10 Luxurious Clothing Lines For Kids

The media has had its eyes on the young and fashionable ever since actress Tatum O’Neal won her Oscar in 1974 for Paper Moon, while wearing an unforgettable little tuxedo, inspired by her father, actor Ryan O'Neal's girlfriend at the time, Bianca Jagger. There is an incredible amount of media coverage dedicated to celebrity kids. All children are extensions of their parents and as a culture; our obsession with how celebrities look most certainly spurs an interest in how they are dressing their children.

For example, the paparazzi can't leave little fashionistas like Suri Cruise alone. There are countless blogs dedicated to what that little girl wears. However, the children of Victoria and David Beckham, who are arguably, the most fashionable children in the world, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and baby Harper are starting to give Suri a run for her, or rather Tom Cruise's money. During fashion week, Harper sat front row on her father’s lap and even ice queen Anna Wintour couldn't keep her eyes off the future cover baby.

Designer clothing for children has been around since Christian Dior started making it in the 60's. However, the amount luxury kids lines has surged in recent years. The same designers who make the outfits you see in all the top magazines are now making clothing for newborns all the way up to juniors. There is even a kid's fashion week called Petite Parade with over one hundred different shows. Couture: it isn't just for grownups anymore. For many parents, having a baby is like having the coolest accessory ever. For example, stylist and reality star Rachel Zoe has the two most fashionable little boys ever. Kaius, who is three months old and Skyler who is three years old, are Zoe's favorite clients to style. If you have a kid and the cash, the designers below will be your favorite way to style your own kid.

10 Little Marc Jacobs

9 Young Versace

Known for its revealing runway styles, Versace is not the first name anyone would associate with children, but their adorable line of kids wear might make you change your mind. Versace wonderfully adapts its classic, garish style to clothing for boys and girls from infant to adolescent, without losing any of its signature edge. Adorning each outfit with rhinestones, studs and lots of gold everything, this line doesn't come cheap. An infant’s bright yellow bathing suit with a rhinestone Versace Medusa logo is priced at $195. A dress with the logo costs almost as much as a one-way ticket to Italy at $400. Like her mother once was, Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia is the face of Young Versace.

8 Stella McCartney

7 Gucci

Gucci’s children’s line, which is for boys and girls from babies to about twelve years old, is more about the school yard than the runway with just a few formal looks mixed in. It is slightly less expensive than some of the other lines with a boy’s windbreaker costing just $390 and a yellow stretch-crepe dress costing $395. However, the most exciting part of this line is the accessories collection. With the GG logo print satchel costing $745, your little prince or princess better not forget it at the playground. There are also girl size logo totes for $495. Gucci gives kids the perfect way to accessorize like mom or dad, especially if that mom is J.Lo and you are her twins Max and Emme, who are the faces of this line.

6 Junior Gaultier

Kids go crazy for Junior Gaultier! Inspired by the runway, this recently launched line has sizes for boys and girls from infant to fourteen years old. With a price range of $100-$200 for most of the pieces, you can still break the (piggy) bank for $1,200 to put your littlest supermodel/princess in a ravishing runway inspired gown adorned with Swarovski crystals. If your kid doesn’t have a black tie gala to attend, or would rather wear more playground-appropriate attire, don't fret, most of the line consists of comfortable casual favorites like shorts and t-shirts. Junior Gaultier can be described many ways, but too cool for school isn't one of them.

5 Chloe

Chloe’s clothing line for little girls is one of the most sophisticated and fabulous lines available. Most of the pieces are essentially adult style clothing cut down to girl’s sizes. Focused on the formal, the line is pretty much devoid of anything remotely cutesy, save for a few t-shirts. A favorite for debutantes to be and celebrity babies, including the littlest fashionista in the world, Harper Beckham, Chloe’s designs appeal to a very specific customer. Priced on the higher end, a white eyelet dress costs $430, which is way more than what many adults pay for a similar look.

4 Burberry

From ages zero to fourteen, for both boys and girls, traditional British clothing line Burberry has it covered. Certainly on the pricey side, the Cashmere Heart Print Baby Gift Set will set you back $430. While this line is for kids, the prices exceed those of comparable adult styles, with a boys leather jacket costing a jaw dropping $735. However, that price really pales in comparison to the girl’s double cashmere trench coat for $1,795. For something slightly more affordable, Burberry makes a onesie with a signature check design pocket for only $55. Future heartbreaker, Romeo Beckham is the face of this line.

3 Christian Dior

For over forty years, French Designer Christian Dior’s children’s line has written the (picture) book on child couture. Incredibly sophisticated, but always stylish, Dior makes one of the most popular haute kidtoure lines. Designed for boys and girls, from ages zero up to sixteen, this line has set the bar for high prices. A girl’s silk dress, which is just perfect for Easter or tea in an English Garden, costs nearly $2,500. For approximately $930, your little boy can be the most charming man in a blazer from the same collection. Princess and trendsetter Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have dressed Baby George in Baby Dior.

2 Lanvin Petite

French designer Lanvin is one of the first names you think of when one mentions couture, not kids. However, their little girl’s line, called Lanvin Petite, which was launched in Spring 2012, certainly changes that. Designed to fit ages four to twelve, Lanvin’s collection has women of all ages just a little jealous. While the garments are for kids, the pricing certainly is not. A ready to wear jersey dress with a gros gain stripe means a swipe of your credit card for $755. A more formal runway limited edition organza gown is priced at $1,215. However, the most expensive piece in the collection is the White Flounced Dress for a shocking $1,395. Baby Northwest, the infamous child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was recently gifted some of the beautiful pieces from this collection.

1 Dolce & Gabbana

Launched in July 2013, Dolce and Gabbana's children's line is made in Italy and is very much inspired by classic Italian styles that work for a visit to the Sistine Chapel all the way to the schoolyard. There are so many adorable looks for boys and girl from newborn all the way up through fourteen, you might not mind the prices that will definitely put a dent in a trust fund or college fund. The boy’s fur trim leather jacket costs $2,260. The Classic Boys Two Piece Suit is more expensive than some men’s suits for $910. For just a few dollars more at $945, you can dress your little Dolce Girl in a brocade print jacket.

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