10 Engagement Rings To Guarantee She Says Yes

It is the moment which for some people happens in slow motion. It is a particular moment in time when you become a little glassy eyed, tongue tied and everything changes for the better. After you get down on one knee and decide to pop the ultimate question, you will then need to present a ring that's worthy of the occasion.

An engagement ring can evoke timeless elegance with a number of different jewelry houses offering their own take on the perfect piece. However, what elevates these rings to even greater heights is the importance, a once in a lifetime scenario. At present, you can select from a wide variety of shimmering colours as well as cuts and designs. In fact some luxury companies are so exclusive you can design your very own.

From the sparkling to the downright spellbinding, there are some rings which have certainly caught the eye such as the 10 carat ring given to Catherine Zeta-Jones by Michael Douglas. The price tag for this was in the region of $2.5 million, while Kate Middleton’s engagement ring only comes in at a meagre $137,200.

Yet getting engaged is extremely special and it deserves a ring to match the occasion accordingly. If you have a budget big enough for an impeccable rock, then find out below some of the finest engagement rings to guarantee your lady will say yes.

10 Classic Floating Diamond Ring: $3,300

Understated yet extremely sophisticated this particular ring is really a joy to behold. It boasts more than half a dozen individual diamonds which have been hand set in a special design. It has around 1 carat of shining diamonds and a superb clarity which guarantees it will last forever and serve as an incredible memory of the special day.

9 Laings Platinum Diamond Shoulder Engagement Ring: $3,400

With superb clarity the Platinum Diamond Shoulder Engagement Ring by Laings has been beautifully created for the female form. Incorporating 0.67 carats of brilliant cut diamonds, it is set in an individual stone that has a precise four claw setting. On the shoulders you will also find an array of tiny dazzling diamonds which completes this lovely piece.

8 18ct White Gold, Pear Shaped Diamond, Rebeccasjewellers: $4,200

This 18 carat Engagement Ring is made from high quality white gold. You can also see more than eight tiny set diamonds that run down the shoulders of the ring. Weighing 0.83 carats it is a stunning piece that has a wonderful pear shaped design which is considered to be de rigeur among many ladies who want something special to wear on their finger.

7 Platinum Diamond Cluster Ring, Beaverbrooks: $5,400

This impressive Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring comes from the house of Beaverbrooks a global icon in the diamond world. This beauty offers 950 Platinum shoulders that enjoy a true brilliance that can be found within the diamond cluster. This piece will no doubt tug at your heart strings and has a genuine romantic feel to it that will make any woman scream for joy. Other features include around 1 carat diamonds and a clarity that merits its $5,400 price tag.

6 Laings Platinum Brilliant Cut Trilogy 1 ct Diamond Engagement Ring: $5,800

Made by Laings of Glasgow, Scotland, this incredibly cut one carat special engagement ring will be the envy of all your friends. A brilliant cut, this particular ring uses the finest craftsmanship to present not just 1 carat of diamonds but precious platinum. As far as the diamond clarity is concerned you can expect it to have a G rating. The rating is based on what is know as the four C's which include: clarity, cut, colour and of course carat. These are the essential elements that jewelers need in order to grade different types of diamonds and what makes some stand out from others.

5 Bezet Heart, Tiffany & Co: $10,000

This majestic piece by Tiffany has a special heart shape which will make you fall in love with this ring over and over again. It embodies simplicity and style thanks to its heart design, while the 1 carat diamond will be more than enough glitz to not be over the top. Half a carat will of course be half the price but it is better to upgrade to 1 carat and enjoy the high quality diamond on show. Meanwhile, the Tiffany Bezet has some sleek contours and is accentuated by its streamlined setting made from platinum.

4 Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring, Asprey: $12,500

If you are searching for something which is a little more out of the ordinary then why not plump for this outstanding ring from Asprey. Priced at around $13,000, you can have the opportunity to benefit from three brilliant cut diamonds, totalling just less than 1 carat and sits pretty on top. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy the individual setting which has been done using the finest 18 carat yellow gold.

3 Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, Asprey: $13,200

This impressive Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring provides an emerald cut diamond which is platinum set and can be purchased for around the $13,000 mark. It is not only subtle but has several diamonds around 0.12 carats going down each side of the ring. The quality of the finish cannot be denied and is more suited to the daintier finger due to its delicate nature.

2 Three Stone with Sapphire Side Stones, Tiffany & Co: $14,000

The majority of rings available are made from silver or diamonds but perhaps you can opt for an array of stunning sapphires instead. This can be seen in this beautiful three stone ring priced at $14,000. With the diamond nestling in between both sapphires it is hard to focus on all three yet it is worth every cent for its purity and clarity.

1 Hearts on Fire Transcend Platinum Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring, Beaverbrooks: $20,000

You flame’s heart may be burning after you have laid eyes on this ring. Made by Beaverbrooks, it enjoys a perfect halo of angel like diamonds. Creating the illusion of one stone it is an extremely desirable item that will look perfect on any hand. Inspired by the vintage period it is elegant as well as timeless thanks to its unique design which is all set in platinum.

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