10 Luxury Colognes That Women Love

Fashion, for men, has always been different from women. Ten years ago, it would be hard to even say that there was a steady fashion line for men to rely on. However, in this day and age, men’s fashion has been an up and coming popular market, and everyone wants a piece of it.

For men’s cologne, it’s easy to pick out the luxury brands from the store bought brands. Cologne is, in itself, a pure luxury. Although, with this list, it’s safe to say that these designers raise the expectations of what cologne should really do for you.

Power is important, to both men and women, so whether you're an errand boy or a CEO, these colognes are guaranteed to draw in the ladies. Although these particular colognes may be on the pricey side, they will undoubtedly leave you smelling amazing and will have you turning the heads of every lady who crosses your path.

10 Lacoste Noir Edition: $69/3.3 Ounces

Lacoste is another very reliable fashion brand, with a unique and fun cologne collection. Lacoste Noir Edition offers the adventurous man the scent he needs to keep pushing forward, and to set himself apart from the rest of the pack.

This cologne has the scents of a warm evening summer breeze, with a strong kick of chocolate and French lavender. The Lacoste cologne collection is simple and sophisticated, and can easily fit into a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

9 Ralph Lauren Create Your Own: $70/4.2 Ounce

This Ralph Lauren cologne is set apart from the others as being more personal, and a great gift. The ‘Create Your Own’ collection from Ralph Lauren offers you four different cologne choices, with different purposes. The Ralph Lauren ‘Create Your Own’ collection will offer you the perfect scent for the uniqueness within you, and can really set you apart from the rest.Who wouldn’t want cologne with their name on it?

The bottles are very colorful, ranging from red, blue, green, and orange. Not only do you get to choose your own scent—which are anywhere between a seductive dark chocolate musk or an adventurous tone of mint and ginger—but you can also design the bottle to have your very own name on it.

8 Dolce and Gabbana ‘The One’: $80/1.6 Ounce

'The One' fragrance by Dolce and Gabbana will be the ultimate luxury cologne for you to choose for the night life. Dolce and Gabbana always promises adventure and spontaneity; which is captured in this bottle, just for you.

Dolce and Gabbana’s ‘The One’, offers you an irresistible scent of tobacco notes and refined spices—the perfect musky smell. The top of the fragrance has subtle hints of grapefruit and basil, which is a very different scent from most fragrances. The bottle itself is designed to look like a well-fitted suit, just like the man you are.  If you’re the kind of man that doesn’t shy away from luxury or strength, then this cologne is the perfect one for you.

7 Aqcua Di Gio Giorgio Armani: $85/3.4 Ounce

Giorgio Armani perfects the well-tailored suit, so why not tackle the masculine scents of cologne? Acua Di Gio, by Armani, offers the active man the life of luxury without having to search for it. This cologne is meant to wear during the day, and will last all night as well.

Acua Di Gio offers an exotic feel; think the warm Mediterranean Sea. Women love the beach, so wearing it can only bring good things. This cologne offers the warm breeze of the earth and its woody scents, as well as that delicate touch of floral, yet still creating that masculine feel.

6 Burberry: $90/85ml

Burberry is another great fashion icon, and one that will never leave you hanging high and dry. This cologne is made to last all day, so make sure to take a couple spritz before you head out for the work day. The Burberry cologne is presented in a highly sophisticated glass bottle, and will look just as great next to your cuff links and tie stoppers; cologne’s are the next thing to show off, and this Burberry one is no exception.

This cologne is a little sweeter, which only means the women will latch on. The base of the cologne is filled with warm sandalwood, but has soft touches of vanilla and peach extract. Don’t forget about that seductive scent of amber and musk to really set you apart from the men in your office.

5 Issey Miyake L’Eau d’lssey: $110/6.7 Ounce

Issey Miyake always offers something a little different and unique. This fashion designer loves to think futuristic; just take a look at his technology driven fashion ideas. Issey Miyake will definitely lead us into the future, just like with this cologne.

Miyake’s cologne, L’Eau d’lssey, offers the working man a simplistic feel that can help unwind from the day. The name itself is a great play on words, and helps show exactly what is at the base of this lavish cologne: water. L’Eau is french for water—literally meaning the translation of “the water of Issey”. So if you love the great name, as well as the sophisticated smell, the money will be spent wisely.

4 Hugo Boss ‘Cashmere and Patchouli’ $140 1.7 ounce

The name in itself should draw you in immediately to the pure luxury and refined life you can possibly have. If a lavish life can be at the reach of your fingertips, why not use it as body spray? Hugo Boss ‘Cashmere and Patchouli’ will create the elegant and stylish lifestyle that every man wants.

This cologne offers a warm effect of comfort and strength, with a subtle touch of that mint extract from the patchouli plant. Hugo Boss is the perfect luxury cologne to wear while taking your beautiful lady out on the town.

3 ‘Hermes’ Terre D’Hermes: $160/6.7 ounce

This cologne offers a different punch than normal colognes would for the business man. Hermes by Terre D’Hermes, offers a delicate swing of masculine, but with an undertone of grapefruit and citrus. The cologne comes in a sophisticated bottle, so don’t be afraid to show it off.

This cologne would be perfect to wear during the day, or at the office; why not fill in your confidence? Women always love a man off the beaten path, so why not take a chance with this cologne; as long as you have the money for it.

2 Gucci by Gucci Sports: $230/3.04 ounce

Gucci will always be a well-known name, and will still carry the incredible reputation of the modern man in society, as well as the rebel. Nonetheless, the Gucci by Gucci Sports cologne will offer the active man that new direction in his life. Of course, Gucci by Gucci offers multiple options to choose from for cologne, but this one will stand out from the rest.

Gucci by Gucci Sports offers a smooth smell, with a simple touch of woodsy appeal because; why not smell like the strength of the outdoors while you’re working out? This sports cologne will have the ladies taking your number at the gym, and on the working field.

1 Tom Ford Private Blend ‘Noir de Noir’: $520/1.7 ounce

Tom Ford is a well-known fashion designer, as well as an up and coming director. Before Tom Ford created his own brand, he previously worked for Gucci. With Tom Ford’s cologne collection, you can be sure to set yourself apart from the rest of the men you work with. The Private Blend is in a beautifully crafted and simple bottle; sure to add an extra touch of professionalism in your closet.

The cologne offers you a dark scent of an earthy tone of rich saffron and soft touches of vanilla and oud wood.  This scent will inspire you to take charge of your life, and essentially create that extra spice of sensuality.

Colognes are taking the stage for men and the way they stand in our world. With the right cologne, and the right wallet, you can be sure to rule the world—or at least your girlfriend’s heart.

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