10 Toys That Are Worth A Ton In 2018 (And 10 That Will Be In 10 Years)

Our toys lay discarded in an attic or a basement. Perhaps they are still at our parents' house. Perhaps our mother or father has dutifully kept them aside due to their sentimental value. They slowly gather dust, cramped in the bottom of a cardboard box. But what if we said that those toys we tossed aside so many years ago could be worth a fortune? It's not too late to reclaim them. But we should act quickly. Our parents could be cleaning out our old toy boxes right now – planning to give all our treasures away to thrift stores or children in need. Don't less this happen. We must do everything we can to hold onto our old toys. Our bank accounts will thank us later.

Of course, some of those toys might be worth a fortune today. Many would be surprised at what some people are willing to pay for old toys. While we might not be able to understand the mindset of one of these crazed collectors, we can certainly educate ourselves enough to profit from their spending habits. We've compiled a list of ten of the most valuable toys in 2018 – and a handful of toys that we think will one day become treasures. Don't throw these toys away!

20 Worth A Fortune Today - Barbie


One of the oldest toy franchises in the world is the Barbie line, having been introduced around the 1950s and still proving to be incredibly popular even to this day. Not only that, but they've proven to be a great option for toy investors who have kept possession of retro Barbie dolls. These toys can be worth thousands of dollars today. And the real caveat is that their value holds up even when the Barbies are used. A used Barbie from the 1950s can be worth thousands, and even rare releases from the 80s and 90s can fetch a great price.

19 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Happy Meal Toys


At first glance, Happy Meal toys seem like a great investment. If you go to McDonald's anyway, getting a toy with your food is like getting toys for free, and this means a possible investment that required no real initial cost. The random nature of Happy Meal toys means that even if you buy dozens of Happy Meals, you're still not guaranteed to get a whole set. This makes them valuable and most importantly accessible to everyone. But those who have managed to get full Happy Meal sets might want to hold off on selling them. They're not projected to reach a high value anytime soon – although they are a great idea for investments, especially more hyped toys such as the recent Nintendo release.

18 Worth A Fortune Today - Thundercats Lion-O Action Figure


In the mid-eighties, a very popular franchise called ThunderCats was enjoyed by millions of kids. While many of our readers will be too young to remember such a fad, rest assured there are still massive Thundercats fans, and they're willing to pay top dollar for retro action figures. If you are in the possession of original, mint condition action figures, you could be in for a payout of thousands of dollars. Even if you don't have a mint condition version, you can still sell them for hundreds of dollars.

17 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Tamagotchi


Tamagotchis were some of the first interactive, handheld toys that became massively popular during the 90s, and many of us remember being totally blown away by this now outdated technology. So are vintage Tamagotchis worth a fortune today? Not really. As Life Storage reports, these toys have barely doubled in price since their initial release during the 90s, which isn't really much more than the rate of inflation. So right now, they're not really worth selling, but this respectable rise in value means that one day, they'll be worth a pretty penny.

16 Worth A Fortune Today - Pokemon Cards


Even though the Pokemon fad is relatively young compared to some of the other retro toys mentioned in this article, it's proven to be a very lucrative franchise to invest in. Even after a few decades, the prices for some rare Pokemon cards have skyrocketed incredibly. Only the rare varieties such as gold, ancient, and holographic will fetch a pretty penny, but it's still an impressive rise in value. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars here, and a Pikachu illustrator card sold recently for over $50,000.

15 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Lego


While LEGO sets are rising in value, they still haven't quite hit the mark where collectors are getting truly excited. Sure, there are the odd LEGO sets that can be worth a lot, but the average collector is being patient, waiting for a few more years until their sets reach peak prices. Obviously the LEGO sets need to be unopened and in good condition, but the type of set also matters a lot. With the general hype surrounding Star Wars toys, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to target LEGO Star Wars sets for future investment purposes.

14 Worth A Fortune Today - Star Wars Ewok Combat Playpack


Readers will be noticing a trend here – Star Wars toys have a tendency to be extremely high value. A great example of this is the Star Wars Ewok Combat Play Pack, which was released all the way back in 1984. More than 30 years later, the price has increased exponentially, with mint condition versions being sold for $6000. Considering you could've picked this up for about 17 bucks back in the day, this has proven to be an incredible investment for a select few collectors.

13 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Beanie Babies


While it's true that some Beanie Babies can be sold for thousands of dollars today, the vast majority of even the rarest Beanie Babies haven't gone up in value much. In fact, most are just barely more valuable than they were when they first came out. Sure, Princess Diana Beanie Babies can sell for an immense fortune, but those are incredibly rare. Still, the Beanie Babies held by the average person will probably become valuable in the coming decades – just not right now.

12 Worth A Fortune Today - Masters Of The Universe Eternia Playset


Master Of The Universe was another franchise that became incredibly popular in the 80s, and there are still collectors today who feverishly seek out rare versions of the game's playsets that are incredibly hard to find. There are many examples of rare toys within this franchise, but the one version that is most valuable is the Eternia Playset. This was a massive set, with three towers and tons of little figures. A complete set is almost impossible to find today, which means they can be worth thousands of dollars.

