10 Of The World's Rarest Watches That Cost A Fortune

Thousands of years ago, human beings began keeping track of the sun and the moon because they needed to fill in that downtime between hunting and gathering. Eventually, we developed different ways to keep track of time via oil lamps, sundials, and eventually the watch. The first wind-up watch appeared in the 16th century. Watches soon evolved into more than just a tool to keep track of our inevitable march to death--it's now used as a status symbol. Wearing any of the 10 watches below is a quick way of telling the world you are wealthy.

10. Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater


The Ulysses Hardin Minute Repeater is limited to only 30 pieces and when you read into the mechanics that make this watch, you'll understand why. It has a "Westminster Repeater" with a 4-note melody that requires 4 chimes and 4 gongs in the watch, playing melodies on the hour, minute, and the quarter time. The figures, known as the Jaquemarts, are animated to move with the hours and minutes. The gears and levels are made of steel and the dial's top plate is made of granite sourced from the Alps. This rare watch will set you back about $730.

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9. Vicenterra Luna Watch


Vincent Plomb is a master watchmaker who doesn't let the fact that he's bound to a wheelchair stop him from creating masterpieces. The VicenTerra Luna is a fine example of his attention to detail and craftsmanship. This tonneau-shaped watch not only keeps track of time, but it also boasts a day/night indicator along with a with a little spinning orb of the earth that completes one revolution in 24 hours. Available in polished steel, pink, yellow and white gold, there are limited pieces for each model, with the low-end price at $15,000, all the way to $27,000.

8. Split Seconds Patek Phillippe


Tiffany & Co. is a luxury and specialty retailer, well known for their high-end jewelry. We know them as the place that sells super expensive stuff that we can't afford. But Tiffany & Company's inventory isn't just limited to jewelry. It also includes rare and expensive watches. One unique watch you can get from Tiffany's, if you happen to be the select few with money to burn, is a signed Patek Phillipe 18k gold watch that retails for a cool $555,000. The Patek Philipe gold watch was made in 1952 and has 25 jewels and applied gold Breguet numerals.

7. Hublot LaFerrari Watch


The Ferrari brand is known for their expensive cars but if you happen to have some change left over after purchasing a 1.4 million dollar car, you can use that cash to get a matching watch made by Humboldt. Humboldt designers created the LaFerrari watch to match with Ferrari's supercar with the same name. LaFerrari is made of black PVD titanium, sapphire crystals, and has a 50-day power reserve. The complicated inner workings of the watch even resemble a car's engine and copy its curves and colors. The limited edition watch (50 watches made) costs a little over $300,000.

6. Steve McQueen's Rolex Submariner


The history of McQueen's watch is as exciting as one of his movies. This Rolex submariner bought by McQueen in the 1960s has been worn in two of his movies; The Great Escape and The Towering Inferno. McQueen eventually gave the watch to his friend/stuntman, Loren James. It's the only watch with McQueen's name engraved on it. This precious timepiece was almost lost in the California fires in 2016. It was later found, fixed, and brought back to life by Rolex. It was bought at an undisclosed price at an auction but was assumed to have gone for over $200,000.

5. Piaget Emperador Temple


When a watch costs 3.3 million dollars, you can probably assume that it's either a magic transformer watch that also turns into a mansion or a watch covered with an obscene amount of diamonds. The Piaget Emperador Temple watch fits the profile of a million-dollar watch. While the watch doesn't turn into an actual temple, it is absolutely encrusted with diamonds. With a little over a thousand emerald and baguette cut diamonds as well as a mother-of-pearl dial, this timepiece has such an overabundance of bling, people will be blinded by the beauty from a mile away.

4. Louis Moinet "Meteoris"


Created by Louis Moinet, a company in Switzerland known for their extravagant watches, the Meteoris is one of their finest. The $4.6-million watch has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a watch touting that kind of price tag. Combined with state of the art technology and rare materials, it's an eye-catching watch with exposed intricate mechanisms that looks like a work of art. But what really sets the Meteoris apart from the rest of the watches on this list is the Tourbillion Mars dial made of a 180-million-year-old meteorite, known as the Jiddat al Harsis 479.

3. Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona


The title of highest price tag ever achieved for a wristwatch at an auction belongs to Paul Newman's 1968 Daytona Rolex. In 2017, at the Winning Icons Auction, only 12 minutes of bidding passed before the watch was sold to a bidder over the phone for 15.5 million dollars, breaking the previous record of 11 million dollars held by a Patek Phillipe timepiece. The watch was originally a gift to Newman from his wife and eventually went on to become the "holy grail" of watches, attracting buyers who not only love watches but buyers who collect Americana and Hollywood memorabilia.

2. Marie-Antoinette Pocket Watch


Although named after Marie-Antoinette, the muse for this 30 million dollar watch had been gone for 34 years when it was finally finished in 1827. The Marie Antoinette pocket watch is as intricate as it is beautiful with 823 parts. Most of the parts of this timepiece are made out of polished pink gold. The watch has an exciting past -- it was stolen in 1983 from a museum in Jerusalem, then recovered in 2007, reconstructed and put on display in 2008. The watch is now in a presentation case carved from an oak tree from Versailles that the Queen used to rest under.

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination


The most expensive item ever displayed at the Baselworld Exhibition is The Graff Hallucination watch. The distinct timepiece is covered with rare, multicolored diamonds and described as a "structural masterpiece." The stones used for the watch were chosen by Mr. Graff over a span of a few years and were meticulously placed, one by one. Other watches pale in comparison to The Hallucination, not only because of the beauty of each individual colored diamond that make up the watch, but also for its mindblowing $55 million dollar price tag, making it one of the most expensive watches in the world.

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