Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations

Proposing to marry someone and answering yes are actually easy decisions in the wedding process. Once the euphoria of the wedding proposal subsides, the hard part begins. What dress will the bride wear, who do we include in the invitation list, where to spend our honeymoon, and perhaps most importantly, where do we exchange our vows. Some may want a traditional church wedding, while others will prefer holding it in an exotic locale. A lot of couples have been getting married in beaches, or mountaintops, or some other wonderful scenic spots. The wedding destination is extremely important, as this event will be one of the highlights of a couple’s life.

So where is the best place to hold a wedding.  Here is a list of the top ten best wedding destinations in the world.

10 France – Le Chateau d’Esclimont

The chateau is situated on an expansive estate measuring 150 acres. It lies just about 45 minutes away from Paris, near Versailles. You can have an enchanting wedding by the lake, and the idyllic environment will allow a lot of time for relaxation. For recreation, your guests can go fishing, hiking and horseback riding. And right after the wedding, the City of Lights beckons for a visit.

9 Indonesia – Tandjung Sari Resort

Bali may not exactly come to mind if you want a peaceful wedding. Tourists abound in the area, and they tend to get drunk anywhere at anytime. But if you look and search hard enough, you will find some quiet resorts away from the tourist centers. The village of Sanur has one such resort. A small, boutique resort called Tandjung Sari has this charming appeal that lovers of beach weddings will adore. It offers only 26 bungalows, so the size of the resort will be just enough to accommodate your guests. The ceremony can be held at the beachfront, and you will have the wedding of your dreams.

8 Italy – Grand Hotel in Florence

Get the feeling of royalty by exchanging vows in a palace. Yes, this place was originally a palace when it was built in the 18th century. It was then renovated and later on became the Grand Hotel. Make the wedding even more memorable by booking the hotel’s ballroom.

7 Mauritius – Le Saint Geran and White Sand Beaches

Located right smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a lot of beautiful and isolated beaches. The island has a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. It offers a unique culture that combines influences from both Asia and Africa. You can get married in the beach; from there, you may want to have a honeymoon in the African safari.

6 New Zealand – Mountains and Glacier Tops

Think The Lord of the Rings, but without the Orcs, Hobbits and dwarfs fighting it out for supremacy of Middle Earth. Try to look beyond the movie’s characters and you may actually find the place alluring with its stunning and panoramic views of everything nature has to offer. They have mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys. The New Zealand Wedding Services can help you find the best spots for your ideal wedding destination. Whether on top of a mountain or glacier, the rough and rugged landscape of the country provides an amazing backdrop for your big day.

5 Scotland – Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh

Lose your freedom of bachelorhood in the place where William Wallace shouted Freedom. Well, Mel Gibson actually shouted the line when he played Wallace in Braveheart. You can take your pick of castles for your wedding in this northern country, though Dalhousie Castle offers the right combination of rural country idyll and the convenience brought about by its proximity to the city of Edinburgh. And it has history too, as it used to be a fortress built in the 13th century. The restaurant used to be the castle’s dungeon. To further imbibe to your guests the historical importance of the castle, more than half of its 27 rooms bear themes highlighting the country’s past. The castle’s elegant charm will make you and your spouse feel like a king and queen even for just one day.

4 South Africa – Cathedral Peak Hotel in Drakensberg

Head down to South Africa and book your wedding between the months of September and April when the country experiences relatively warm weather. The Cathedral Peak Hotel has a quaint chapel made of stone and thatch. It is also strategically located, with a window opening just behind the altar, which will allow you and your spouse an amazing view of the mountain range of Drakensberg while you are exchanging vows. The same views are available from the presidential suite, while your guests can also experience the scenery from their deluxe rooms. Wild plants and animals dot the area. If you are the type who hankers for adventure, big game season that will allow you to see rhinos, giraffes and zebras begins around March.

3 United Kingdom – Dramatic Cave in South Wales

A cave wedding will not necessarily make a caveman and cavewoman out of you and your spouse. This is especially true if the cave is one of the showcase caves located in southern Wales. One particular cave is particularly romantic, with a large lake forming at the bottom of two waterfalls. A natural chamber, called the Dome of St. Paul, stands right beside it.  The venue is unique, natural and different.

2 United States – Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Choose this historic art museum as your wedding destination and you will find yourself reciting your marriage vow while looking over the Pacific Ocean just as it spills into the San Francisco Bay.  The joy begins in the drive into the place, as the roads to the museum offer amazing views of the city. Your wedding photographer cannot do any wrong even if he wants to because the views are simply spectacular. With the Legion of Honor’s neoclassical architecture, the Golden Gate Bridge and Rodin’s Thinker all serving as backdrop, how can he do any wrong?

1 United States – Central Park in New York

Hold your wedding in the heart of the Big Apple. Central Park has a lot of nice locations to choose from. You can opt for The Conservatory Gardens, the Bow Bridge, Shakespeare Garden or The Pool.

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