10 Nationalities That Show Off Their Car The Most

Some of the world's most expensive cars come in small quantities. Only a handful are made, as they are costly to manufacture. Despite hardly making money off of them, they are quite the investment and make for great marketing tools, both for the makers and the drivers. Makers bank on their publicity, as it pays off in the long run and heightens the company's brand image, while car enthusiasts worldwide desire these vehicles, as it gives them a sense of accomplishment, pride, status, and a way to flaunt their self-worth or what they secretly wish they could be worth.

Whether they are super-fake, super-real, or souped up, Chinese and Japanese nationals enjoy their luxury, faux-luxury, and sports cars, from a range of brands and models. In Europe, makers of many of the world's most prestigious cars are often seen showing off their various models of pride and joy, whether they are out on display at festivals, in touristic areas, or simply being driven by car aficionados. These countries have earned their right to showoff their cars, they did create them after all, and are home to royalty, celebrities, and the finest financial institutions, all of whom can afford to wear their money how they see fit.

Moving on to the west, Americans are well known for their superstardom in the entertainment industry, as well as a superfluously rich general upper class, who provide great advertising for luxury cars and their manufacturing companies. Financial crisis or not, the 1% have no shame in showing off their riches. In the Gulf regions, oil money has bred a culture of lavish style and luxury, from full chrome plating to a superfleet of police cars, the Gulf's nationals can afford fleets of their own in their parking lots if they wish.

So which nationalities show off their cars the most? It's not to say that the list we have established in this article is concrete, however, it seems like a good representation judging by factors such as celebrities, royalty, car manufacturers and so on that come from a certain country. If your nationality isn't on the list, go out and buy a flashy car, it might just change our mind.

10 Chinese

In China, it comes as no surprise that cars, among other things, sell cheaply as a result of lower labor and manufacturing costs. However, the tables are turning as Chinese consumers have begun demanding more credibility and prestige, especially on their roads. Competition is growing extensively in China's automobile industry, and though luxury vehicles still make up a small segment of the market, they are becoming more popular and widespread. Since the ease of import restrictions, local consumers have taken interest in foreign cars and their high-end optional extras. Like most, people want what they can see and what is tangible, otherwise it is unappreciated and goes unnoticed. People want to be noticed.

9 French

Apart from being home to the Grand Prix in Monaco, the French love their million-dollar cars and everything about them. The lavish southern peninsula of France is the place to see and be seen, and is quite possibly the best place to car watch in Europe. Who needs people watching, anyway? Located on the coast of the Mediterranean, this millionaire hot spot is typically cluttered with old school Fiats, gorgeous Maseratis, sporty Mercedes-Benz roadsters, prestigious Maybachs, and gleaming Porsches, to name a few. As we can see, swagger-cred comes with a price far from cheap.

8 Japanese

Having evolved tremendously over the years, Japan is creating an exciting experience with the amalgamation of their electronics expertise, advanced information technology, and their four successful automobile manufacturers. With state of the art technology at their fingertips and fully equipped vehicles that are becoming more and more autonomous, the Japanese have plenty to boast. Whether it be a self-driving car, an ultra-compact design, or improving productivity, Japan has proven that luxury does not necessarily need to be what is on the outside, but can very well be what is on the inside, too. After all, complicated cars require complicated electronics and technology to get manufactured.

7 Swiss

Hosting one of the world's greatest trade shows, the Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland attracts leading car manufacturers every year. Apart from everyone looking to impress with their ultimate smart cars during that time, Switzerland also happens to be one of the most expensive countries to live in. It is home to some of the richest people, as well as offshore accounts holding plenty of money and safeguarding various riches. It is not rare to spot some of the latest luxury cars sporting the latest technology, strolling down the vivacious streets of Lausanne, Lugano, Montreux, and Zurich, to name a few.

6 Germans

Home to Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen, among other masterpieces, Germany is the giant of automobile making. Having made some of the world's finest and greatest engines, while upholding the best standards of maintenance, Germans drive around with class and safety. With autonomous cars being of the latest auto-buzz, you can bet that the Germans are keeping up to date with the latest technology and showcasing their revolutionary work on the streets, with even greater aspirations for the future. Cities like Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg are amongst the richest in the country, and are no strangers to luxury.

5 Italians

Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati are some of the world's fastest luxury cars and are proudly manufactured in Italy. While the country itself may not be in the best economic state, a portion of the country's demographic make sufficient money to be able to show off their goods. Whether it be the police rolling up in a Gallardo or Milan's culture of fashion and upscale society owning the catwalks, Italians have taste when it comes to how they dress and what cars they dress themselves in, and they definitely bare no shame in making a fashion statement of it.

4 British

British cars, good British cars, have influenced the history of Britain's automobile industry and set the standards of many others to come. They have created a beautiful Lotus Elise, a great off-road Land Rover, and that infamous Aston Martin from the classic 007 movies starring Sean Connery, among other classical cars that date back to the 1920's-1960's, like the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II and Bentley Blower. While car enthusiasts may typically lean towards powerful German manufacturers, British automobiles have truly been built with admirable craft and a roaring character. With a history like that, as well as being one of the world's most expensive places to live in, it is not shocking to find British motorists showing off the beauty of their car's craftsmanship, while flaunting the hefty price tag it came with.

3 Americans

From American muscle cars to European prestige, the 1% and upper-middle class of Americans know how to drive in style and are not afraid to show it. Between politicians, entertainment and fashion stars, Wall Street big shots, and bored housewives, extravagant cars driven by the rich and famous are not so hard to spot. Those who can afford it like to sport the beauty and bellow of a powerful engine, shamelessly.

2 Emiratis

Whether we are talking about the finest hotels, tallest buildings, biggest malls, or sexiest luxury cars, nationals of the United Arab Emirates have got it all. The oil country has made its mark on the world, that of glitz, glam, tourism, and everything in between. It has given birth to a culture of privilege, both to nationals and many ex-patriots from all over. This life of privilege has made it possible for many to enjoy, and flaunt, the fruits of their labour, that of which may not be as easy to receive in other countries. Thus, it comes as no shock that every other car rolling, or speeding, down the perfectly paved, wide streets is one of the numerous celebrated vehicles manufactured by only the crème de la crème of automobile giants.

1 Saudi Arabians

Saudi Arabia's inner workings are less widely known than its neighbouring Gulf countries, simply because the country is quite private. Not many can enter the country either, unless it is for prayer at the most sacred Islamic mosque, work purposes, or a personal invite by a 'high-up-there' national. Despite that, Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the Gulf and the richest. It is the tycoon of oil countries and has a very tightly knit relationship with the United States, due to oil politics, of course. As a result, the people's riches are overflowing the streets with some of the finest and rarest gems in the automobile industry.

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