10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

How much would you usually spend on a hotel room? Say you were going on vacation right now, and you were going to book some nights at a hotel, how much would you want to spend for each night? Eighty dollars? One hundred? Two hundred? Well, have you ever thought about spending anywhere from fifteen to eighty thousand for just a one night stay? You may have thought about it, but have you ever actually seriously considered it?

For the wealthiest people of the world, they certainly have. If one hundred dollars a night in a hotel room is reasonable to you, well over fifty thousand may be reasonable to them.  The number of millionaires all over the world is growing faster now, than it ever has before and as a result, hotels have had to provide luxury rooms and suites for these people. There are more luxury and high cost hotel rooms available now then there even was twenty years ago, in the 1990s. Not only are these types of luxury hotel rooms the most expensive in the world, but they are also the most beautiful and well finished. Each hotel room has a private hot tub and swimming pool, with big windows that allow you to look outside to the vast, natural landscape, sometimes right next to a golden beach and a sparkling ocean. These rooms can also usually accommodate anywhere from four to twelve people. There’s also private staff who will provide you with nearly anything that you request, ranging from massages to delicious entrees, to even a chauffeured vehicle to drive you around town. Even if there is no way that you could afford these rooms, it doesn't hurt to dream, right?  Here are ten of the most expensive hotel rooms in the entire world.

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10 Presidential Suite, Hong Kong - $13,700

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The Presidential Suite in Hong Kong overlooking Victoria Harbor is widely regarded as being the finest presidential suite in the Far East. In the hotel room alone, you will be treated to an IMAX movie theater, an incredible view of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island, and a twenty five hundred square foot terrace to enjoy the outdoors. Not to mention, there is also a roof top with a heated swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, so you don’t have to just sit on a chair on the terrace to enjoy the view if you don’t want to. Also included in the room is a dining room, master bedroom, bathroom, private gym and study, and a kitchen. Plus, if you would like to be chauffeured around town, you have your choice of a limousine brand of Rolls Royce, Mercedes or Bentley.

9 Sultan’s Suite, Istanbul - $15,300

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The Sultan’s Suite in Istanbul is a piece of history in and of itself, having been built in the 1500s and providing a residence for the Ottoman Sultan’s themselves. The palace itself was rebuilt in the 1800s, in marble rather than the original wood. Today, the Sultan’s Suite provides even more conveniences for today’s occupants than it did for the Sultan’s centuries prior. The Suite includes a heated swimming pool, helicopter service, a diverse buffet and even a boat. Plus, there is excellent butler service, artwork masterpieces and comfortable, period furniture.

8 Royal Suite, Dubai - $23,000


Dubai is packed with many fancy and high end buildings and hotels, and the Royal Suite from Burj Al Arab is no exception.  Consisting of dozens of different types of pillows, a rotating bed, a butler, Jacuzzis, and a five head shower, the Royal Suite definitely lives up to Dubai standards.  The room itself is also decorated with various beautiful and colorful features.  But the real standout of the Burj Al Arab hotel is its underwater restaurant, where some of the food alone costs thousands of dollars!

7 Royal Towers, Bahamas - $25,000

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Perhaps one of the most popular expensive hotels in the Western Hemisphere, the Royal Towers in the Bahamas consists of a ten room suite, complete with golden furniture, pillows and cushions, mirrors and chandeliers. Anyone would be impressed with this room as soon as you walk in, and before you've even had a chance to settle in. The floor also consists of four different kinds of marble, there is an entertainment center to keep everyone up at night, and if you would like to try your hand at the piano, there is a grand piano just in the living room. Not to mention, the Bahamas is a truly beautiful place, and this room simply wouldn't be complete without the balcony giving you an extraordinary view of the sea.

6 Presidential Suite, Tokyo - $25,000


If you've ever wanted to go to the tallest building in Tokyo, then you should head straight for the Ritz Carlton hotels. On the highest floor of the highest building in the city, is the Presidential suite that offers the best view of Tokyo. Also included in this presidential suite, which can fit up to sixteen people, is a rainforest shower head, a full marble bathroom, a private study, a dining room and a king sized bed.

5 Presidential Suite, Sardinia - $33,000


In the Costa Smeralda hotel in Sardinia, the Presidential Suite will give you an outstanding view of the coastline. Included in this suite is a three bedroom luxury pad that stands high above the towers and rooftops of the Porto Cervo resort. With a distinct Mediterranean feel, this suite also has a private, heated pool, gym and wine cellar, all on the rooftop.

4 Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Vegas - $35,000

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Specifically located in the Palms’ Fantasy Tower in Las Vegas, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa comes equipped with a rotating bed, an indoor heated pool, bar, poker table, indoor waterfall and a spa bath that looks over the Las Vegas strip. The price for one night here is definitely high, even for an expensive hotel, but it doesn't include the amazing food and catering.

3 Royal Villa, Athens - $45,000

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The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, and Greece truly is one of the best places to enjoy that. At the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, you would find yourself in a secret villa on the southern peninsula, that will give you the most sublime view of the Mediterranean Sea that you could ask for. Inside, you’d find a heated swimming pool, two master bedrooms, a fire place, marble bathroom, steam bath and you’d be given everything you ask for from a personal butler.

2 Presidential Suite, Cannes - $52,000

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You may not think that people would spend more than fifty thousand dollars for a night at a hotel, but some people sure do. The Presidential Suite at the Grand Hyatt Martinez Hotel in Cannes has been open since the 1920s, and comes complete with a rooftop garden, Jacuzzi, an amazing view of Cannes, lounge and dining room, a private study, sauna and even a Turkish shower.

1 Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva - $83,000

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The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva isn't just beautiful and relaxing, it’s also very well protected by security. The doors and windows are all bulletproof, but there are also twelve bedrooms in this suite that are accessible by a private elevator. There’s also a private gym, library, entertainment room and a grand piano…all for just over eighty-thousand dollars. All in all, the Royal Penthouse Suite is a favorite among those who are very protective of their personal wellbeing, such as celebrities and government officials who travel here from all over the world.

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