11 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - NES Games


When it comes to retro toys, one of the biggest anomalies from an investment standpoint has to be Nintendo Entertainment System games. These early Nintendo games were expected to rise astronomically in value, but instead the unthinkable happened – they went down in value. And not just by a few dollars, either. Life Storage reports that on average, NES games have plummeted in value from a $50 initial retail price down to a measly $19 dollars in today's money. It's important to note that there are still valuable NES games out there, such as Stadium Events, which is worth thousands. We're going to go out on a limb and say that as time goes on, NES games will become rarer, and this generally negative trend will start to reverse.

10 Worth A Fortune Today - Certain PEZ Dispensers


While you shouldn't expect to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars off your old PEZ dispensers, you can still charge some hefty fees for these outdated bits of plastic. There are very serious PEZ collectors out there, and they're willing to pay top dollar if you have the right ones. Like any collectible item, there are those who are trying to complete a "set," and they'll pay good money if you have the missing link. It's not uncommon to see rare PEZ dispensers selling on eBay for around the $1000 mark. Even rarer versions have been known to sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

9 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Polly Pocket


The Polly Pocket toys so many of us remember from our childhoods are also expected to rise astronomically in value, although today these toys haven't really reached heights that are worth getting excited about. Even the rarest and oldest versions of Polly Pockets only sell for a few hundred dollars today, but this could all change in the coming decades. So this is definitely a toy you should hold onto, and wait it out. The rewards could be very satisfying indeed if you're able to have a little bit of patience.

8 Worth A Fortune Today - Certain Atari Games


We've already mentioned the fact that NES Games have been rather disappointing from an investment standpoint, but the same cannot be said for certain Atari games. Indeed, some of these Atari games can be worth tens of thousands of dollars today. Examples would be the infamously bad ET Game, and the popular Air Raid title. What makes these games more valuable than NES games? It probably has something to do with the fact that Atari no longer makes consoles, which makes their games a "piece of history," to some extent.

7 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Super Soakers


Looking back, Super Soakers were definitely a huge part of the 90s. It's crazy to think that these toys are now considered retro – or at least the ones that 90s kids are familiar with. You might be surprised to learn that these toys have been quietly rising in value, quite significantly by many standards. But are they worth a fortune today? No. As Life Storage reports, the value of Super Soakers has barely doubled. This means that the products have definite potential, but no one in their right mind should be selling any time soon.

6 Worth A Fortune Today - Garbage Pail Kids' Cards


A few of our readers probably remember the famously weird and sometimes morbid Garbage Pail Kids' Cards, and complete sets of these cards can sometimes go for thousands of dollars. These are usually the earlier sets, with Adam Bomb and Blasted Lily being the most well-known examples. Even the more common sets can be worth hundreds of dollars. Interestingly, these cards give us an idea of what to expect when things like Pokemon cards get to be over 30 years old.

5 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - New Star Wars Action Figures


You can learn a lot about the market by looking at past trends. And everyone knows that Star Wars action figures have gone up massively in price since they were first released so many decades ago. Well, by that logic, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up some of the new Star Wars action figures that are coming out today. If collectors continue on the current trend, they'll be willing to pay high prices for these action figures in the coming decades. But remember – it's always a better idea to get a hold of rare action figures, or ones that will become rare (i.e., the ones that nobody wants to buy).

4 Worth A Fortune Today - Old Star Wars Action Figures


Even someone who knows nothing about the value of toys is probably aware that retro Star Wars action figures are some of the most sought after toys on the planet. Many people consider these the holy grail of toy collecting, and for good reason. These toys have risen in value quite significantly over the years. We're talking tens of thousands of dollars for the rarer varieties. And it might actually surprise you which ones are the rarest and most sought after. No, we're not talking about Luke, Han or even Chewie. We're talking about the seriously minor character that almost no one has, such as Jawas, Snaggletooth, and other rarities.

3 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Marvel Legends Action Figures


All this talk of action figures makes us wish we had gone back in time to purchase a rare Jawa figure back in the 80s. But what if we knew which current action figures would be worth a fortune in a few decades? Well, some experts have pegged Marvel Legends Action Figures as a possible future investment, and if you're serious about toy collecting, you might want to pick up one or two. These are some of the most popular action figures today, and there might be those who are willing to pay quite a large price for these in the future.

2 Worth A Fortune Today - The Original Monopoly Game


We all know that Monopoly is one of the oldest and most well-known board games in existence. But just how old is it? Believe it or not, the Board Game was first released way back in 1933 – that's before World War 2! And it should be a no-brainer that if you can get your hands on that original, first edition of the game, you're in for a serious payout. Even later versions that are still considered "vintage" can be sold for thousands of dollars. It might be a good idea to ask your grandparents if they have an old edition stowed away in their attic!

1 Worth A Fortune Tomorrow - Funko Pop! Bobble Heads


So what else should we be investing in today if we want to make a lot of money in the future? Again, we have to turn to the world of action figures, and we're going to recommend a toy that many experts are focusing on. We're talking of course about Funko Pop! Action figures, which are bobble-head type toys that have become incredibly popular. Obviously, it's probably a good strategy to try and get your hands on some of the rarer versions, such as limited edition releases. Who knows, they could be worth a fortune in a few decades...

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