Unique Luxury Islands You Probably Haven't Visited

An island is can be defined as a piece of land surrounded by water. Although there are more than 2 million islands around the world, most of them are seasonally submerged. Only 180,497 islands are permanent. Also, very few islands have human inhabitance. This article will specifically focus on rare luxury islands with human inhabitance.

These are the islands mostly frequented by the rich because of their unique intriguing features, natural attractions and privacy/seclusion. Most people haven’t heard about these islands or visited them because they offer luxury beyond many people’s reach.

Although islands are rare, we will be interested in the rarest islands in the planet coupled with some luxury aspects. Although the rich frequent these islands because of the luxury they offer i.e. world class hotels/resorts, their rare unique factors are one of the main reasons why the rich frequent them.

Forget about your typical island for a moment and think about islands with unique locations, history, nature and culture coupled with luxury. It doesn’t get better than these islands when the rich think about ultimate luxury island vacations. If you are interested in discovering some of the most unique luxury islands in the planet, you are in the right place. Below is a list of 6 rarest unique luxury islands you most probably haven’t visited.

6. Penghu Islands, Taiwan (Accomodation: From $480 per night)

Penghu Islands are 90 in total. They are part of the Penghu Archipelago. These islands make it to this list because of their touch of nostalgia and glorious scenery which translates to rich unspoilt traditional culture. The islands feature basalt cliffs, ancient temples dedicated to Taiwanese sea goddess Matsu, stone walled fields and ox-carts. The islands’ beaches also act as nesting grounds for an endangered turtle species (green turtles). This is a huge part of the island's uniqueness.

There is simply too much going on in these islands considering they are home to some of the best resorts/toels in Taiwan i.e. Yentai Hotel  with luxury suites like the Quard garden view suite with costs from $480  per night , it is easy to see why the Penghu Islands in Taiwan make it to this list.

5. Torres Strait Islands, Australia (Accomodation: From $400 to $1,500 per night)

The number and location of these islands is a unique. Torres Strait Islands are 274 in total. They are located strategically spilling north from Cape York Australia. Apart from their unique location and number, Torres Strait Islands harbour stand out because of the tribal culture they preserve. The Islands preserve the tribal culture responsible for bridging the gap between Aboriginal Australian & Papua New Guinea.

You shouldn’t however be fooled by the cultural aspects of the Torres Strait Islands. The islands have numerous airstrips and luxurious resorts which make Australia a leading island vacation destination for the rich. Some of the most luxurious resorts/hotels include; Poruma Island Resort, Pullman Reef, Jardine Resort and Grand Hotel. Accommodation per night starts from $400 per person in a superior suite. The cost varies upwards depending on things like meals, type of accommodation, amenities e.t.c.

4. San Blas Islands, Panama (Accomodation: From $538 per night)

San Blas Islands in Panama are also among the top unique luxury islands you most probably haven’t visited. The islands have everything you could wish for in the perfect luxury island destinations in the world. The islands stand out for being home to some of the best beaches and luxury resorts in the Caribbean coast. The Islands are also unique for being many in number i.e. 378 in total including cays (only 49 islands are inhabited). San Blas islands also attract rich tourists because of their rich culture. The famous Kuna people reside on the islands. Their village houses are popular tourist attractions in San Blas.

It is also worth noting that the nearby cosmopolitan Panama is home to some of the best hotels in Panama and the world i.e. Hotel Kuanidup, Las Clementinas and Waldorf Astoria Panama. Accommodation costs $538 per night.

2 Bay and Hog Islands, Honduras (Accomodation: From $470 per night)

Honduras is also home to some of the most luxurious and unique islands in the world; Bay and Hog Islands. These islands are home to over 5,000 brigands, cutthroats and buccaneers including Henry Morgan aka Blackbeard. Today, Bay and hog islands are popular among the rich because of their magnificent beaches, laid back tropical atmosphere, coral cays, rock formations, rich culture/history and a popular resort isolated in the sea.

The islands are simply perfect for individuals interested in a Central American luxurious island vacation coupled with mystery. Some of the best places to stay include; the Palmetto bay and Pico Bonito Lodge. Accommodation charges start from $470 per night for luxury suites.

2. Yaeyama Islands, Japan (Accomodation: From $600 per night)

Japan also hosts a couple of unique luxurious islands very few people know about. The Yaeyama islands are located on the southern tip of the famous Japanese archipelago. This unique location makes them very private and ideal for rich tourists who want optimal privacy in one of the most luxurious islands in Japan.

Apart from the privacy, the Yaeyama islands attract rich tourists because they resemble the Caribbean. The islands i.e. Ishigaki is home to some of the best beaches in Japan. The islands also showcase the rich Japanese culture.

Taketomi Island is famous because of its traditional Ryukyuan houses. Iriomote Island offers the best sea, sand, sun and sushi portions. The island also has natural attractions like hot springs. Transport from one island to the other is via ferries.


Some of the best hotels/resorts in Yaeyama include; Inter Continental Ana Ishigaki resort (accommodation charges start from $600 per night for a superior/luxury suite). The island also has another luxurious resort called Haimurubushi with accommodation charges in the same range.

1 Palm Islands, Dubai (Accomodation: From $2,000 per night)

The Palm Islands in Dubai have to be the most unique luxurious islands in the world you may not have visited. Everything about the Palm Islands is unique and luxurious at the same time considering the Islands are manmade and they feature some of the best resorts and hotels in the world. The islands were built at a total cost of $12.3 billion.

The Palm Islands are 2 artificial islands assuming the shape of a palm tree hence the name Palm Islands. The islands were constructed through massive dredging processes. The Palm Islands are comprised of two islands namely; Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. Palm Jumeirah construction started in June 2001. Palm Jebel Ali construction started shortly after.

Approximately 210 million cubic meters of sand, rock and limestone were reclaimed to build the island. Approximately 10 million cubic meters of rocks were utilised in slope protection works. Still, there is a lot of questions as to exactly how the Palm islands were actually built considering the islands are build using sand and rocks only.

This explains why millions of tourist from all over the world flock the palm islands for vacation. The luxury and uniqueness of these islands is unmatched. The islands are home to some of the best themed hotels, marinas, beaches and restaurants in the world. Accommodation starts from $2,000 per night for a luxury suite.

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