10 Luxurious Private Islands For Sale

If you have ever wanted to whisk yourself away to a remote hideaway place that you can call your own then why not buy a private islands. Nowadays you can have the opportunity to purchase a number of d

If you have ever wanted to whisk yourself away to a remote hideaway place that you can call your own then why not buy a private islands. Nowadays you can have the opportunity to purchase a number of different islets.

Why not call that piece of land your own and cast away into the sun set leaving nothing but your troubles behind. However this does come with a hefty price tag and that’s not even taking into account the potential construction work.

One of the most famous island owners around is British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. His Necker Island estate extends for more than seventy five acres and can be found in the glorious British Virgin Islands.

This is around 1,000 miles from Miami, Florida and within close proximity of Puerto Rico as well as St. Barts, a holiday hotspot for many celebrities and millionaires.

The island was originally named after Johannes de Neckere who was a commander in the Dutch army during the 1800's. For the most part it was largely uninhabited until around the end of the 20th century.

However, Sir Richard wanted to snap up this majestic island for himself and it eventually went on the market in 1978. After visiting the British Virgin Islands on a trip, he sought out the chance of how to obtain such a delightful stretch of land.

He fell hook line and sinker for Necker Island and made an audacious bid of just $100,000. The offer was later increased and former owner, Lord Cobham accepted a bid in the region of $180,000.

Having had to sell in order to raise funds, Branson was ever the debonair entrepreneur and stepped in. Currently, Necker Island can cater for up to thirty guests, but The Virgin brand impresario’s purchase has hit the jackpot in terms of value. It is now believed to be worth an estimated $300 million.

Of course if you want to hang the Do Not Disturb sign up where no one can bother you, then have a look at some of the most lavish private islands for sale.

10 Montukod Island, Malaysia: $10.6 Million

Surrounded by natural beauty, Montukod Island is based in Borneo. This Malaysian retreat has a wealth of flora and fauna surrounding it and is close to the Kinarut shoreline. Perched high up this unique islet can be yours for a cool $10.6 million. With opportunities for a lavish property or boutique hotel, you cannot afford to miss the awe inspiring vistas of the sea and Mount Kinabalu.

9 Tikina-I-Ra, Fiji: $11.5 Million

Based in the western point of Vanua Levu, Tikina-i-Ra is a sumptuous island awaiting your presence. This huge peninsula comprises of more than ten thousand acres and includes forest as well as arable land. It possesses some of the biggest freehold estates across the Fiji Islands. Boasting superb ocean views in all directions it offers more than twenty kilometres of magnificent coastline. For $11.5 million you can contrast your very own secluded retreat surrounded by lush grasslands and trees.

8 Punta Guiones Peninsula, Costa Rica: $22.5 Milion

The idyllic peninsula of Punta Guiones is based in Nicoya, Costa Rica. With easy access to Nosara Airport located ten kilometres away, there are numerous daily flights to ferry your luggage easily. It has around two hundred metres of sea frontage and provides lots of sandy areas to relax and unwind. The biggest selling point is its rare pink beaches with an array of natural cascading fountains. In fact you may not want to leave the water at all.

7 Little Marmaris Island, Turkey: $23 Million

Located close to the vibrant shores of Marmaris in Turkey, Little Marmaris Island offers around twenty acres of land. Priced at $23 million you can help yourself to not one but three homes, running water, electricity, telecommunication facilities and a plethora of trees. It is close to the popular Greek island of Rhodes where you can experience the ideal day trip. Overlooking the imposing Aegean Sea, this is a real hotspot for those seeking the perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity.

6 Ile Gagnon, Quebec, Canada: $27 Million

Boasting nineteen acres, Ile Gagnon has a detailed stone mansion which was built from scratch around ten years ago. With eight hundred and thirty thousand square feet of land, this grandiose domain features a security post with private bridge or an option to build your own private helipad to ship guests on and off your island. The mansion itself includes a dining room for eighteen guests, a custom built kitchen, fitness centre, wine cellar and a host of fireplaces and sun decks.

5 Great Hans Lollik, US Virgin Islands: $29.5 Million

With an ideal setting close to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Great Hans Lollik is the ideal renovation project. This underdeveloped isle is tucked away moments from the Lesser Antilles where you can enjoy year round warm seas and spectacular sea views. You are within easy reach of the infamous Megan's Bay, whilst Cyril E. King International Airport is less than six miles away. This makes it simple for all those jet setting adventures. Furthermore Hans Lollik has access to U.S. Currency not to mention US government laws making it a doddle for American buyers. Stretch out across five hundred acres, golden sandy beaches and beautiful waters that take in 360 degree views.

4 Darby Island, The Bahamas: $40 Million

If you prefer a little island in the sun then check out Darby Island. This Caribbean corker lies in one of the most attractive areas in the Bahamas. It offers private beaches and even the creation of a runway. Meanwhile, it is only ninety miles from the capital Nassau. Situated in the heart of some three hundred odd islands, Darby Island has lots of wonderful fishing and sailing opportunities surrounding it. Take in over twenty thousand square feet of waterfront within touching distance of a natural harbour. For $40 million it comes complete with your own personal castle which was constructed back in 1938.

3 Shelter Island Estate, Montana, United States: $59.5 Million

The beautiful Shelter Island Estate enjoys 24 acres of land. Perched high on foundations made from solid granite, it is situated close to Flathead Lake. It is currently the most exclusive private property throughout Montana and takes advantage of more than thirty thousand square feet. With around eight thousand feet stretched across a prime lakeside setting it is also close to the iconic Glacier National Park. For $52.5 million this five bedroom home provides eight baths as well as plenty of entertaining space stretching as far as the eye can see.

2 Apo Island, The Philippines: $72 Million

Located in Barangay Bintuan, Apo Island is an extremely mountainous atoll spread with a host of bushes. There are also plenty of coconut and fruit trees on this rugged island. Rich in minerals, its shoreline incorporates not only craggy edges but powdery white sand. The nearest city is Coron which lies around an hour and half away by boat. For $72 million, you do have access to telecommunications but in spite of this there is still no electrical current or water supply which should be taken into account.

1 Rangyai Island, Thailand: $160 Million

Within twenty-five minutes of Phuket, Rangyai Island benefits from around one hundred and ten acres of land. This stunning island is home to pristine white beaches not to mention lush rainforests. Priced at $160 million, it is the biggest peninsula that’s available in the entire area. This particular island comes with running water, mobile signal and a generator for all your electricity needs.

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10 Luxurious Private Islands For Sale