10 Enviable Luxury Accessories For The Man At Play

Accessories no longer just make the woman—they now make the man. These new accessories are just for the men at play; have that be during your guys’ night out, or a classy date night, you’ll be sure to steal the show.

Like the previous article for the accessories for those businessmen at work, these are fun and playful accessories that can really help complete your entire outfit. These accessories are a little different than your average coats or hats—but they offer that next step in luxury and lavishness. Don’t be afraid to test out some of these awesome accessories, and really change up your outfit.

Whether it’s a hat, or a staple piece, be the one to go out and change the fashion statements in your nightlife attire. These pieces will help you stand out in the crowd, and will boost that extra confidence that you need. If you have the cash for it, go out on that shopping spree.

10 Beanie Hat: $83

Now for the men at play, these accessories can be more fun, and more down to Earth—like this beanie. This beanie can help create that approachable look, but still keep you looking just as stylish as you would be with your suit. Add that “just got out of bed look” and you’re all set to go. Pair with a plush winter’s jacket, and you’ll be the envy of any guy and the attraction of any girl. Of course, this beanie is created with the smooth feel of cashmere, so don’t be afraid to spend that extra cash.

9 Car Keyfob: $115

Don’t forget to dress up what holds the keys to power—and with a car keyfob, it can help you with just that. This keyfob is made from chassis leather with carbon fibre finish; making this extremely durable, and extremely stylish. If you wish to step up your price, you can pay extra to have your initials embroidered in the center of this keyfob. With this different and awesome accessory, you’ll want to show this baby off.

8 Bowtie: $125

Bowties are making their way back into the playing field. Why not spend that extra cash you have on an elegant accessory that you can always use to spruce up an outfit? The ideal choices are black or white so they go with everything, but choosing a statement color will really make you stand out. Bowties aren’t just for the nerds anymore; they’re for the powerful men. If you’re looking for that ultimate James Bond look, a bowtie is the way to go—and the ladies will love it.

7 Gloves: $230

Although spring may be approaching, it doesn’t hurt to stock these up for next winter. There has always been a huge collection for gloves (even for the men at work), but any type of leather glove can also be for the men at play! Not only will these luxurious and stylish gloves match with practically anything you own, but you’ll be able to rock the night out on the town with your lady—and be practical in that freezing weather.

6 Scarf: $295

Scarves are the next big statements to make. Why not add that extra touch to keep you warm, while looking classic? Scarves are the newest accessory to hit the men’s market; no longer are they just for women. With scarves, you will always be sure to have something to match it with, and it automatically enhances your wardrobe! Tuck it underneath your sports jacket, and hit the town. You are sure to be warm, yet stylish and the ladies definitely love a guy who can dress to impress and still look ready for anything.

5 Traditional Flask: $330

Want to look stylish while you’re camping with your friends? Flasks offer you just that; made of stainless steel and sometimes leather exterior, it's a guessing game of what's hidden inside. The flask allows you to kick back and blow off some steam, and also allows you to pass it around for your friends so they can kick back too. Imagine sitting next to that camp fire in your stylish outdoor jacket and your new flask—you’ll be the one making all the rules! Next time you’re thinking about bringing along a plain water bottle, step it up and bring this classy flask to your next hiking trip or outdoor outing.

4 Lighters: $450

If you want to be like Sherlock Holmes, then having your pipe and lighter is a definite must. These trendy lighters will help you stand out from the crowd in your nightlife; from gold platted rollagas, to a dark black, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Especially with Mad Men on AMC taking the stage, you can look like the next Don Draper with these cigarette (or cigar) lighters. Having a couple different of these luxurious lighters can really boost your self-worth, as well as your place in this dog-eat-dog world.

3 Sunglasses: $580

Sunglasses may complete the outfit, but it definitely completes the man. With spring approaching, you'll have a wide range of sunglasses to choose from; you’ll have the perfect one to select from to finalize your ensemble when you’re out on your yacht. From Classic Black, to Aviator Carbon Fibre Gold sunglasses, you’ll have a different pair for a different day. Hide your mysteriousness from the ladies with any type of sunglasses.

2 Vintage Biker Jacket: $1,650

Jackets aren’t just for making it through the cold; they’re for making that statement piece to complete the rest of your knockout outfit. This Vintage Biker Jacket is that perfect piece to wear on that night out. You can either use this accessory to dress up or down any outfit, which is the huge bonus for this item.

1 Grip Bag: $1,975

This isn’t a briefcase, or even close to one. This luxurious travel bag is the perfect last minute scramble to throw in your suit jacket or your leather shoes for that spontaneous vacation trip planned for you and your lady. This travel bag is made from lavish leather, and has multiple secret pockets within the bag to allow for perfect organization. With this grip bag, you’ll be the one turning heads at the airport, or for that fun road trip you’ve wanted to plan for years.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and with these elegant and lavish accessories for the man’s night out, the men’s fashion world can join in on all the fun too. If you’re looking to create that different look, while still looking classy and put-together, these play accessories are calling your name. Sure, they’ve got a price tag on them; but if you’ve got the money to splurge, then you’ll be a hot ticket person.

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