10 Enviable Luxury Accessories For The Man At Work

Accessories aren't just for the ladies anymore; new fashion statements are being created for the up and coming business men, as well as for the men that like to go out and mingle. Were we not we taught that accessories make the outfit? These pieces of clothing will make the average Joe look like the next James Bond.

These are not the usual accessories you would think of; but they are the accessories that will complete your suit, or complete your outfit for the night out. Don’t be afraid to make some of these fashion statements yours. They will help you feel confident, and land the perfect business deal, or get that promotion you have always dreamed of. By taking chances on your outfit, you’re creating the man you want to be—and hey, these fashion accessories should make it pretty easy for you.

These luxurious and fun accessories can really help separate you from the crowd, and can give you that extra confidence boost. Why not look lavish, and feel lavish? Whether it’s a bowtie, or the newest pair of cufflinks, we have the list for the new big shot in town—so take a look.

10 Pocket Squares: $75

A pop of color goes a long way—even for that black and white tie affair. By adding a pocket square into your overall business look, you will automatically stand out from the crowd since pocket squares are not items worn daily by men. Although the best pocket squares can be rather pricey, that doesn’t mean they are not worth it. By picking and choosing various different styles, you’ll be the most elegant looking businessman in town.

9 Dress Studs: $185

If you want to look like James Bond, then dress studs are the way to go. Although dress studs normally go with tuxes, don’t be afraid to use your other dress shirts to really exemplify the outfit. Many of the highest CEO’s and Political icons wear dress studs to stand out from the crowd—so why not join their crowd? Dress studs can be embellished with your initials, and are offered in great colors so you can really stand out from the rest.

8 Trousers: $225

Trousers are not only comfortable, but they are also an extremely stylish option. Trousers can come in many different shades (to create the perfect suit), creating that perfect completed ensemble. The straight pant lines can help adjust for the perfect shoe, and the man with the perfect walking stride. Don’t be afraid to pair trousers with a perfect sports jacket; you are bound to turn heads and grab serious attention.

7 Pens: $295

Don’t forget the most important tool in your working life; the pen. Who knew pens could actually be that important? With the right pen in hand, you can sign papers and important documents and not feel hesitant about the kind of image you are portraying. Instead of shyly pulling out the typical $2 ballpoint, you can be proud to open the case found on your desk and pull out a potentially gold plated pen with beautiful ink that glides across the page with ease. Now that's conducting business in style.

6 Belts: $315

Belts are making their way back into the fashion market—and what better way to complete your business attire than with a leather belt with a silver or gold clasp to match your outfit. You can get belts that are handcrafted for you so that they fit you perfectly and don't have the additional length that may be awkward to reach the final loop. Why not include a perfectly fitted belt into your wardrobe? You'll pull together your outfit as well as feel confident that way you won't be caught in a meeting with your pants down.

5 Cufflinks: $360

The suit makes the man—but have you thought about really completing the outfit? New cufflinks can really make a statement, especially because there is so much variety out there. Cufflinks can help spruce up the average suit attire look, and with a different pair of cufflinks for a different occasion, you’ll never be the one wearing the same cufflinks twice. Many people consider cufflinks a waste of money since they are easy to lose, however, one must think of them as a must have accessory. No one wants a naked cuff peeking out from their sleeve.

4 Sidecar Double Travel Companion: $630

What better way to organize and carry your credit cards, and phone, than with this Sidecar wallet? While men of work frequently are business travelers, this little travel companion can help you keep things organized while on the move. This Sidecar is made with black leather, and is extremely durable. You’ll impress your coworkers at the next business meeting with this little guy as well as stay organized throughout every meeting and work day.

3 Leather Shoes: $680

Women love shoes, so why not splurge a little more to impress that lovely lady in your life? Shoes finish that business man look, so choose wisely. Leather is a great choice and add stylish appeal to any look. Leather shoes have a look of sophistication and you can choose from colors of black to light brown. Unfortunately leather shoes can be extremely pricey, however, consider it and investment. By purchasing high end shoes, you are not only getting great quality, but, if taken care of, they can last for years to come as well.

2 Briefcase: $840

Want to be like James Bond and carry around a secret weapon handbag? These briefcases can help you accomplish just that. If you find one with the perfect quality leather, as well as the perfect amount of room to organize your work papers, you will be on top of your game for whatever comes your way. Some briefcases can even be personalized to include your initials, stating that you are truly a powerful man.

1 Timepieces: $7,000

Nothing is complete without your wristwatch to lead the pack. Watches tie the package together, and leave you as the man on top. You will never be late and you will command attention, depending on the timepiece you select. Watches represent not only what time of the day it is, but also the kind of person you are. They reflect your personality as well as how you wish others to perceive you. By selecting one that is simple, yet masculine, it evokes that you are there to conduct business and are not taking your job as a joke.

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