The Most Prosperous Cities

In this world where poverty is the main problem, it is very important to have leaders who act in favor of the people. The success of one’s administration depends on the number of problems he was able to eradicate during his regime. The prosperity of one city depends on the successful projects of a leader. A good leader is the one who knows the needs of his people.

UN has given out a copy of the most prosperous cities according to its productivity, quality of life, infrastructure development, equity and social inclusion and its environmental sustainability. For you to understand and know the characteristics of a prosperous city, let us check United Nations’ list of 10 most prosperous cities around the world.

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10 Vienna, Austria

As the largest city of Austria, Vienna is considered to be the most prosperous city in the world. After World War 2, the city has been a haven for many refugees. Despite the Euro crisis in the past, it was able to survive and improve its productivity through nonstop development. In 2005, Economist Intelligence Group has given the Most Livable City award to Vienna. A certain Human Resource Consulting Firm has also given the city first rank for the “Quality of Living” survey from 2009-2012. Aside from the awards Vienna has been receiving every year, it is also noted as a perfect destination for tourists. Almost 5 million people are visiting this fantastic city every year.

9 Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the center of Norway. It is known for its large population. It is the economic center of Norway. The Maritime Industry of Europe is fully dependent in this city because almost all of the big maritime companies are based in Oslo. It is also known as home for biggest shipping companies. Indeed, this city plays a very important role in the economy of Europe. As the population grows, the economy blooms. Oslo is considered the second most expensive city next to Tokyo in 2011. It has also won several awards in terms of quality of living.

8 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the largest when it comes to population in Finland. It is also the biggest city. As the center of Finland, majority of foreign investors are operating in Helsinki. It is the research center for cities in the northern part of Europe. Although Finland has been one of the slowest developing countries after World War 2, the city of Helsinki was able to go with the flow of rapid development in the later years.

7 Copenhagen, Denmark

Awarded as one of the most environmental friendly cities, Copenhagen is the most populous city of Denmark. Despite the large population, it’s really amazing that this city can still be so environmental friendly. It has also been awarded as one of the cities with the best quality of life. This is not so surprising anymore because development in this city has already started during the 17th century.

6 Dublin, Ireland

This is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The economic boom in the city is so rapid. Over millions of tourists are visiting the city every year. Dublin is known for its biggest success story. During the past years, financial crisis has been paralyzing European countries but Dublin was able to survive after some effort of tightening its budget.

5 Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a financial rival to both Europe and United States of America. It is one of the most developed countries. Tokyo is the most prosperous city in the country. It is known to be the city with the most expensive cost of living. Major manufacturing companies in the country can be found in this city. It is Japan’s center for Finance and Management. Major headquarters of large companies can be found in the city. It is comparable to the biggest cities found anywhere in the world.

4 London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom has a globalized economy. In fact, London is the largest financial center together with New York. It also suffered economic weakening during the recession period. But the good thing about this city is its ability to stand up and grow rapidly after a period of global crisis. Unemployment has already decreased and a fast economic growth has been observed. It was noted that the city has the fastest growing GDP since 2007. Just like the United States of America, London also plays a great role in the Global Economy.

3 Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is Australia’s Center of Industry. It has been a potential and convenient entry point to International tourists because of the second busiest Airport in the city, the Melbourne Airport. More than a million International tourists visit the city every year. The large number of visiting tourists is also one of the reasons for the city’s economic status. It is also a home for the world’s biggest mining banks. The country’s biggest and busiest seaport can also be found in the city. Five of the ten largest Corporations in Australia are based in Melbourne.

2 Stockholm, Sweden

The Service Industry in Stockholm employs almost 85% of its people. The city is a home to big companies making it free from unemployment problems. Indeed, the best way to make your place a prosperous one is to bring more jobs for the people. Being Sweden’s financial center, major Swedish banks are found in the city. Stockholm is also one of the cleanest cities in the world because of the absence of heavy industries.

1 Paris, France

Paris is known as the center for Arts for the longest time already. It is not only known for its rich culture but also for its stable economy. It is a great place for job seekers. People go to Paris for greener pasture. The city is comparable to New York and London. In 2010, Paris is listed as one of the places with highest GDP. The good thing about this city is it never settles for what is good. It keeps on developing in terms of technology and its industry.

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