10 Perks You Can Only Experience In Luxury Hotels

Luxury travelers have high demands, and the hotels have to offer services to keep up with their expectation. Clients who can afford thousands of dollars on a night in a hotel also have high demands, and they expect to find outstanding services.

There are services and details you can only find in luxury hotels. The staff is specially prepared to deal with particular demands, and those establishments offer features you can't find on a regular hotel. Those services include airport transfer on a Rolls Royce and champagne baths.

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10 Exclusive Designs

Luxury travelers are demanding, and the hotels have to keep up with their expectations when it comes to design.

"Today's luxury explorers crave places with a personality that embraces their surroundings or tells a story," said Jack Ezon on Architecture Digest, president of New York-based Ovation Vacations. "As travelers' taste in design and art becomes more sophisticated, they actually seek out enclaves fashioned by celebrated designers or those with unique design elements that truly push the needle when it comes to fusing comfort, space, and sense of place with a big dose of character."

9 Security

Luxury hotels often receive high-profile politicians and celebrities. So it is no surprise they have to invest a lot in security, and it means more than have cameras on every floor and trained security staff.

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In Grosvenor House Suites, in London, for example, the guests are escorted by a concierge until the reception, which is on the second floor and can be accessed with a keycard controlled elevator, according to Worth. Other hotels also have their own EMTs and firefighter teams in case of emergency.

8 Scents

Who can forget a remarkable perfume? When you stay in a luxury hotel, you can expect that they will think about each detail. They guarantee that the guests will have a room with a unique smell and will make people think about that hotel every time they feel it.

The good thing is that you can often bring that smell home. Those hotels often sell spray and candles with their exclusive scent. So it is possible to bring a piece of fancy places like Westin Hotels and W Hotels to your room.

7 Luxury amenities

Luxury hotels often have amenities that go beyond imagination, and they take good care of their guests. According to Business Insider, the Carlton Hotel in New Orleans offers a recovery kit for clients during the Mardi Gras. While the Hard Rock Hotels' 23 Hotels and 11 Casinos offer "Fender guitar with a Mustang floor amplifier and Nixon headphones."

But the sky's the limit when it comes to pampering wealth clients. Hotels offer a champagne bath, use of 24-karat gold iPads, a test drive for sport cars, helicopter rides, and the list goes on.

6 Amazing sheets

A great bed makes all the difference in a hotel room. Luxury hotels are aware of that, and they also invest in high-quality sheets. Although Egypt cotton is the favorite among many people, some luxury hotel chains have developed their own sheets collection.

For people who are looking for having a five-star bed at home, Frette and Sferra produce especial bed linen that is the favorite among luxury hotels, according to Travel and Leisure. The luxury hotel chain Marriott also has duvets that clients can purchase online. But there is nothing like lay on a lavish hotel bed.

5 Lavish Spa

It is difficult to leave a luxury hotel, even if you are in a vibrant city for the first time. They create a place that is perfect for staying, and that often includes outstanding spa services. Those establishments offer a range of services like relaxing, beauty, holistic, and medical treatments. The staff has multiple professionals that include doctors, gurus, and nutritionists, that will assure the guests they will have the best during their stay.

The Nihi Sumba, in Indonesia, for example, offers “ your own private clifftop treatment pavilion overlooking the ocean”, according to The Telegraph.

4 Five-star restaurants

For people who love gastronomy, there is another reason to stay in a five-star hotel. Some of the best and most expensive restaurants in the world are in luxury hotels. Those places will often invest in five-star chefs, award-winning wine menus, contemporary gastronomy, and organic ingredients.

Having an award-winning restaurant brings those hotels under the spotlight and attracts new clients. The Skye Bar & Restaurant is one of the best in São Paulo (Brazil) and is in the Unique Hotel. The Epicure is a three-star Michelin in the fancy Le Bristol Paris.

3 Exclusive transfer

When you spend thousands of dollars for staying the night in a five-star hotel, you often don't need to bother to catch a taxi from the airport. The Peninsula Hotel, in Hong Kong, assures that their customers will arrive in the hotel on a customized Rolls Royce Phantoms, according to the Daily Mail. The ME Ibiza can arrange a private plane for their guests. Of course, it all comes with an extra fee.

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If you ever book a luxurious resort in the Maldives islands, one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, the hotels will often arrange a private transfer on a boat.

2 Breathtaking views

Luxurious hotels think about each detail, and of course, they would not choose a random location. Those lavish establishments are often in paradisiac places, and they want to offer costumers the ultimate views. For some thousands of dollars a night possible to book an exclusive villa in a vineyard in Italy, a private island near Ibiza or a room above the sea in the Maldives.

What they will always have in common is that the guests will be surrounded by a breathtaking view of the city of nature.

1 Outstanding services

Luxury hotels offer outstanding services, and the staff has an essential role in it. A five-star hotel uses to hire professionals with exceptional expertise. Like a famous chef, security staff with excellent training, spa employees with an outstanding background and a concierge that is ready to understand the needs of the guests.

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