Top 5 Reasons To Visit Dubai This Holiday Season

reasons to visit dubai for the holidays

Dubai might not be the capital of the UAE, but it certainly is a tourist favorite with a capital F. The city attracts millions of people from across the world each year, both for leisure and business visits. Its known stature in the world as a state-of the-art transit hub for passengers and cargo alike add another feather to Dubai’s cap.

The city recorded an 8.2% increase in the number of tourists in 2014, with a total of 13.2 million people enjoying the luxuries during their stay in the emirate. Dubai is home to several man-made wonders, including the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and the Palm Jumeirah, a one-of-a-kind artificial island sitting amidst the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.

As it churns out novel buildings and vacationing spots coupled with unprecedented standards of services, the city appears to be in a constant race to outdo itself - and it's succeeding!

With some help from Bayut.com, we bring you the top 5 reasons why a visit to Dubai makes for the perfect holiday.

5 Theme Parks 

Having everything for everyone is what makes Dubai a favourite destination. While the Business Bay keeps entrepreneurs occupied, several amusement parks entertain the younger lot.

A visit to Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark becomes a memory to enjoy forever. The park has more than 65,000 marine creatures in a gigantic aquarium that brings the legend of Atlantis to life.

Other theme parks like Wild Wadi Water Park, Creekside Park, Global Village and Ice Land Water Park also offer various rides with numerous indoor adventures, eateries and fun activities to ensure a fun-filled outing for everyone.

4 Beaches/Weather 

Dubai has turned its arid climate and year-round sun to its advantage like none other. Warm weather and sunny beaches overlooking the Persian Gulf are what many western tourists dream of. While there are certain rules to be followed on the beaches, a relatively free environment makes strolling and sunbathing at the beachfront a wonderful experience.

Many beaches are owned by sea-facing hotels while a few are public. Mamzer is the most popular public beach, followed by Jumeirah Beach Park, located on the Beach Road in the south-western end. Whichever beach you head to, it is guaranteed you will have fun like never before amidst enthusiastic crowds of sun bathers, strollers, cyclists and surfers. Let the sun tan begin!

3 Hospitality 

Dubai’s unmatched hospitality sector is perhaps one of the biggest draws for visitors. Along with fun vacationing activities, the city promises to offer the best, most luxurious and extravagant stays in its state-of-the-art accommodation facilities.

The beautiful Burj Al Arab graces the city’s southwestern, sea-facing end. The array of the luxuries include private butlers and gold iPads upon check-in, a wholesome Talise Fitness and training package, helicopter service to arrive at the hotel and a private yacht service. And the list of incredible hospitalities doesn’t end here, as a fleet of luxury cars, chauffeur services, kids play club, recreational aquapark and many more are part of the package too.

While a number of other five-star hotels are present in Dubai too, the authorities continue to strive to plan and develop ways to make the visitors’ stay in Dubai more comfortable than you can imagine.

2 Shopping 

Dubai is any woman’s shopping dream turned real. From traditional spice and rug markets to luxury offerings fit for kings, Dubai has something for every wallet size. Electronics, designer labels, clothing and whatnot, the city truly is a haven for shopaholics. The world’s largest shopping center, The Dubai Mall, is part of the Downtown complex in the center of the city. Its lets around 635 retailers exhibit their merchandise under one roof. Need we say more?

Other areas like Deira Gold Souk, Global Village, Bur Dubai Souk and Karama Shopping Centre attract all kind of shoppers. All of these malls house elaborate food and beverage options, so freshening up after a day’s shopping is as simple as A B C. Facilities like giant aquariums, theme parks and kids' play areas also offer exciting outlets for kids getting bored with their parents’ buying sprees.

The city also hosts a month-long shopping festival starting January every year. The internationally acclaimed festival includes concerts, fashion shows and even outdoor sport events, all the more reason for people to visit this city.

1 Adventures 

Dubai’s Desert Safari might be renowned globally, but it certainly isn’t the only adventure the city has to offer. With incredible arenas for sea kayaking, kayakers can explore the lush mangroves in the western end, and along the calm waves of Khor Kalba on the east coast, canoeists can enjoy an up close look at local wildlife, white-collared kingfishers and socotra cormorants.

In Dubai, adventures take the exotic road. Alongside desert camping, sea kayaking and skydiving, there are reef- and wreck-diving, 24 carat gold-leaf facials and Krug sundowners also.

Off-roading is another common adventure where tourists experience thrilling dune bashing while skidding up and tearing down the gravel plains and wadi beds. Kite surfing is also a favored leisure activity along the city coastline. Cruises in the Arabian Gulf also promise the most breathtaking views of the UAE from the sea.

An epitome of fun, Dubai is a must-visit place for everyone. The weather is hospitable, friendly and warm and so are the people. So how about heading to Dubai this holiday season and putting our claims to the test?

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