11 Celeb Parents That Drop Thousands On Their Kids (11 Who Live Like Normies)

It’s no secret that celebrities love to spend millions of dollars on clothes, cars, and mansions. They love to live the wealthy lifestyle and flaunt their riches. Not all celebs are like that and many are very humble. They live a simple life and don’t enjoy all the partying and expensive items. Regardless, both groups of celebrities are enjoying their lives. Some like to spend their hard-earned cash on extravagant cars and lavish homes with massive swimming pools. The more humble celebs try to live a more down to earth lifestyle. They might purchase an expensive home but do their best to save.

Celebs often pass those habits down to their kids. Some celebs love to spend all their money on their kids. These rich kids live better than most normal people. In fact, they wear top of the line clothes and accessories before they can even say the brand name. Some also own several cars before they can even walk. The humble celebs teach their kids the importance of saving and not going on shopping sprees. They don’t spend millions on their kids and try to raise them in a normal environment as best as possible. Here is a look at 12 Celebs That Drop Thousands On Their Kids (12 Who Live Like Normies).

22 Christina Aguilera (Drops Thousands)


Christina Aguilera is a world famous star. She’s released chart-topping singles and sold out arenas all over the world. In 2008, her son was born and she wasted no time spoiling him. Max Liron Bratman is now 10 years old but when he was first born he already lived in a luxury suite. His mother built him a 600 square foot sailboat themed nursery. She even threw out all the toys from Babies R Us because she wanted toys from exclusive boutiques only. It also featured wood floors, wall murals, and a round crib.

21 Simon Cowell (Normies)


Simon Cowell is known for his harsh and brutal honesty. He’s judged thousands of contestants on various shows. However, he’s not just tough on contestants auditioning for his show. He’s also tough on his own son. Cowell has amassed quite the fortune over the years making people cry. He plans on giving all of his fortune away to charity for either dogs or kids. His son will not be inheriting any of his famous father's money. Cowell wants his son to earn his own fame and fortune.

20 Gwen Stefani (Drops Thousands)

Gwen Stefani and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale both lived the life of a rock star. It seems that her kids want to live the life of a rock star too. Their three sons Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo have had some incredible birthday parties. For Kingston’s fourth birthday, his parents went all out with a rock star theme. They spent roughly $15,000 on the party and it featured a face painter, balloon artist, superhero characters, and a bouncy castle. The guest list featured a lot of A-list celebs. Later, they threw a Scooby Doo party for Apollo and a Harry Potter party for Zuma.

19 Christina Applegate (Normies)


Christina Applegate has spent a majority of her life under the spotlight. She starred in popular TV series and memorable movies. She reached an incredible level of fame but doesn’t let that influence her parenting style. She wants her daughter, Sadie, to grow up as normal as possible. Applegate keeps her daughter out of the spotlight and doesn’t spoil her with expensive items she can’t appreciate yet. She would prefer if the paparazzi stopped taking pics of her child as well.

18 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Drops Thousands)


At one time, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the most famous couple in the world. They shocked everyone when they announced their divorce. When they were married they were known for their humanitarian work and for owning several lavish homes. They adopted six children Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. They encouraged their kids and enjoy spoiling them. Shiloh is a passionate skateboarder so her parents built her a skate park in their backyard. The private skatepark includes all kinds of ramps and dips.

17 George Lucas (Normies)


Filmmaker George Lucas has been the mastermind behind some of cinema’s greatest movies. He’s best known for the incredible Star Wars franchise and his advancements in film technology. He’s created an incredible empire of his own and amassed a massive fortune. However, this billionaire doesn’t plan on leaving his fortune to his kids. They’ll likely receive some type of inheritance but Lucas plans on giving away as much as possible to various charities. It’s important to Lucas that his kids grow up to be independent and don't need to rely on him.

16 Jennifer Lopez (Drops Thousands)


Jennifer Lopez is often accused of being a diva. She’s known for being very demanding and having expensive taste. The expensive taste is being passed down to her twins Max and Emma. When they were born she bought each of them a diamond-encrusted rattle. For their 10th birthday, she went all out to celebrate the milestone birthday. She took them to the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas and spent $7,500. Additionally, she tipped the staff $5,500 for making it the perfect birthday celebration.

15 Sting (Normies)


Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Sting established himself as one of the top musicians in the world. He continues to be a major force in the music industry and is still going strong. He made a lot of money in his career but he doesn’t plan on giving it to his kids. He’s tried to raise his kids to be normal as possible. Sting has 6 children but none will be receiving an inheritance. He plans on spending as much of his fortune as possible before he dies. It’s important to him that his kids are self-sufficient financially and don’t depend on him.

14 Salma Hayek (Drops Thousands)


When most of us celebrated our sixth birthday we were lucky if we got the present we wanted. We usually got a cheap knockoff at best. However, Salma Hayek’s daughter gets a very different type of present. Actress Salma Hayek and French billionaire François-Henri Pinault have one child together, Valentina. Hayek has no problem admitting that she spoils her daughter. For her sixth birthday, Valentina's parents bought her a $12 million estate. The mansion goes into a trust that she’ll get when she’s older.

13 Jackie Chan (Normies)


There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t know that name Jackie Chan. He’s known for his incredible martial arts skills and comedic timing. However, he’s also known for being a tough father. He’s attempted to raise his son, Jaycee, to be humble and down to earth. His son won’t be inheriting Chan’s vast fortune.

