incredible tech breakthroughs.

11 IO Hawk


According to the company, the technology is an "intelligent mobility device." It's basically, from what I can tell, a Segway without the handlebars which actually makes it a lot cooler. In fact, a lot of rappers have picked up on the trend early. Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have all been spotted cruising around on the IO Hawk.

10 Google X's Project Loon


Project Loon is a research and development project Google hopes will change the way people access the Internet. The goal is to use balloons capable of traveling to extremely high altitudes that are placed in the atmosphere and capable of creating 3G wireless internet service.

9 Apple Pay 


Apple Pay is a technology already available to the public that could change the way that IRL monetary transactions go down. If you're an Apply Pay user, you can pay for things by swiping your phone in front of a digital reader. A problematic aspect of the tech's introduction is that not all retailers have jumped on the bandwagon, installing digital readers. During the new service's announcement on September 9, 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the current payment process "broken" and "outdated" for its "reliance on plastic cards.

8 True Companion's Roxxxy Sex Robot


According to the company's website, "Roxxxy is the world's first sex robot!" Incredible, I know, an actual sex robot. Whether you want to get freaky with Roxxxy or you just think she's creepy, you must appreciate the ingenuity and the advancement in robotics. There are three different Roxxxy models.

7 Oculus VR Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift is an incredibly cool new virtual reality technology that blossomed out of a Kickstarter campaign by Oculust VR. Ultimately the campaign raised over $2.5 million that all went into developing this groundbreaking, VR technology. When the Oculus Rift hits the market in early 2016, there's no telling how much demand there will be for it.

6 EHang Ghost Drone


5 Logbar Ring ZERO


4 StoreDot Smartphone Battery Turbo-Recharge


StoreDot's technology is the product of an Israeli start-up. Although the product is not yet available for consumer consumption, it seems to be incredibly promising. The company's light speed charge technology was shown off at this year's Computer Electronic Show and was understandably a huge hit. In addition to wowing the show's throngs, the technology also gained attention with multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich and telecom monolith Samsung.

3 Megascale Desalination


Addressing the issue of the world's pressing need for new freshwater sources, a consortium of water-minded companies (IDE Technologies, Poseidon Waters, Desalitech and Evoqua) have banded together to make water desalination a global possibility. With the world's population growing and droughts beginning to have a more pressing effect, it is absolutely vital that we find alternative sources for drinking water. Megascale Desalination could possibly be that solution.

2 Lexus Slide Hoverboard


Literally ripped from the plot line of the aforementioned Back to the Future II comes Lexus' unbelievable Slide Hoverboard. Although no plans have been made for the retail release of this super cool piece of technology, Lexus introduced its project through a series of online videos that showcased their hoverboard.

1 Mercedes F 015 - Self-Driving Car


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11 Tech Breakthroughs That Will Completely Blow Your Mind