10 Incredible Yachts of the Future

Life in the fast lane is getting faster and images of what was considered futuristic are getting closer and becoming more of a reality. Although we still aren't seeing flying cars, these incredible yachts are just as futuristic and are only a few short years away from being seen on the water.

Even if you are not a watercraft or water sport lover, you may enjoy the opulence and innovation of ten of the sexiest concept yachts that have been designed so far.

All of our selections were designed by some of the world's leading yacht designers except for one, which was developed by two students. Each one is distinctive and invites us to let our imagination flow and wonder what it might be like to own, live or ride on one of these amazing superyachts.

They are much more than pretty designs, they have been completely developed from bow to stern, inside and out. Many are ready to be manufactured and used and all that awaits are the right buyers.

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10 Fly Cruiser

Via: philpauley.com

The Fly Cruiser is also featured in our cover photo was designed by the UK's Phil Pauley and is one of four concept designs in Pauley's Cruiser line. The others are equally interesting: Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser and Power Cruiser. We loved the fact that the Fly Cruiser can literally pick up and go.

With one button, the yacht goes into flying mode and lifts the vessel into the air and can fly at the high speed of 100 knots. If you're not nautically inclined, 100 knots is equivalent to a little over 115 mph. A typical power yacht can cruise anywhere between 10-40 knots, depending on the vessel.

Via: philpauley.com

The Pauley brand is luxury all the way, so the Fly Cruiser is replete with top-of-the line interior furnishings and highly innovative controls and features. The innovative hull design gives the yacht total control regardless of water turbulence or weather so that the passengers will never feel the differences.

If you like the look of the Fly Cruiser then viewing all ten concepts will be a trip into the not-so-distant future that you should most definitely enjoy.

9 Jazz Yacht

Via: designdiffusion.com

This 295-foot vessel is just one of five of London-based designer Zaha Hadid's futuristic, circular yachts for world renowned yacht builders, Blohm & Voss. According to Hadid's website, the inspiration came from underwater ecosystems and fluid dynamics. The exoskeleton structure shown from this aerial vantage point is intended to give the yacht a natural appearance for its water world environment... a "trying to blend in" sort of philosophy. It is truly a masterpiece, both inside and out and would sell for about $38.5 million.

Via: www.mrgoodlife.net

Architect Zaha explains, "As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture - which all become much more extreme on the water. Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety."

8 Tropical Island  Yacht

Via: www.youtube.com

The London-based design company, Yacht Island Design, calls their luxurious and unique designs "floating platforms" and their goal is to create completely new and original vessels. From the looks of it, they have achieved their goal. So far, they have conceived five different designs fully intended to appeal to specific tastes. The Tropical Island yacht is shown in the photo above and some of its luxury features include cabanas that surround a pool with a side swimmers can see through, and a volcano that hides 2-decks of large suites within. The balcony has a living room with incredible views from behind the waterfall.

Via: blog.caramor.lt

As you can see, this yacht is equipped to the hilt and provides anything and everything one would want to have while vacationing or living on this tropical island that moves.

7 Futuristic Cronos Yacht

Via: www.charterworld.com

Students, Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli, designed the Cronos Yacht and received special mention during the Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA). The Cronos is made of a high-caliber method of woodworking to create the seamless appearance between interior and exterior. The vessel was developed to demonstrate a mindfulness of unnecessary yacht pollution.

Via: www.charterworld.com

The thinking is that many super yachts have become more of an apartment on the water that end up getting moored more than used. The Cronos is intended to be a vessel for water fun and exploration. The unusual sail allows it bi-functionality between motor and wind.

6 Adastra Yacht

Via: www.unfinishedman.com

John Shuttleworth Yacht Design is responsible for creating this amazing vessel. Boat International Media was spot on when they wrote, "When you look at Adastra you look at the future of yacht design." The man is a genius designer and won Most Innovative Design at the 2013 World Superyacht Awards in Monaco. Reports from the show claim that when anyone sees this 139.4-foot vessel, they long to experience the ride. We know we would.

Via: www.charterworld.com

The trimaran design is said to be for more skilled and experienced ocean voyagers, yet many owners would have their own crew. It was created with the highest level of luxurious and comfortable amenities and features. It is more fuel-efficient than traditional yacht designs as it is more aerodynamic and engineered to do so. In fact, it uses one-seventh of the fuel other yachts require.

5 Xhibitionist Yacht

Via; www.charterworld.com

Edward Gray designed this 246-foot yacht so it could be used for showcasing anything, thus the name Xhibitionist. It might be used as a private party boat, or for a small conference or convention. It is simply luxury, inside and out. The sleek curves punctuate its art nouveau design and from afar it almost looks like one of the more recent film Bat-mobiles.

Via: raredelights.com

The interior includes a Steinway piano, dual staircase, main exhibition room and Baccarat lighting. It can also be turned into a retail experience with partitions to subdivide the space along with Nuance smart shading (Vision Systems) which offers privacy shading "with the swipe of a fingertip".

4 Oculus Yacht

Via: batoautomoto.com

This 250-foot yacht was designed by E. Kevin Schopfer, founder of Schopfer Yachts LLC. and is his first "design launch". Its exterior looks like a water creature or fish and overall it is very dramatic looking... almost like something out of a James Bond film. Developed to hold 14 guests in luxury, the vessel will reach speeds up to 21 knots.

Via: www.boatdesign.net

It sits lower in the water than other yachts of its size and Schopfer did this purposely to allow the passengers more ease when using their water toys or engaging in water sports. The interior includes a two-story high dining room, central stair case (as well as an elevator tube) and outstanding lighting features. The living and sleeping quarters are spacious and allow privacy with salons and decks.

3 Glass Haute Yacht

Via: www.luxurytopics.com

Lujac Desautel is the designer who created this futuristic concept yacht. The glass structure offers guests a complete 360-degree ocean view from every, single room. Entering the yacht is as elegant as one could expect - via illuminated stairs. The three floors are each delegated for various functions. The photo below is the 2nd floor that includes a sunken living room, dining room and cocktail lounge with grand piano.

Via: hautetime.ae

Desautel's yacht design was actually developed for a specific client who shall go unnamed, but is a world-renowned composer.

2 Trilobis 65

Via: www.giancarlozema.com

The Trilobis 65 is like a yacht with an underwater house of the future. Evidently, many architects around the world try to dream up every possible living option and underwater living has come up a number of times as being viable. The Trilobis 65 provides a most-promising design, however the $4 million price tag is somewhat cost prohibitive at this time.

Via: www.giancarlozema.com

The amazing features include the most modern technology, such as energy production that works with fuel, solar and eolian cells. This magnificent concept was created by Giancarlo Zema Design Group in 2001.

It is a four-story structure that has an underwater observation deck as its lowest level. The upper levels include bedroom chambers, kitchen, dining, living and control rooms.

1 Floating Utopia Yacht

Via: www.yachtislanddesign.com

Yacht Island Design was heavily involved in Project Utopia and it was intentionally created to be more than a yacht. It was designed in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee, who describes it as, "not an object to travel in, it is a place to be". We would have to agree, as this 11-deck structure is large enough to hold as many passengers as a typical cruise liner.

The size lends itself to a variety of uses, such as a retail shopping center, a resort-hotel, mixed retail-live spaces, convention center and more. Although a toy-starved billionaire might prefer to snatch up one as a second, third or fourth home, only time will tell.

Via: www.yachtislanddesign.com

The above rendering is what the interior might look like on this floating mini-city. The yacht's 328-foot length and breadth is the projected size and it even has an observatory deck atop its 11 floors giving guests a full 360-degree view. Breathtaking.

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