10 Must-Have Luxurious Airplane Necessities

There's just nothing fun or glamorous about air travel these days. Between fifty pound luggage limits, preventing you from bringing a matching handbag for every outfit, to the long lines, taking off your shoes and being forced to keep your liquids in a zip lock; the only thing fun about the journey is reaching the final destination. While airport amenities including spas and Admiral’s club make travel more pleasant, they are not available at every airport. Even airlines like Jetblue and Virgin America, which offer luxurious amenities even in coach, such as Wi-Fi, televisions, movies on demand, satellite radio, and gourmet snacks, that certainly make flying a much better experience, you’re still stuck in a giant traveling tube for hours. While flying First Class and Business Class makes your time up in the air more comfortable with more legroom, larger seats and improved service, you're still breathing the same re-circulated air.

So, other than teleportation, there are ten ways to make flying more luxurious. This list is quite comprehensive and applicable for most flyers. All are lightweight, TSA friendly products, from ways to distract yourself and some to both comfortably and luxuriously carry it all with you. There are several products to relax you to sleep, leaving you energized for your final destination.


10 Tata Harper Hydrating Facial Essence: $65

Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence is exactly what you need to hydrate and freshen up your face during or after a long flight. Remember those little Evian Spritzers people used to carry around? This product is essentially Evian 2.0. While this product refreshes bare skin best, it’s okay to spray it over a made up face too. At 1.7 ounces, it’s TSA friendly, but you need to put it in a Ziploc bag. This product is oil free and uses natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, beet root extract, pink clay and witch hazel to prevent aging. It is also alcohol, paraben, phthalate and sulfate free.

9 Longchamps Le Pliage Bag: $125


Longchamps' Le Pliage bag is one of the best carry on bags for so many reasons. It is equally simply and well-designed. The bag is made of an extremely lightweight, yet durable nylon material with sturdy brown leather straps. The size is perfect to fit all of your essentials, plus a few last minute buys at duty-free, but is small enough to run around the airport with and stow under your seat. It also has a snap, so the bag can be folded up and made smaller, so you can easily throw an extra Le Pliage or two into your luggage. Longchamps makes these bags in a color for every outfit and are stylish enough to tote around every city. There are also several sizes available. Amy Adams has been spotted with her Longchamps bag and for only $125, you can too.

8 Bose QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones: $299

Bose makes some of the finest sound systems available for your home. So, Bose noise cancelling headphones are an absolute necessity for travel. Even in first or business class, between screaming babies, the sounds of the engine, and annoying conversations, airplanes have a whole lot of noise that needs to be cancelled. Have no fear, if you want to hear noise, there’s an "Aware Mode" that lets you both listen to your music or movie, and still be able to hear important information like flight announcements about turbulence. The quality of the sound coming from these headphones is excellent. Furthermore, the earbuds are designed not only to be comfortable, but to actually stay in the ear without falling out.

7 Prada Sleep Mask: $318


Sleeping on a flight can be challenging. Airplanes have notoriously awful lighting, which can make it even more difficult to try and catch a few zzzs. Perhaps you are stuck in the worst case airplane scenario: a chatty row mate who just won't shut up or someone who just won't close the window on a sunny day. Now, Prada has found a luxurious solution to this problem, in the form of a stunning satin sleep mask. This fabulous find comes with a darling matching satin pouch. The pouch can also double as clutch during your night on the town, when you reach your final destination. Nothing says, “I'm too glamorous for this plane, so please ignore me and let me sleep” quite like Prada's sleep mask does.

6 Ralph Lauren Cabled Cashmere Travel Set: $395

The average temperature of an airplane is too few degrees fahrenheit. While you can't ask the flight attendant to turn the heat up, Ralph Lauren’s Cabled Cashmere Travel Set is the next best way to warm up. With the texture of your favorite classic cable knit sweater, this luxurious cashmere blanket will keep you toasty. The blanket comes in a little pouch, which can double as a pillow, as well as a bonus eye mask. The pouch can be monogrammed, which you might need to do, just in case the person next to you is tempted to steal your fabulous find.

5 Gucci Neck Pillow: $430


Flying can be very painful. We've all passed out post takeoff and woken up to a sore, spasming neck, which really isn't the best way to start or end a vacation. So, a neck cushion pillow when you fly is an absolute must. Gucci has found a way to glam up this neck-cessity. From their exclusive Viaggio Collection, Gucci makes one of the most luxurious pillows out there. Available in black, tan and navy blue cotton, it comes in a Gucci logo pouch. The pillow itself is conveniently inflatable, making it small and lightweight. It will also fit perfectly in your carry on bag. Made in Italy, this is certainly an essential product if you want to fly there.

4 Ipad Mini: $829

The iPad Mini proves good things come in very small packages. It lets you do everything you can do on a larger ipad, such as watching movies, reading books, listening to music and surfing the internet. It has everything you need to distract yourself during long, boring flights. Weighing less than a pound, it is the perfect gadget, not just for the plane, but to keep on you while traveling. It has a camera and retina display, so when you get to your destination, you don’t need additional equipment to take pictures and capture video. For $829, you can get an 128GB model with cellular, Wi-Fi and retina display, but there are less expensive models available starting at $299.


3 Cervelt™ Socks: $1,503.30


Schlepping through the airport, taking off your shoes for security and then sitting for hours can make your tootsies feel less than terrific, to put it nicely. Why not cover your feet in the finest socks available? Harry’s of London has dubbed their Cervelt™ socks, “The Most Exclusive Sock In The World.” For the $1,503.30 that they cost, they should be. Cervelt™ is the down fiber of the New Zeland Red Deer, of which only 20 grams can be collected annually from each deer. It’s one of the most rare fabrics in the world and one of the few fabrics that is actually softer than cashmere.

2 Louis Vuitton Pegase 45 Roll On Suitcase: $3,650

There’s nothing luxurious about waiting at the Baggage Claim after a long flight. If possible, it's always best to take carry on luggage only. So, why not roll onto the plane in style with a Louis Vuitton Pegase 45 suitcase? It is available in several materials including the classic brown canvas print, but the most unique is the monogrammed embossed vernis patent leather model in Indian Rose. It is designed specifically to fit in the cabin of the plane, but if you are forced to check yours at the gate (isn't it annoying when that happens?), you won't be able to miss this unique color and fabric at Baggage Claim. Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and Scarlett Johansson have been spotted roaming around with theirs.

1 Valium- Priceless


Let’s not kid ourselves, you can have every glamorous travel accessory in the world, from the best entertainment and headphones, to a designer neck pillow, a satin eye mask and a cashmere blanket, but the luxury that trumps them all is relaxation. Valium is a wonderful prescription drug that relaxes you almost immediately and potentially induces sleep, knocking you out for the entire flight. Available by prescription only, it’s a luxury that money can't buy, unless you have a doctor’s note.


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