10 Most Expensive European Homes Over $200 Million

Have you ever imagined what your dream home would look like? Of course you have.  We've all daydreamed at least one time or another, of having our perfect dream home with everything we could ever want or need. Maybe you want a big theater room, an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court and a huge kitchen, all in the same home.

Unfortunately, most of us have to settle for what we have, and consider ourselves lucky to have it. However, a few people have had their perfect dream homes built, and some of the most beautiful of these homes are located in Europe.

Many of us may call a simple apartment our home, but for those on the upper end of the totem pole, home is everything they've ever wanted…and that undoubtedly includes some of the most expensive houses, not only in Europe, but in the entire world as well. Could any of these homes fit the bill to be your dream home? Undoubtedly, they sure were for other people, so without any further ado; let’s look at ten of the most expensive homes in Europe.

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11 Henley Mansion


The Henley Mansion is owned by a Russian billionaire and is estimated to be worth nearly two hundred and twenty million dollars. The mansion is located on the Thames River with an amazing view, and also includes some gorgeous swimming pools and golf courses. But what really sets this mansion apart from the others is the numerous ghost stories it holds, so beware.

10 Moscow Manor

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The Moscow Manor in Russia is located just a few miles outside of Moscow, the capital of Russia. Even if you had previously not wanted to live in Russia, you may change your mind after taking a look at this mansion with an incredible pool, recreational center and separate homes for guests.

9 Kensington Palace Gardens

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This beautiful estate is worth over two hundred and thirty million. The Kensington Palace Gardens in Britain was bought by Lakshmi Mittal, a steel magnate and one of the wealthiest men ever to have lived. The home has recently gone back on the market, however, so it’s up for grabs!

8 Updown Court

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The Updown Court is located in Surrey, England and has some of the best amenities of any home in the United Kingdom. There are numerous private theater and movie rooms, tennis courts, bedrooms and swimming pools, as well as a barn and a garage to keep dozens of horses, cars and limousines. The home was originally built in the 1920s, but has since undergone many renovations to look modern.

7 Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa



Elena Franchuk, a very wealthy philanthropist from the Ukraine, recently purchased this home in South West London, for over eighty million pounds. However, beyond the price, the home itself is absolutely stunning. The house consists of five stories, ten bedrooms, an indoor, underground swimming pool, movie theater, sauna and a personal study and gym.  The house has also undergone numerous upgrades over the years (and via millions of dollars). The Victorian Villa originally served as a prep school for girls until 1997, when it began to go through upgrades to be transformed into the truly gorgeous mansion it is today. This could be the dream house for anyone, but unfortunately, it’s now taken.

5 One Hyde Park Penthouses

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The One Hyde Park Penthouses are among the most expensive penthouses in the entire world, worth over two hundred million dollars each. Not only is that some of the highest prices of any penthouse in the world, it’s also the most expensive home in the United Kingdom. At seventeen thousand square feet, the One Hyde Park Penthouses overlook the largest park in London and contain everything a dream home would need: private gyms and studies, entertainment centers, swimming pools, etc. There are also smaller penthouses available, that run anywhere from twenty to thirty million each. Of course, these penthouses are nowhere close to being as impressive as the two hundred million dollar ones, but they are certainly still very valuable in their own right.

4 Hariri’s London Mansion

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The Hariri London Mansion is not only seven stories; it has forty-five bedrooms. You could invite your entire family over and still have more than enough rooms for all of them. Not only that, but you’ll also be impressed by the bullet proof windows that keep the home safe and secure, as well as the kitchen made out of golden material and appliances. Originally, this mansion was built as four different homes, but eventually was sold as just one large home. All in all, the Hariri London Mansion is one of the largest and most expensive homes in the United Kingdom, with an asking price of over three hundred million pounds.

3 Bran Castle

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Bran Castle may not be on everyone’s dream home list, but it still certainly deserves a spot on the list of the most expensive European homes. Built on over twenty acres in Romania, Bran Castle is famous for being the home of the infamous character, Count Dracula. Bran Castle became a museum in the 1980s, before the owner offered to sell the castle for an unknown figure, although it is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. However, no one has bought the castle yet, so it’s still up for grabs for whoever wants it.

Out of all of the homes on this list, Bran Castle undoubtedly has the most history behind it.  It was built all the way back in the 1300s, as a way for the Romanian people to defend themselves against Turkish armies who repeatedly entered Europe, via the Transylvanian mountains. Today, the castle still stands magnificently, with seventeen bedrooms and forty other rooms, hundreds of pieces of old furniture and various antique items. Despite Bran Castle being up for sale, it can still be visited by tourists and people from all across the world, so you can still see the inside of it without having to pay the hundreds of millions to buy it!

2 Villa Leopolda

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Worth half a billion dollars, Villa Leopolda is undoubtedly one of the most expensive homes in the world, and is also considered to be the most expensive home on the mainland of Europe. Nestled nicely in the French Riviera, the Villa Leopolda was built all the way back in 1902, by King Leopold of Belgium. The Villa stands at twenty-seven stories, with nineteen bedrooms and a massive garden and swimming pool. The property alone requires hundreds of workers, just to keep everything well maintained. However, the Villa Leopolda is currently owned by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, so it doesn't look like it will be going up for sale anytime soon.

1 Buckingham Palace


You may not have been surprised to see this one, but Buckingham Palace is officially the most expensive home in Europe, worth a staggering $1.5 billion. The Palace has served as the home of Queen Elizabeth II, ever since she ascended the throne decades ago in 1953, but it has also served as the home for many British monarchs, ever since Queen Victoria.  So as you may have guessed, this home also isn't going up for sale anytime soon either.

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