Top 10 American Cities With the Most Casual Sex

The United States has been known to be one of the most liberated countries in the world. This liberation, aside from any other aspect, includes its people's sexual affairs. While most countries, especially the conservatives, have deemed the mere talk about sex taboo, America has been very open about it. We can have a discussion about when, why and what caused this casual trend on sex or go back through a historical timeline, but instead, here is a closer look on the complexities of casual sex through the top 10 American cities dubbed as the most promiscuous.

Upon realizing that the sexual revolution didn't necessarily mean that you'd end up an emotional mess or that you'd be damned eternally, people started engaging more in sexual activities, as it brought undeniable pleasure to whoever's engaged in it. Now the people at okcupid.com brought it upon themselves to figure out which cities in the U.S. compose the top 10 cities that frequently engage in casual sex. This start-up dating site took user data and based its list from a percentage of people who answered "casual sex" as one of the relationships they are looking for. According to the OKCupid.com CEO Sam Yagan, the survey was never meant to judge but is only used for data-gathering purposes.

The cities that have made it to this list, for some of the reasons discussed or some others that were not mentioned, have been sin cities of the sort, but it doesn't mean that casual sex is all that these cities have to offer. These micro groups who indulge themselves in these kinds of activities are of their free mind and have the capacity to think for themselves. Therefore, the mentioned cities, aside from putting up and providing sex therapies and other recovery tools for whoever needs it shouldn't be held liable for its people's actions.

Now here are the top 10 most promiscuous American cities that made it to the list.

10 Houston, Texas

Houston, coveting a spot in this list is of no surprise, as it is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. Based on data results seen via the web, Houston is indeed a very sexual city. Their view on sex is very diverse, and the city is supportive of certain initiatives such as sex therapies, etc. There are also quite a number of patrons from this city subscribing to online dating sites who prefer engaging in a no-strings-attached, casual sex relationships.

9 San Diego, California

The eighth largest city in the U.S. and the second in California, San Diego, makes the 9th spot on the list. The mild sunny weather as well as the abundance of hook-up options in the nearby beaches probably add to the factors why this city is included in this list. Search results also show a number of postings from both males and females who show interest in casual sex.

8 Denver, Colorado

Denver is the largest city in Colorado and the second most populous, next to El Paso County. By now, we've established that a large population is a common denominator for entries in this list. Denver acknowledges same-sex unions and is very open to all kinds of sexualities. There are clubs relating to casual sex, and one of them is the Colorado Casual Encounters Club. The city also has its sex therapy clinics and legal help for the sexually abused are abundant.

7 San Bernardino, California

Also known as the Friendly City, San Bernardino is at the heart of Southern California. Most searches return results concerning people who are looking for swingers and gay partners looking for casual sex. There have also been a number of posts about the city's battle against sexual offenders.

6 Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States and the third most populous in Texas. According to Internet data, there are numerous queries in dating sites regarding casual sex. Some even question if there are legal casual sex avenues.

5 San Francisco, California

San Francisco is known for being the leading financial as well as cultural hub in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area. Listings of sex clubs are very common, which attest to the fact that sex is indeed prominent in the city. Also, tourists tend to flock in this area, where some are curious and eventually might be interested in the city's casual sex scene.

4 Miami, Florida

Located in the Atlantic Coast and home to international banks, Miami is a bustling city that has lots of things to offer. Rather than being a melting pot, it is described as a multicultural mosaic. The variety therefore of people who come in and out of the city is so diverse that casual sex cannot be helped. Same as other coastal cities, the probability of meeting new acquaintances may lead to casual sex.

3 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Unlike the previous cities discussed, the second largest city in the United States seem to have a little reputation when it comes to sex. Instead of seeing listings of casual sex finders, there have been a number of articles about the exciting sex scene in Pittsburgh. Nights out are made exciting by the city's tolerance of fetishes and attires. There are also multiple bars, which cater to swingers and the lesbians, gays, and bisexuals.

2 Seattle, Washington

A major coastal seaport city, Seattle has its share of excitement on the sex scene. Known for its passive-aggressive emotional detachment, Seattle has been determined by Axe to be the best city to hookup. Based on some studies, Seattle has also been dubbed as one of the best cities for singles.

1 Portland, Oregon

Capping the list is one of the cities of the sex-centric Portland, Oregon. Sexual radicalism is at its peak in this city. Obscenity is allowed as well as nude dancing and simulated sex acts. Numerous strip clubs are a common visual. Different organizations host a number of erotic-themed events such as the ErosFest, Miss Nude Oregon, etc. Therefore, with this take on sex, Oregon attracts most radical and freethinkers. Casual sex, basically, becomes a medium of people's radical expressions in this city. Though this may be the case, Oregon also has its activists that go against this unusual openness of the city to sexuality, which balances the scale.

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