Venezuela – The Country with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Charlie Rich once mentioned in a song if you happened to see the most beautiful girl inthe world. Prince added in his own song that the most beautiful women in the worldare the reasons why God made a girl. The first song was released in the early 70's,while that of Prince came out in the mid 90's. Though a couple of decades apart,the two must have been standing in the middle of Venezuela when the idea for theirsongs came out. This is because Venezuela is the country with the most beautifulwomen in the world.

12 Behind The Beauty

What is the reason behind the South American country’s abundance of beautifulwomen? Many theories have been forwarded and discussed, including the following:

11 Happiness and Contentment

Venezuelans are generally happy with their lives. Though political exercises in the country can be foul and nasty, Venezuelans are known to be content with what they have and who they are. In a survey by an international poll body to rate the happiest people onEarth, more than half of all Venezuelans said that they were indeed veryhappy with their lives. Obviously, this happiness radiates to an outer glowseen in their people’s beauty.

10 Beauty in Diversity

Venezuela is known for the diversity of its land and its people. It is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, with an abundance of plants and animals unique to the country. This diversity is reflected on its people. The country is a veritable melting pot of different races and ethnicity's. Running in their veins are Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arab and native South American bloods. Those are already beautiful genes in their own right, but in Venezuela, these bloodlines have mixed to create an interesting, unique and exotic look.

9 Trained Eye for Beauty

As a result of the beauty of their natural and human resources, Venezuelans have grown up trained to have a discerning eye for beauty. They see all the nuances that other people may just ignore. More importantly, they do something about it in order to further enhance the beauty.

8 Sun, Sand and Sea

The country boasts of a lengthy coastline measuring around 2,800 kilometers in all. Most Venezuelans, or around 73 percent, live within 100 kilometers from the nearest beach. This serves a couple of purposes. The people are constantly motivated to look good and have sexy bodies that would allow them to frolic proudly on the beach. Staying on the beach means a lot of time for natural tanning.

7 The Consistent Weather

The proximity to the beach would be useless if the weather does not cooperate. This is where the country has another advantage. It is situated near the equator, meaning the changes in the season are not that pronounced. As a matter of fact, there are only twoseasons, namely the dry season and the wet season. While people in Northern Europe would bathe in the sun the few times that it shines brightly, Venezuelans can do it almost the entire year. The country’s average temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius. There are probably places in Scandinavia that would count itself lucky if the temperature gets that high.

Another effect of the consistent weather is that it makes for less miserablepeople. There are no long winter months where you have to stay inside forpractically days on end. The weather in Venezuela is constantly sunny, whichemanates in its people’s sunny disposition towards life.

6 History

Right from the beginning, Venezuela was cursed to a life of beauty.Imagine being named after one of the most beautiful cities in the world,Venice. Venezuela actually stands for Little Venice, so named because whenAmerigo Vespucci, an explorer from Florence, first laid eyes on the land, hesaw several stilted huts that reminded him of the Italian city of Venice. Thus,he branded the place as Little Venice.

5 Crowning Glory

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. They say that numbers do not lie and judgingby the number of international beauty pageant winners from the country, it is clearthat Venezuela indeed has the most beautiful women in the world.

There are four international beauty competitions that are recognized as majorpageants. These are the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and MissEarth competitions. Venezuela holds the record for the most number of winners withan astounding 19 titles. These are broken down into six Miss Universe, six MissWorld, six Miss International and one Miss Earth titleholders. It is the only nation inthe world, aside from Brazil, that have won all the four major contests.

Of course, it helps that the country is crazy about these things. Literally thousandsof young women try out every year for a chance to join the Miss Venezuela beautycontest. These women are prepared and groomed by beauty experts for severalyears before they officially join the competition. Even if they fail, some try for up tosix times for a chance to be recognized.

Before being sent to the international competitions, the women are trained in make-up application, speech, physical fitness and modeling on stage. Plastic and cosmeticsurgeries are highly normal if only to improve or enhance the young woman’sbeauty.

The approach has proven to be highly successful. Among the Venezuelan beautypageant winners are the following:

4 Miss Universe

2009 – Stefania Fernandez2008 – Dayana Mendoza1996 – Alicia Machado1986 – Barbara Palacios Teyde1981 – Irene Saez1979 – Maritza Sayalero

3 Miss World

2011 – Ivian Sarcos1995 – Jacqueline Aguilera1991 – Ninibeth Leal1984 – Astrid Carolina Herrera1981 – Pilin Leon1955 – Susana Duijm

2 Miss International

2006 – Daniela di Giacomo2003 – Goizeder Azua2000 – Vivian Urdaneta1997 – Consuelo Adler1985 – Nina Sicilia1960 – Stella Marquez

1 Miss Earth

2005 – Alexandra Braun

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