10 Stunning Beachside Luxury Homes For Sale In The U.S.

Luxury homes bring to mind elegance, innovative construction and striking style. Beachside properties are popular for their ability to relax and rejuvenate you while allowing you to have direct access to the water, making it easy to partake in your favorite water sports or just strut your stuff in your favorite swimsuit. Bringing together the worlds of luxurious homes and beachside living lets you have the home of your dreams coupled with the resort like quality of beachside living. While beachside luxury homes may spark images of exotic, tropical or European retreats, you don’t have to go that far to satisfy your desire to have both a stunning property and beachside access. There are plenty of jaw dropping properties available across the United States. While these homes vary in size, location, features and pricing, they share a common thread of sophisticated elegance blended with the relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a rustic cabin, a home in some of the most sought after So-Cal areas or a Hawaiian luxury retreat, there is a luxury beachside home for you on this list. These homes prove that luxurious living and beachside properties can go hand in hand.

If you long for days of waking up to the gentle crash of waves, salty sea air, quiet lakeside sunrises or simply want your home to be the envy of all your beach loving friends and family, this list of luxury beachside homes will show you just what the current U.S. market has to offer.

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Maine Beach Condo
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10 Maine Beachfront Condo for $1.1 Million

Maine Beach Condo
Image courtesy of Zillow.com

This newly listed Condo gives you the luxury of condo living without sacrificing the experience of owning an oceanfront home. With the Pacific ocean just outside your door, this condo is an ideal summer getaway (or a year round residence for those who don’t mind snowy New England winters). The condo’s listing notes this condo features a generous four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The interior of the condo is spacious with light colored walls and large windows. The kitchen has full appliances and light colored cabinetry.The bedrooms have stunning ocean views and balconies to allow you to enjoy the ocean from the moment you wake up.

9 Seacoast New Hampshire Home for $1.9 Million

Rye NH Beach Home
Image courtesy of NHFineHomes.com

Hardwood flooring, pristine white walls and direct ocean access make up this $1.9 million dollar Rye New Hampshire home. With four bedrooms this home is great for family or having guests. The bedrooms offer ocean views and hardwood flooring. The stone fireplace is the crown jewel of the living room, giving a pop of texture and grey tones against the light colored room. The fireplace is convenient for additional heating in the cold seacoast winter months. With Rye sitting at only an hour’s drive from Boston Massachusetts, this home gives you the convenience of sales tax free New Hampshire living with convenient access to Logan airport and other Boston amenities.

8 Bigfork Montana Home for $7.8 Million

Bigfork MT Beach Home
Image courtesy of FlatheadRealEstate.com

In line with the “big” in the property’s Bigfork, Montana location, this home is grand in every way. A true luxury of a log cabin, this $7.8 million dollar home is fit for any outdoors enthusiast. This home is listed as having an astounding 18 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and just over 12,000 square feet of living space. The living room has a beautiful grand stone fireplace and ample seating area. The three-season-style porch area makes a stunning dining room, complete with area views. Located on Swan Lake, this home has direct access to the water, making it a perfect place for relaxing on the beach, fishing, swimming and kayaking. Grand scale rustic living is at it’s finest in this secluded Montana home.

7 Lloyd Neck (Long Island) Home for $10.8 Million

Lloyd Neck NY Beach Home
Image courtesy of LuxuryLongIsland.com

Situated in a quiet area of Long Island, Lloyd Neck has stunning homes and convenient water access to Manhattan. Listed at 10.8 million, this home has a whopping 19 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and 4 half baths. This guest ready home is sophisticated in every way. Arched entryways and door frames beautifully frame the regal brickwork of the home’s exterior. The kitchen has ample counter space, wood cabinetry and high ceilings. The main living areas and bedrooms have wood flooring, views of the ocean and elegant trim work, again mirroring the arched doorways of the home’s exterior. This home’s exterior features make the most of what Long Island has to offer. With picturesque gardens, stone walkways, a spacious outdoor deck area that overlooks the beach below, a private dock and direct beach this home has most everything. The gated entrance complete with a brick archway assures you will have ultimate privacy. Whether you want to host grand parties or host large gatherings, this home is spacious, luxurious and provides plenty of indoor and outdoor entertainment options.

