10 Most Expensive Brands Sold At Sephora (10 That Are Actually Affordable)

Every person who loves makeup loves Sephora. This can be your one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. They have a range of products from extensive face scrubs to plain lip balm. Along with a range of products, they offer a variety of brands as well. This variety is the main reason makeup lovers are obsessed with this store. You can get a $2 lip balm from the Sephora collection or you can get a $50 lip gloss from one of the higher-end brands they carry. They have something for everyone no matter what your budget may be. When choosing products to put on your face, you must be careful with the products you choose depending on the type of skin you have. For instance, if you have sensitive skin and break out easily, then choosing some of the lower-end products may not be the way to go. However, whether you spend a lot or a little at this store, you are still eligible for their reward program which just keeps you coming back for more. You may not see very many Sephora commercials, but that is because each brand has their own advertising strategies and this store is the common denominator. This list contains brands that can help or hurt your pockets, but make you feel more beautiful either way.

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20 Expensive: Chanel

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Chanel has more than just expensive perfumes, purses, and shoes, they also have a full cosmetics line. In the 1950s, Chanel No. 5 was one of the most popular perfumes to have and since then, the brand has grown tremendously. When shopping for this product at Sephora, be prepared to pay just as much as you would in the Chanel store — there are no discounts given here. They are one of the most expensive brands that Sephora sells and despite that, they have still been able to keep a few shelves reserved since they began selling their products through Sephora.

19 Expensive: Tom Ford

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This designer does more than just design amazing shoes and clothes, he also has contributed his mark on the beauty world. Not to any surprise just like their fashion line their cosmetic products are on the higher end of the price scale. Despite their prices, you can still find them in stock and available for purchase at many Sephora stores. You can find the cheapest lip gloss by Tom Ford for $36 with this franchise. The Tom Ford cosmetics line came to us in 2006 when they created their first fragrance, Black Orchid. Now they have six signature fragrances and a complete makeup and skincare line.

18 Expensive: Marc Jacobs Beauty

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Like a lot of other makeup lines Marc Jacobs has dabbled in other areas outside of make-up such as fashion. When it comes to their beauty line Marc Jacobs Beauty is on the pricier side of the spectrum. You can find Marc Jacobs in their own section with all of their cosmetics products. They also have a fragrance line they sell at Sephora as well so that makes them a double threat when shopping in this store. Marc Jacobs has been making beauty products for the last 30 years and they are continuing to further their brand and products.

17 Expensive: Giorgio Armani

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When you think of Armani, the first thing that may come to mind are men’s tailored suits, but there is so much more to the Giorgio Armani brand than the amazing clothes they have to offer. They also have a cosmetics line which you can buy at Sephora for a price, of course. Just because Sephora has a variety of brands and prices does not mean that Giorgio Armani would go down on theirs. This brand has become popular, but still one of the most expensive brands the franchise sells. However, because of the popular name, they still draw customers.

16 Expensive: La Mer

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The brand Crème de la Mer can also be found in Sephora under La Mer. This expensive line offers prominent skincare products that can cost you a pretty penny. Despite being one of the more expensive brands in this store, they still seem to be pretty popular. This company was founded by Dr. Max Huber when he showed that seaweed has nutrients that can be good for the skin. With that experiment, this skin line has found success with their handmade creams. If you are looking to start using this line be prepared to spend at least $85 on one jar of moisturizing cream. They haven’t had any bad press surrounding the brand, which can only mean the products work for most people.

15 Expensive: Dior

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You will see this brand all over, Dior. They have many commercials and several famous endorsements that help point us in the direction of this brand. It only makes sense with the number of celebrity endorsement that their prices are on the higher end. Dior sells both cosmetics and fragrances through Sephora. You may be able to catch a good sale on the $30 mascara, but the fragrances will cost you a little over double that. However, the prices reflect the product so it would be suspicious if they sold their cosmetics for too little. The cosmetics side of Dior has been producing makeup since the mid-1950s, not to mention their skincare line they created soon after.

14 Expensive: Natasha Denona

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Natasha Denona is not just a brand, but she is also an internationally-known makeup artist. Being a makeup artist inspired this entrepreneur to share not only her beauty tips, but also her beauty products with the world. She may not be the biggest name on this list, but she has definitely made a big name for herself in the makeup world. She has worked with several top models and actresses modelling her products as well as helping with other beauty brands.She began working as a makeup artist in the 1990s and has grown her brand enough to charge $30 for one eyeshadow and still hold a steady spot on the Sephora shelves.

13 Expensive: SK-II

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When it comes to skincare, SK-II is one of the higher-end brands to choose from in this franchise store. Through the many brands, Sephora sells this is one of the more expensive skincare lines. This story has Japanese origins where they studied fermentation for years before perfecting the formula to make their skincare line. When picking up these products be prepared to spend at least $100 if you are only getting one product. Despite the price, they have been selling steady and strong over the last three decades and have been expanding their line. They have a big global following and they are now selling in 13 different countries.

12 Expensive: Guerlain

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The Guerlain company is more than just a fragrance company, but they also have a growing line of cosmetics. Sephora is one of the lucky retailers that get to sell both their fragrance line and their makeup line, although neither one of them come cheap. They've become quite a popular brand dating back to the 1800s. While their products are pricy, they make up for it with beautiful packaging. The glass and gold bottles these products are contained in are nice to look at. Now that Angelina Jolie is one of the faces for this brand you can only assess they are furthering their customer reach.

