The Top 10 Colleges Most Likely to Make You a Billionaire

One of the first steps in becoming a billionaire is by getting an education from theright school. These universities have produced more graduates who have becomebillionaires than any other schools in the world. Here are the top 10 colleges mostlikely to make you a billionaire.

10 University of Cambridge – 11 billionaires

The University of Cambridge is the only school in the list that is not located in theUnited States. The British school has 11 billionaires with a combined net worth of$48 billion. This public research university is located in Cambridge and is consideredas the second oldest university in the English-speaking world and the third oldest inthe world. Scholars from Oxford University established the school around 1209 aftera squabble with local townspeople. It has since become one of the most prestigiousschools in the world and has been ranked consistently near the top in differentuniversity rankings.

9 Yale University – 13 billionaires

Yale University currently has 13 billionaires among its alumni with a total combinednet worth of $77 billion. Yale is a private research university based in New Havenin Connecticut. It is a member of the prestigious Ivy League. It was establishedin 1701 and is considered as the third oldest university in the United States. Theschool was initially known as the Collegiate School and was meant to train the clergyand political leaders in Connecticut. It was then renamed as Yale College after asubstantial gift from Elihu Yale, the then-governor of the British East India Company.

8 University of Southern California – 14 billionaires

The University of Southern California has 14 billionaires with a combined net worthof $32 billion. The private, non-sectarian research university was established in1880. Located in Los Angeles, the school has the largest number of foreign studentsin the United States. It is considered as a dream college by a lot of people becauseof its standard, location and culture. The school also has a rich tradition in sports andathletics, with its athletes having won a total of 287 medals in the Olympic Games,the most by any university in the United States.

7 Cornell University – 14 billionaires

Cornell University has 14 billionaires with a combined net worth of $35 billion. EzraCornell and Andrew Dickson White established the university in 1865 in Ithaca,New York. It is one of the members of the prestigious Ivy League. It is one of twoland grant private universities, with the other being the Massachusetts Instituteof Technology. The school has always been co-educational and non-sectarian innature. It boasts of 41 Nobel Prize awardees, 31 Marshall Scholars and 28 RhodesScholars.

6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 15 billionaires

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has 15 billionaires with a net worth totalof $114 billion, an amount that is second to Harvard. The school is a private researchuniversity based in Cambridge in Massachusetts. It was established in 1861 justas the United States was experiencing an increase in industrialization level. Theschool stresses laboratory instruction and this method of learning applied technologyhas led to its close cooperation with industries. It has 78 Nobel Prize winners,52 National Medal of Science awardees, 45 Rhodes Scholars and 38 MacArthurFellows.

5 Columbia University – 15 billionaires

Columbia University has 15 billionaires with a combined net worth of $96 billion.Its full name is the Columbia University in the City of New York. It was establishedin 1754 as the King’s College after King George II granted it a royal charter. It wasthen renamed as Columbia College in 1784. A new charter was placed in 1787 thattransferred its operational control to a Board of Trustees. It boasts of 82 awardeesof the Nobel Prize to go along with five of the Founding Fathers of the nation, nineSupreme Court Justices, three Presidents of the United States and 26 other heads ofstate.

4 New York University – 17 billionaires

New York University has 17 billionaires with a combined net worth of $68 billion.Known as NYU, it is a private, non-sectarian research university established in 1831.It is located in Lower Manhattan and boasts of 36 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 NationalMedal of Science awardees and 16 Pulitzer Prize winners. It has sites in more than adozen locations around the world, allowing it to send its students abroad more thanany other university.

3 Stanford University – 27 billionaires

Stanford University has 27 billionaires with a combined net worth of $76 billion.Its full name is the Leland Stanford Junior University and it is located in California.Leland Stanford, a railroad mogul who was once Senator and a governor of thestate, established the school in 1891 and named it after his son, Leland Stanford Jr.The entrepreneur spirit of its graduates and faculty led to a self-sufficient industry inwhat is now Silicon Valley. It has 54 Nobel Prize laureates and boasts of the largestnumber of awardees from the Turing, considered as the Nobel of computer science.

2 University of Pennsylvania – 28 billionaires

The University of Pennsylvania has 28 billionaires with total net worth of $112 billion.This private research university is one of the Ivy League schools. It is located inPhiladelphia and is one of the Colonial Colleges. Benjamin Franklin founded theschool in 1740 and it followed the multidisciplinary model of universities in Europe.It boasts of Wharton, the first school of business, and Perelman, the first school ofmedicine. It has 28 Nobel Prize laureates, three Justices of the Supreme Court andone American President. It also counts 11 other people who became heads of statein their respective countries.

1 Harvard University – 52 billionaires

Harvard University has 52 billionaires with a combined net worth of $205 billion. Avote by the Great and General Court of Massachusetts established the school in1636 as the College of New Towne or New College. It was then renamed three yearslater to Harvard College after a gift from Cambridge alumnus John Harvard. It boastsof 75 Nobel Prize winners and eight American Presidents. It has the largest financialendowment of an academic institution in the world, with the amount standing at $32billion as of 2011.

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