• Top 3 Attractions of Dubai's Palm Jumeirah

    Driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, you witness high-rise buildings on both sides of the road that sometimes defy reality. But in your wonder, be careful not to miss an exit that could double the joy of your Dubai trip. The exit we refer to leads to the iconic manmade palm-shaped island called the Palm Jumeirah.

    Being among the most visited places of Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah is laden with luxuries and entertainment that every visitor yearns for. Apart from high-end villas complete with private beaches adorning its various fronds, the Palm Jumeirah offers an array of entertainment destinations which one can visit to satisfy their wildest dreams in Dubai. UAE real estate portal Bayut.com has helped us devise a list that is the ideal guide to must-see places on the Palm.

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    The Atlantis

    Thinking about the lost continent, this place offers you a taste of what that place could have been like. This luxury haven is a prime destination attracting a large number of visitors to the Palm Jumeirah from around the world.

    Featuring sunken aquatic halls and waterlogged remains inhabited by various marine species in The Lost Chambers Aquarium and invigorating water rides at Aquaventure Beach, Atlantis is a must visit destination if you are in Dubai with your family. It offers you exclusive shark thrills in a unique water slide named the Leap of Faith and gives you a chance to play with dolphins at Dolphin Bay.

    Apart from the water-based attractions, you can also enjoy your stay in the lavish guest rooms and suites Atlantis offers you. There are also some five-star restaurants and elegant boutiques that make this place an ultimate resort destination.

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    Nasimi Beach
    Via atlantisthepalm.com

    Just another extension of the marvellous Atlantis The Palm, Nasimi Beach is one of Dubai’s most vibrant hot spots. Featuring a shoreline terrace laden with beachside cabanas and white sofas on the sand, the area offers spectacular views of Dubai’s enchanting skyline. If you are looking for a place that is a luxurious restaurant by day and a vibrant bar and club by night, Nasimi Beach is the place for you.

    Nasimi Beach is frequented by tourists looking for the glamorous social scene Dubai is famous for, visiting celebrities and influencers. The venue is also known to have hosted performances from artists such as Basement Jaxx, Robin Schulz, Nicky Romero and many others.

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    Via bluehausgroup.com

    Located in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, an exotic hospitality development on Palm Jumeirah crescent, Supperclub is set to position itself as a premier player in the city’s nightlife scene. Being Jumeirah Zabeel Saray’s second major nightlife brand, Amsterdam’s Supperclub features a range of unique VIP rooms and a late-night dining concept where guests are presented with food without knowing the menu. Yes, that’s right, if you are in for a surprising dinner experience, it’s just the right place for you. Be warned, this place is not for penny pinchers and is known as Dubai’s most expensive club. So come prepared for an unforgettable experience.

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