11 Expensive: Givenchy

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Before being endorsed by many celebrities, Givenchy is a name that was only known by those who had money to spare. The same principle applies to their makeup and perfume line, it’s pretty expensive. This French product was introduced to the world in 1957 when they launched their first perfume line. Almost 30 years later, they began to bring their cosmetics line to the forefront. Although they are an exclusive and expensive brand you can pick up one of their perfumes or cosmetic products in the Sephora franchise. When passing by the Givenchy section in this store, be sure to not only check the prices, but the variety of products they have available. They have continued to produce a more diverse variety of cosmetics as well as couture perfumes.

10 Affordable: Huda Beauty

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If you haven’t heard of Huda Beauty, they are only one of the many affordable brands offered by Sephora. They may not have a very large section, but they do have a variety of products to choose from. This beauty line was founded by Huda Kattan after she started a blog for beauty in 2010. She began getting recognition for not only her products, but her application skills as well on her YouTube channel and her blog. When it comes to choosing brands that aren’t at the highest financial tier, this product falls in a good range. Kattan was keeping all customers of beauty in mind when she founded this cosmetics line.

9 Affordable: Bare Minerals

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Bare Minerals has been a name in the beauty industry since its creation in 1995 by Leslie Blodgett. This line is popular among makeup wearers because they are one of the brands that have been transparent about using natural products and not testing on animals. Because of this popularity, they have been able to hold a few shelves in the Sephora store since their creation. They offer a variety of products at an affordable price. If you are looking to get a lipstick and mascara for under $50, this brand is worth taking a second look at. They have been continuing to put out new products and different shades of the current products they have.

8 Affordable: Urban Decay

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If you have not heard of Urban Decay, next time you are in Sephora, be sure to check out the affordable selection of cosmetic products. This product is one of the more affordable brands this franchise has to offer. Urban Decay began their story when two women, Sandy Lerner and Patricia Holmes, mixed two colors together to form a new one. This mixture inspired them to start a new cosmetics line, Urban Decay. This brand has been endorsed by many celebrities including, Gwen Stefani and Ruby Rose.

7 Affordable: Clinique

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You may see many commercials endorsing the Clinique brand, and with good reason. This brand may be mostly known for their skin care line but they also offer makeup solutions as well. In Sephora, you can find Clinique mascara for under $20 and their most expensive skincare product at around $50. Clinique started making solely skin care products in 1967 and then they expanded their base to makeup less than ten years later. Since then they have had plenty of endorsements, commercials, and recognition to keep the shelves at Sephora packed with quality and affordable products.

6 Affordable: Smashbox

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With a name like Smashbox, you would think this means they would smash your wallet but that is exactly the opposite of what this brand does. This affordable brand can be found at your local Sephora with a few shelves reserved. This brand was funded by the great grandsons, Dean and Davis Factor, of Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor. The two initially started a Smashbox Studios brand in which they focused on photography, it wasn’t until 1996 when they launched their own cosmetics line. Once this line was launched they were only sold in the U.S. until 2013 when they became an international brand.

5 Affordable: Tarte

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This small company has made a big name for itself when it comes to products Sephora sells. Tarte was started by Maureen Kelly over a decade ago. With this creation, she built a billion-dollar company selling affordable cosmetics. It is said this billion-dollar empire has only 51 employees and is based out of New York. Not only do they sell their affordable products in Sephora but they also can be found at Ulta or QVC if you don’t have a Sephora near you. Tarte may be an affordable product, but they get a little pricey when it comes to their limited edition collections.

4 Affordable: Benefit Cosmetics

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You may have seen this pastel pink packaging on the shelves in Sephora well that would be Benefit Cosmetics. This cosmetics line you can find in Sephoras in over 30 countries. This brand was founded in 1976 by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. The pair initially started out as a quick-fix type of cosmetics line but as the brand grew so did their range in products. They are mostly known now not only for their decent prices, but also for their quirky and funny product names, such as ka-BROW Cream Gel Eyebrow Color. They may have started as a one-timer, but now they have more longevity than initially thought.

3 Affordable: Glamglow

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Glamglow was started with literally $80 and a dream for something bigger and beautiful by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore in 2010. When the company first started out, they were exclusive to Hollywood. Not only have they opened up their line for public consumption, they also added skincare products to their brand. With Glamglow the couple have now turned this dream into a multi-million-dollar company and they are being stocked and sold at Sephora. You can get some of these products as low as $10 while shopping for makeup, not to mention they also have the skincare line for $59. Although they are affordable, they are still being sold worldwide in over 50 countries. With this exposure, there are no limits to how far this product can go.

2 Affordable: Sephora Collection

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It would be unbusinesslike for Sephora not to carry their own line, the Sephora Collection is an affordable brand that can only be found at Sephora, which is one of the reasons why they have made their prices affordable. Unlike other brands they represent, the collection gives you more options when looking at affordable brands. They not only sell cosmetics, but they also sell skin products. They are continuing to perfect their formula and give their customers a nice range of products at a cheaper price point.

1 Affordable: Boscia

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As many should know, Sephora sells more than just cosmetic products, they also sell skincare products. Boscia is one of the fortunate brands that get to sell their skincare products at Sephora. This brand is known for affordable prices and their range in products. They have skincare products for every type of skin and for everything that you might need, including de-puffing eye balm. The brand got their start in 2002 and their secret ingredients are different types of plants. Because they are a plant-based company, they have been said to have all organic ingredients in their products. Some of these products you can find on sale, but for those you can’t, you will still be able to find at an affordable price.

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