12 DJ Khaled (Drops Thousands)


Celebs often throw some of the most lavish kid parties in the world. They want to make sure it’s a day to remember even if the kid is too young to remember. DJ Khaled’s son Asahd Tuck Khaled was born in 2016 but already has an impressive fleet of cars. For Asahd’s first birthday he got a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes and a Ferrari. Most kids are lucky to get a chocolate cake nowadays. In addition to a grand celebration, he also purchased his son a $100,000 watch, which features 600 diamonds.

11 Bill Gates (Normies)


Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people in the world. He owns an impressive home that sits on acres of land. Despite all of his wealth, he doesn’t spoil his kids with all kinds of lavish and extravagant presents. They won’t be inheriting his wealth and he wants them to learn to take care of themselves. He does plan on giving them every opportunity to succeed like he did. He has no problem paying for their expensive educations and hopes they’ll create their own empire worth billions.

10 P. Diddy (Drops Thousands)


Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is known for throwing around money, wearing the finest clothing and being the life of the party. P. Diddy was even the life of the party at his sons 16th birthday celebration. When the average person turns 16 they’re lucky if they can drive their parent's car. Diddy purchased his son Justin a 2010 Mercedes Maybach for $360,000. He also gave his son a whopping $10,000 in partying money. It might seem like a lot but Diddy will have no problem topping this celebration in the future.

9 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard (Normies)


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are quickly becoming one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. They’re also one of the most notoriously frugal celebs in the world. Unlike most celebs, they had a simple courthouse wedding that cost $140, which included gas. They’re teaching their kids the importance of being frugal and not going on shopping sprees. Bell shops exclusively with coupons and is always looking for a sale. She also won’t do interviews with organizations that pay paparazzi to take pics of her baby.

8 Kylie Jenner (Drops Thousands)


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott seem to have a different approach when it comes to parenting. Jenner enjoys spoiling her daughter, Stormi Webster and Scott wants her to stop. Both Jenner and Scott had a very different upbringing. Stormi is just about to turn one and she’s already styling and profiling. Jenner has spent millions on the most expensive strollers, clothes and carriers. In fact, Jenner purchased a $625 Gucci baby carrier for her then 4-month old daughter. Scott spoils his daughter from time to time but not at the level that Jenner does.

7 Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick (Normies)


Sarah Jessica Parker had a very poor upbringing and she's never forgotten that feeling. She’s very humble and lives a simple lifestyle. Her husband, Matthew Broderick, has a similar mindset. It’s important to her that her kids live a humble lifestyle as well. In 2008, she noted that she never buys her son any new clothes and that he always wears hand me downs from his older cousins. The family lives a very simple and down to earth lifestyle. They don't spoil their kids and want them to grow up with strong values.

6 Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise (Drops Thousands)


Suri Cruise has two of the most famous parents in the world. Suri is also known for being one of the most spoiled children in Hollywood. Her famous parents divorced, which only means she gets twice as much stuff. In 2012, for Christmas Tom Cruise purchased Suri a $13.5 million mansion and a pony. Not to be outdone, Katie Holmes purchased her a $24,000 playhouse and a child size $10,000 Mercedes. Suri was once spotted wearing a Burberry Dress, Bonpoint coat and Gucci kids leather-riding boots estimated to cost in total around $1,200.

5 Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr. (Normies)


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. could afford to purchase just about anything they want. However, they choose to live a simple and humble lifestyle. They don’t go on shopping sprees or party all night long. They’re passing their frugal and simple lifestyle habits on to their kids. They don’t spoil them and want them to live a normal life. They teach their kids the importance of saving and are all about the sales. Gellar openly admits to using coupons and is great at sniffing out a sale. They shop at whole foods and will always go for the sales before anything else.

4 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian (Drops Thousands)


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are known for buying the most expensive cars, homes and designer clothes. Their children North, Chicago and Saint West already live a lavish lifestyle. North has been seen strutting around in a $3,500 fur coat, with a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag and a rumored $50,000 tiara. Her sister and brother enjoy expensive car seats and cribs that cost more than a house. They also own rare limited edition Yeezy sneakers. In 2018, Kardashian wrote that she would like to not spoil her kids but they haven't stopped yet.

3 Gordon Ramsay (Normies)


World famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for being tough on his chefs. He’s blunt and to the point, which often hurts feelings. He takes that same approach with his kids. He’s doing his best to raise them as normal as possible. His kids will not be inheriting any of his vast fortunes. Additionally, Ramsay doesn't feel it's right for the kids to have it easy because he's famous. In fact, when he and his wife fly first class the kids are back in coach. He wants his kids to earn first class as he did.

2 Jay-Z & Beyoncé (Drops Thousands)


Jay-Z and Beyoncé are two of the most famous celebs in the world. The only people more famous than Jay and Bey are their very own kids. Their three kids Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter are known all over the world. For Blue Ivy ‘s first birthday, her parents spent roughly $95,000 including buying a $2,400 cake. They also bought her a custom-made $80,000 diamond encrusted Barbie Doll. For her second birthday, she got a $75,000 Arabian horse and a tour of a private zoo. Her little brother and sister do pretty well too. Jay and Bey purchased two $10 million bejeweled pacifiers for the twins.

1 Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher (Normies)


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher might be rich and world famous but that doesn’t mean that their kids are. Both Kunis and Kutcher had poor upbringings so it’s important to them they raise their kids with strong values. The kids live a very humble lifestyle and are unaware that their parents are rich. That’s because Kunis and Kutcher told their kids that they are poor. Kunis jokingly said, “Mommy and Daddy may have a dollar, but you’re poor. You are very poor, you have nothing.” (Babygaga)

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