10 Ridiculous And Luxurious Versions Of Standard Items

A bag of ice cubes that costs more than a monthly grocery bill? A single staple worth more than a cup of coffee? You better believe it – these ten luxury items are not only obscenely expensive, they are unnecessarily expensive. Whether these prices stem from the fancy packaging, or the overblown quality of the product itself, each of these ten items is an exorbitantly priced luxury version of an everyday item. Each item costs many times more than the standard version, like the bottle of water that costs a whopping $60,000.00, and is due to features like gold-plating and existence exclusively in cyberspace. Even items that are usually indicative of poverty, like instant noodles, have made this list. If you feel that your multi-million dollar yacht and lavish home simply left you with too much money, this is the list for you. “More money than sense” definitely applies here.

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10 Gold-plated staples – OOOMS


Sometimes you want to make a splash in the corporate world. If regular old staples simply aren’t cutting it for your extremely important reports, the company OOOMS sells gold-plated staples for all of your lavish office needs. 24 of these staples retail for $100.00, meaning that each single staple costs over $4.00. They come well presented, in a miniature black velour box, and are marketed chiefly “as a form of jewelry.” If regular items made with precious metals are your M.O., then OOOMS’ gold-plated staples will be the perfect complement to many of the items on this list.

9 Doghouses – La Petite Maison


When picturing a doghouse, most people probably imagine Snoopy’s classic doghouse – simple, square and white, with a triangle red roof. However, La Petite Maison, a company that also makes sumptuous children’s playhouses, is famous for their custom luxury doghouses. Their designs feature everything from swanky French chateaus, to Swiss chalets to classic brick mansions, but the designers are willing to accommodate any of their client’s wishes, including stereo systems and marble floors for their pets. Prices range from $9,000 all the way up to $75,000, depending on just how envious you want to make all of the other neighborhood canines.

8 Olive oil – Lambda


Olive oil is a staple for many people who cook regularly. While olive oil is a more expensive oil choice than many cheaper oils that are available, Lambda takes the cake for being one of the most expensive olive oils on the market. Often called “the first luxury olive oil,” Lambda costs $54.00 for 500 ml of the product. Although, the company also features more expensive options for personalized packaging, which brings the price tag up to a shocking $14,698. Lambda is based in Greece, a country that is notorious for both their olives and olive oil, so it’s no surprise that this luxury olive oil calls Greece its home.

7 Coffee – Kopi Luwak


Most of the items on this list are consumable, and Kopi Luwak coffee is no different – you’ll be paying for an experience, rather than something material that will last. This type of coffee has a rather unique process – the beans are eaten by the Indonesian palm civet, a small animal resembling a cat. The civet’s natural digestion ferments the beans and, when expelled, the beans are devoid of bitterness and have an altered flavor. Kopi Luwak is considered a delicacy around the world, despite the unorthodox fermentation process, and costs between $100.00 and $600.00. This means that a single cup of Kopi Luwak costs anywhere from $6.00 to $85.00. You better feel wide-awake after paying that much.

6 Virtual space – Entropia


Land ownership has always been a sign of wealth, but as we move into the 21st century, where the video game industry has surpassed television and film in terms of media consumption and sales, virtual land ownership might come to be a sign of social and monetary status as well. In 2010, a virtual club called ‘Neverdie’ in the game 'Entropia Universe' was sold for $635,000. In fact, the owner of the club calls himself a virtual entrepreneur, and the club actually makes around $250,000 dollars a year. With video games fundamentally altering the ways in which we consume media, perhaps virtual reality and entrepreneurship will be the next hot careers.

5 Vibrator – Jimmyjane


Sex toys have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are plenty of affordable and quality options floating around. However, some are less than affordable, like this ‘Little Platinum Eternity’ vibrator from Jimmyjane that retails for $3,500.00.  Encrusted with 28 diamonds, reportedly silent and made of platinum, this vibrator is guaranteed to last a lifetime. If diamonds and platinum aren't your thing, Jimmy Jane has relatively cheaper options, like the ‘Little Platinum’ sans diamonds for $495.00, or the ‘Little Gold’ for a mere $425.00. Despite the price tag, Jimmyjane still has the audacity to charge an extra $5.00 for batteries.

4 Instant noodles – Harrods Pot Noodle


Instant noodles like the brand, Top Ramen have long been a symbol of the broke college student. In terms of cheapness, this meal takes the cake at a mere $0.20. However, Harrods Pot Noodle flipped this trope upside down – these 100 limited edition instant noodles retailed for $50.00 each. Harrods Pot Noodle are the result of an unlikely partnership between the universally loathed company Pot Noodle, renowned for its inexpensive instant noodles, and Harrods Department Store. The noodles even came equipped with table linen and a fork. While Harrods Pot Noodle may be obscenely expensive, it’s at least for a good cause – the noodles were created for the charity Action Against Hunger.

3 Gold toilet paper


While some people are experiencing the agony that is one-ply toilet paper, others simply require the best. Many of the items on this list gain their exorbitant price tags from unnecessary gold, and this one is no different. This gold-embossed toilet paper, courtesy of German designer Fritz Loibl, costs a whopping $250.00. The biggest perk of this toilet paper is the fact that the designs could be customized – there is a standard set of designs, but your gold-leaf can come in any design you wish, from roses to “happy birthday” emblazoned across it. “Throwing money down the toilet” gains a whole new meaning with this extravagant item.

2 Ice Cubes - Gläce Luxury Ice Co.


Everyone knows that ice cube trays are for commoners only. If you really want to impress your friends, why not try these hand-carved luxury ice cubes from Gläce Luxury Ice Co. at $325 for 50? The rationale behind the staggering price? These ice cubes are hand-carved from giant blocks of purified ice, and reportedly contain fewer carcinogens, have “minimum dilution and maximum cooling,” melt more slowly than regular ice cubes, and have zero taste. Their aesthetic value is also higher, as they’re clear and don’t contain any of the bubbles that cause regular ice to appear so unsightly.

1 Bottled Water – Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliana


Bottled water is consumed daily by countless people across the globe. While it’s much more expensive than standard tap water, the price of regular bottled water doesn't come close to this bottled water offered by Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, at $60,000 for a 1.25 ml bottle. This 24-k gold-coated bottle holds a blend of spring and glacier water from Fiji, France, and Iceland. Like Harrod’s Pot Noodle, this exorbitant luxury item can at least claim good intentions – proceeds from the sale went to the organization, Planet Foundation.

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