The 10 Most Luxurious Gentlemen's Clubs

Elite men everywhere enjoy a high-class, luxurious Gentlemen's Club. Although the clubs vary drastically throughout the world, poles and private rooms are considered mandatory tools of the trade. Salacious entertainment has been around for centuries and when the Folies Bergère and Moulin Rouge became popular in Paris in the late 1900's, Europeans took notice and the attitude toward showing skin became much more relaxed.

In this century, every major city in the world has a variety of live adult entertainment clubs but the clubs in Vegas or Amsterdam are going to be slightly different than the clubs in Cleveland or Reykjavik. The services and customs differ more than you might imagine.

For example, in the U.S. all nude clubs can not serve alcohol, where in Copenhagen or Helsinki, they can. Some of the more casual clubs might be topless or bikini levels, while some clubs in Hamburg are brothels and are attached to hotels.

The more elaborate, elegant and luxurious stages have more than one performer and the dances are more staged. Feature dancers who are not involved in the nightly rotation during non-performance times are often the main attraction and the patrons get to know them by name. Nearly all clubs offer lap dances and private champagne rooms. Touching the dancers is against house rules in most clubs. Some might bend the rules for private dances, depending on the club and the dancer.

In Bangkok, Thailand, the Nana Entertainment Plaza is a four-floor structure with over 40 bars that offer various levels of erotic dancing and entertainment. Switzerland and some eastern European countries have legalized prostitution so the "gentlemen's clubs" have a more varied menu, yet sex is generally handled off-premises.

Nearly everywhere, the floor is the general admission section. There are premium lounges that are often called VIP or Champagne rooms where there is a substantial up-charge. Everywhere, near and far, the dancers are expected to entice customers to spend more money on drinks, dances and other guilty pleasures.

It's not easy selecting the world's most luxurious and pricey strip clubs, but we did the best we could based on a lot of research and paying attention to men's forums. Note, most of the photos are generic, as photography is forbidden for obvious reasons.


10 Funny Nightclub in Hamburg, Germany

This all-nude bar has an upscale alcohol and champagne menu and offers more than your basic strip show. It has limousine pick-up services if you are in the local area. Private massages and escorts services are available. Or if you just want to hang out in the club, be sure to hop into one of the jacuzzis or saunas in the company of some of Funny's beautiful women. The extra bonus is that Funny's also has hotel rooms available on short notice.

9 Madame Amour in Copenhagen, Denmark


This is one of the most exclusive and luxurious strip clubs in Copenhagen. The private shows are seamlessly sexy and refined, in some ways similar to an old-fashioned strip show that teases and tantalizes. The menu is stocked with the finest champagnes, liquor, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. The club is so sophisticated and accommodating, it even provides apartments for its dancers that are only a minute away from the club.

8 Exzess in Vienna, Austria

Vienna has always been considered a refined city and although Exzess might be a bit of a departure, it considers itself the latest in gentlemen clubs. It's very innovative and provides a nightly adventure. Here, they have Bunny Night, Flirt Night, Sexy Office Girls Night and Hell Parties where the women are dressed in theme and provide new types of fun for the guests. There is even an Easter Egg Hunt. This is adult entertainment for a new era.

7 Angels Club in Copenhagen, Denmark


Angels Club is one of Copenhagen's most elegant gentlemen's club. The luxurious lounge, women and entertainment are said to make their guests feel like they are in heaven, thus the Angels theme. Thrilling and exciting, Angels Club women are said to put on shows so sensual they will "haunt your dreams". The club is complete with champagne favorites, like Dom Perignon and Krug, as well as top brand whiskeys, rums and more.

6 Jazzy's in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Artificial fog, sexy background music, colorful lights and gorgeous young women adorn this club. Jazzys is also an escort club so many of the beautiful dancers walk around and flirt with the patrons hoping to get selected for some side action. There are also specialties like bed dances, shower shows and nude lap dances. It is one of the nicest clubs in the Dominican Republic and is located near the hotels in Punta Cana.

5 B Confidential in Brisbane, Australia


Every Wednesday this club hosts a live band. This club is Brisbane's premier club, bar and restaurant. Evidently, the food is outstanding and the award-winning chef uses ingredients that are locally sourced and presented with an epicurean touch. Bucks parties (bachelor parties) are welcome and there is an elite VIP lounge available for private reservations. This club is all about entertaining its gentlemen and even has Tuesday Poker Nights. It is attentive to female patrons as well, and offers Dinner for Two for those romantic evenings. The dancers will walk around and make everyone feel at home and comfortable while encouraging a lap dance for two.

4 Scores in New York City, New York U.S.A.

Scores is quite legendary and the New York City location is sought out by men of means due to its classy decor, beautiful women and VIP Bar packages. It's also a steakhouse, so it offers a complete evening with live entertainment and culinary options. The state-of-the-art sound system plays the latest in hip hop, rock & roll and R&B. Many corporations elect to hold conferences there, plus Scores always holds events of interest, such as: fashion shows and concerts. Don't forget to ask about the cave and den areas that are a little more private.


3 Sapphire in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.


It is 70,000 square feet of topless bump and grind, and considered the largest strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was voted Best Lap Dances, Best Strippers, Best Bachelor Party and Best Club Drinks by the Las Vegas Review Journal two years in a row. Like everything in Vegas, this club is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. With several private rooms and VIP areas to choose from, Sapphire is like the mall for gentlemen's clubs.

2 Relax Nightclub in Hamburg, Germany

"Where the night never ends" is a slogan at this Hamburg gentlemen's club. They also boast that their patrons will find up to 40 self-employed Top Models in the bar at any one time. Their champagne and alcohol service is top notch and their humidor is filled with a wide range of Havana cigars. We're told the ladies like to enjoy a Steamy Sauna or Whirl in the Pool with their gentlemen customers. Escort service is also available and the club itself is conveniently located near the airport and train station.

1 Alcatraz in Helsinki, Finland


Alcatraz - the Exclusive Club is a different type of venue. As it claims, after midnight, different shows are introduced and in the wee hours, they boast there are even more amazing dances. The website is one of the best and gives new patrons an idea of what to expect. It's bold, tasteful and naughty; just the type of night out for the classy millionaire who's looking to have a great evening being entertained.

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