Make Her Wet The Napkins With These Heart Shaped Jewelry

Nothing quite expresses the sentiment of love as well as sparkling diamonds, or better yet, diamonds in heart shapes. Our association of love and diamonds has been so entrenched that every validation of love or marriage proposal is accompanied by at least one of these radiant gems. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, married women had rings made out of twigs, bone, leather and ivory. Romans were said to give rings that signified their betrothal with keys attached. This allowed their wives access to their possessions of wealth. During that time, it was believed the vein in the fourth finger lead directly to the heart and they named it vena amoris, meaning “vein of love” in Latin, hence the placement of ring on this finger as for marital representation. Even though it has been proved otherwise since, we have held on to this romantic notion and tradition.

It is rumoured that Pope Nicolas in 860 A.D was the one to first endorse the idea of a gold engagement rings to signify a man’s ability to financially provide for his wife, prior to this, various forms of jewelry were accepted. Over various era, different times and culture dictated different ideas of an engagement ring. In the end, it was DeBeers, the biggest diamond mining company in the world, that united this idea of diamonds being the symbol of love with its “a diamond is forever” marketing campaign that resonated with the world within Eastern and Western culture alike. The marketing campaign came at the end of WWII to revive purchasing habits amidst lacklustre sales. The success of the campaign and slogan has been applauded by many as the best advertising slogan of the twentieth century. Nowadays, diamonds have come to socially symbolize the expression of love and it is hard to imagine a proposal without it. So if you are still wondering what to get your beloved for Valentine's Day, maybe these heart themes jewels might give you a hint.

10 Tiffany - Filigree Heart Pendant with Key: $1,100

Tiffany & Co is so well loved that the turquoise color box has become its signature color and a symbol of luxury and class. The sight of its colored box will likely elicit the skip of a heartbeat. The Tiffany Filigree Heart Pendant with Key Necklace is set on a heart shape with 7 different colored stones - Gemstones: pink tourmaline, iolite, yellow fire opal, orange fire opal, amethyst, neon tsavorite and yellow citrine. The 18k rose gold necklace is fun and and extravagant piece, great for any special colorful occasion.

9 DeBeers - Diamond Heart Pendant: $2,100

DeBeers, the leading diamond company of the world since 1880, launched its first ever retail store in Northern America on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue in 2002 and has been a prominent player in the luxury jewelry business ever since. It is known for its extravagant and artful collection of diamond designs. This diamond heart pendant features a flow of pave diamonds creating a heart shaped with a 0.06 carat diamond in the middle. A truly sophisticated piece for every day wear to brighten up your outfit.

8 Bulgari - Tondo Heart pendant: $4,150

The luxury jewelry house of Bulgari offers surprisingly muted tones in this necklace compared to its usual bright and vibrant hues of colored diamonds and gems. It is an 18k gold design in its signature bold and sophisticated style, the diamond encrusted gold heart is encased within another one of its silver rings with its brand name elegantly engraved. The Tondo collection was designed to portray a good blend of ancient and modern symbols, making it a modern, yet classic, collection.

7 Chopard - For Ever Ring Pave: $7,650

For the truly romantic, this ring has a gorgeous heart shaped diamond solitaire set on a sparkling platinum setting accompanied by 18 more brilliant cut round diamonds. The solitaire starts at 0.5 carats and sizes can go up and be selected at will. This is a ring that could be great for an engagement or just a symbol of the ultimate ring of romance. The inside of the ring is elegantly engraved with the Chopard name.

6 Renee Lewis - Ruby Heart Shake Pendant Necklace: $12,900

Renee Lewis specializes in making one of a kind jewelry. Her pieces are contemporary, sophisticated and bold. The designer is based in New York and copyrighted her design of the “shake” jewelry collection where an abundance of gems sit loosely within a crystal casing. Renee Lewis designed this vibrant heart pendant with loose rubies encased in a crystal heart pendant set on a double gold chain. An elegant accent piece that will transform easily from every day wear to evening wear.

5 Chopard - Happy Diamonds Icons Pendant: $14,450

The Swiss luxury watches and jewelry brand Chopard easily comes to mind when it comes to heart shaped creations. The brand has been around for as far back as 1860 and has since become a well loved brand by the rich and famous for its feminine and classic designs. Its signature Happy collection was introduced in 2003 with freely moving diamonds in an enclosed necklace, earrings and ring lockets. This particular necklace is set in 18 karat rose gold and the total carats of diamond adds up to 0.89.

4 Piaget - Heart Ring: $18,000

The Piaget Heart Ring is one of the many variations of heart rings, necklaces and bracelets from the Piaget jewelry collection. This gorgeously extravagant ring is set with three concentric rings of hearts and totaling 70 diamonds at roughly 0.72 carats in its entirety. The ring is glamorous yet playful making it an instant modern classic. The ring is set in white gold and radiates a brilliant sparkle from any angle. This one is sure to win a Valentine’s heart.

3 Jennifer Meyer - Diamond, Turquoise & Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace: $22,500

Jennifer Meyer, the Los Angeles based designer, excels in producing chic minimalist pieces with a modern touch and this piece with the heart pendant is no exception. Her interpretation of a heart pendant takes on a fun and playful tone with the turquoise arrow pointing down in the middle of a pave diamond encrusted gold heart. The small tear drop of ruby livens up the piece. The pendant is in yellow gold and the chain is 14k gold. The piece in made in Los Angeles.

2 Sabine G - Heart 18K Rose Gold Diamond Pave Earrings: $32,005

This beautifully decadent set of heart shaped chandelier earrings is set in 18K rose gold with pave diamonds and features two diamonds in heart shape and one marquise cut diamond each. The diamonds gives it the sparkle while the rubies provide the romantic accent to the pair. The London based designer Sabine who takes inspiration from both Western and Eastern aesthetics says, “I want to make enchanting pieces that make women feel divine and look dazzling”, and she definitely achieved that with this pair of earrings.

1 Piaget - Limelight Ring: $35,300

The combination of sapphire and silver conjures the recollection of the heart shaped Sapphire necklace in Titanic, or the decadent engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge. While this Piaget Limelight ring may not quite match the calibre for the two aforementioned, it is nevertheless an impressive piece of jewelry. The Sapphire has been cut into a heart shape for this ring measuring at approximately 4 carats accompanied by 66 brilliant cut diamonds.  The ring radiates brilliance and will delight any wearer.

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