Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World

The world features some amazing long rivers but which are the longest? This list will focus on showing you, which are the world's longest rivers and the approximate length of each of these rivers.

10 Amur - 4,444 kilometer

We begin with the Amur River which is located in eastern Asia, a part of it which forms the border between China and Russia. This river had played an important role in the relations between the two superpowers in the past centuries.

9 Congo (Chambeshi) - 4,700 kilometer

Number nine is the Congo river. This is a very important shipping route in central Africa. Nevertheless, shipping on this river is impossible because of the numerous waterfalls and rapids. The Congo is also known as the most water-rich river of Africa and the deepest river in the world!

8 Parana (Rio de La Plata) - 4,880 kilometer

The Parana River is at number eight. It is the second largest river in South America that flows through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The Parana is located between Brazil and Paraguay and it acts as the border between Argentina and Paraguay.

7 Ob Irtysh River - 5,410 kilometer

Number seven on the lis is the Russian River. This is the longest rivers that flows only on Russian territory. Novosibirsk is the largest city on the Ob, which is still referred as the (natural) boundary between Europe and Asia.

6 Yellow River (Huanghe) - 5,464 kilometer

Number six is the Yellow River (Huanghe); the second longest river in China. By his impetuosity, this river is known positively as "the cradle of Chinese civilization" or "a blessing from heaven", but also negatively known as "China's sorrow" and "devil".

5 Yenisei - 5,539 kilometer

Number five, the Yenisei River. It is the most water-rich river of Russia. Thanks to many ramifications, this river covers a large part of Siberia. The largest city, Krasnoyarsk, is located on this river.

4 Mississippi - 6,275 kilometer

The Mississippi River is the longest river in North America and it is notorious for its complicated spelling. The Mississippi flows through or along a large number of U.S. states and major cities like the New Orleans and Memphis.

3 Yangtze - 6,300 kilometer

The Blue River (Yangtze) in China is the longest river in Asia. This river is the dividing line between North China and South China. The Blue River is an important transport link between the center of China and the coast.

2 Amazon - 6,400 kilometer

It is by far the most water-rich river in the world, and it is located in South America. This is also regarded as the longest river in the world according to some definitions. Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador are the countries where the Amazon flows through. It also carries almost one-fifth of the natural fresh water in the world. It is 40 kilometers wide during the rainy season.

1 Nile - 6,650 kilometer

The number one and the world's longest river is the Nile. This river flows through Egypt, the south of Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia. For these countries, the Nile is of great importance. The Nile supplies energy in Uganda and fertility for the lands in Egypt.

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