6 West Yarmouth MA (Cape Cod) Estate for $13.9 Million

West Yarmouth Beach Home
Image courtesy of Sothebyshomes.com

This property is truly stunning. Old world New England charm meets the luxury that has come to be expected in Cape Cod’s prestigious West Yarmouth area. This home is listed as having four bedrooms and four full bathrooms with one partial bath. The home has just over 5,800 square feet of living space and a generous 3.82 acres of land. With its private beach access, luscious wind tousled grasses and beautiful (beach access) ramp and dock this property looks like something out of a Nicholas Spark’s film adaptation. The home itself sits regal against the ocean views. The wood deck provides a convenient area for outdoor dining or sun bathing. The home features a rustic garage that provides shelter for your vehicles while keeping with the old world feel of the area. A beautiful stone walkway and stairs lead up to the home from the driveway. The kitchen is vast and comes to life with it’s vibrant blue cabinetry and modern features. With plenty of space to prepare and serve your favorite foods, this kitchen is ideal for entertaining. Post and beam features line the ceiling, giving the home a strong and natural appeal. The bedrooms feature high ceilings, generous views of the surrounding ocean and pristine white coloring. This home is the perfect blend of old world charm with chic modern features.

5 Carlsbad San Diego Home for $11.4 Million

Carlsbad Beach Home
Image courtesy of BCRE.com

Grand scale living meets the warm, relaxed nature of the San Diego area in this beautiful beachside home. This six bedroom, six bathroom home has three stories and is currently listed at $11.4 million. The property features private beach access with a well carved path, making it easy to access the beach at your leisure. High, domed ceilings and crisp light colored walls keep the interior of the home feeling open and breezy. The interior fireplaces give ambiance and warmth on cooler nights. The master bathroom has a luxurious tub complete with a full view of the ocean. The master bathroom’s vanity area is spacious with ample space for all of your cosmetic needs. The bedroom’s recessed ceilings give the illusion of higher ceilings.

The exposed outdoor deck is ideal for outdoor dining while taking in the ocean views. Alternatively, the covered deck area gives the option of shaded relaxation. The home’s lawns are meticulously kept. The outdoor area is complimented by the beautiful landscaping, which provides both a sense of natural beauty and privacy. The beachside area itself is raw and natural, keeping with the natural setting.

4 Oceanfront Southampton NY home for $26 million

Southampton Beach Home
Image courtesy of SothebysHomes.com

This home is a prime example of what a spacious, elegant and pristine luxury beachside home in Southampton is like. This $26 million dollar home is listed as having five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, 5,813 square feet of living space and over 2 acres of land. Striking architecture and gorgeous wood and stonework throughout the home give this home as much elegance as the beachfront that surrounds it. The master bedroom is a true master suite complete with picture windows running the length of the wall, giving a perfect view of the ocean. The en suite bathroom has a minimalist approach and keeps with the panoramic views of the master bedroom. The home also features an inground pool and adjoining hot tub, allowing you to soak away the day’s stress in the comfort of your own back yard. The home’s landscaping balances beautiful greenery with privacy. A real Southampton gem, this home is the epitome of Long Island beachside living.

3 Grand Haven Michigan Home for $1.6 million

Grand Haven MI Beach Home
Image courtesy of carinirealtors.com

Situated on Lake Michigan, this Grand Haven home is a lakeside dream. This home is listed as having four bedrooms, three full baths and lake front access. This rustic home has plenty of charm and space for you to relax. This 3,453 square foot home has generous parking space and a finished basement making it easy to entertain in any season. The post and beam features and beautiful wood railings add to the home’s lodge like feel. Ideal for a family or an avid sportsman, this home gives the feeling of remote relaxation with direct access to the great lake. The outdoor deck area makes a great place to entertain, lounge or just enjoy the view of the lake.

2 Laguna Beach Beachside Condo for $2.2 Million

Laguna Beach Condo
Image courtesy of lagunabeachrealestate.com

If sophisticated condo living is your style, this $2.2 million dollar Laguna Beach condo is the one for you. This property sits on the beach and has a generous 1,480 square feet of living space. The listing notes that this condo has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen has wood cabinetry and plenty of space to cook and store your kitchen items. This property has tile flooring and a jetted tub in the master bathroom. The balcony is spacious. This home also has plenty of natural light thanks to the wall length glass wall facing the ocean. If pool swimming is your style, this condo has an on site swimming pool that you may access at your leisure. This property has all the must haves of beachside living without the inconveniences of maintaining a traditional household.

1 Honolulu Beachfront Paradise for $10 Million

Honolulu Beach Home
Image courtesy of luxuryrealestate.com

This Honolulu home has everything one could want — a spacious lot, high ceilings, stunning hardwood flooring, bright, inviting colored walls, generous living space and beachside access. This $10 million dollar home has an inground pool with plenty of poolside seating and space for outdoor entertaining. The beach itself can be seen from the home though privacy is intact thanks to the home’s well placed landscaping. The kitchen has plenty of cabinet space. The main living areas and kitchen offer an open concept style, allowing you to arrange the home as you see fit. This property also features a garage for convenient vehicle storage. A true Hawaiian retreat, this home perfectly balances home life with resort-like accommodations.

Each of these beach front homes gives you the option of relaxing in luxury in the comfort of your own home or soaking up the sun along the beach.

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