The 15 Most Unusual Bars In The World

If you are new to a city and want to experience its nightlife, how do you go about choosing a bar or a club to hang out at? Most people go to the bars nearest to them, others ask their friends to guide them to the hottest bars around and others do a quick online search and visit the ones with the best ratings.

Regardless of how you go about choosing the bars you visit, this list is full of bars that will excite you just by reading about them. The bars that have made it onto this list aren't on it because of the drinks they serve or the events they host, they're on it because they all have a unique aspect about them that makes them attractive. The bars here can qualify to be tourist attractions, since so many people from all over the world look for opportunities to visit them whenever they are in the relevant country.

The bars here are the ones that attract everyone, including people who neither drink nor plan on picking up the habit. Some of the bars on this list are funny, others are plain weird, but most are outstanding testaments of human ingenuity and creativity.

The next time you are in any of the countries or cities mentioned on this list, make sure to visit these bars. Since there are numerous other unique bars not on this list, have you ever been to one that you feel would be a perfect fit for this list?

15 Eternity – The Coffin Bar In Truskavets, Ukraine

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The Eternity bar is one of the weirdest bars you will ever come across, since there are so few, if any, other bars in the world made to resemble a coffin. This coffin bar is six meters high, six meters wide, and twenty meters long. Inside the bar, you will find funeral décor, with caskets, and funeral flower arrangements on the walls, just to give everyone the feeling of a funeral. In a way, this bar helps people know where they will end up if they decide to drink and drive, and it redefines what "drinking yourself to death" is all about. As questionable as the concept of this bar might be, there is no question about how unique it is.

14 Monkey Bar - The 25 Hours Hotel, Berlin

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You might be tempted to think that the Monkey bar has monkeys swinging from one end of the bar to the other or that the bar is full of monkey décor, but it is not. This bar got its name from its location and surrounding, located on the 10th floor of The 25 Hours hotel overlooking a beautiful Zoo full of monkeys and the beautiful city. Guests at the bar love to sit on the terrace, where they can comfortably watch the animals in the zoo and enjoy a drink as they watch a breathtaking sunset. This bar is famous for its outstanding selection of drinks, both local and international.

13 The Bathroom-Themed Modern Toilet Restaurant -Chain, Taiwan

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If someone were to start talking about toilets as you wait for your meal, the topic would not just be uncomfortable and unwelcomed but it would also be disgusting and rude. Therefore, you would wonder who in their right mind would start a chain of bathroom-themed restaurants, food and drink establishments in Taiwan that apparently do very well. Growing from selling ice cream and a pile of chocolate in toilet-shaped containers, the chain of restaurants in Taiwan attracts a huge following. Most of the people who drink and dine here started coming as curious onlookers but are now die-hard customers.

12 Blue Frog Lounge - Mumbai, India

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The Blue Frog Lounge is not just one of the most unusual bars in the world, it is one of the clubs with the most unique and functional designs around the world. This club is 1000 square meters and has a lounge, a restaurant, a club, a sound lab, a recording studio and sound stage. This luxurious club is ideal for holding parties and live events, or just having drinks with some friends. The booths are cylindrical in shape, and can seat between four and ten people sitting at different heights around the club. Audiences have an uninterrupted view of the club's stage, with the central area commonly used by customers who wish to stand.

11 Sunland Pub - Limpopo Province, South Africa

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Can you imagine having a drink or attending a party with some friends inside a tree? Visitors to the Sunland Pub in South Africa know the feeling of being inside a tree that is thousands of years old; with a trunk so wide it once accommodated sixty people for a birthday party. The owners of the land where the Baobab tree is set up a wine cellar and a pub in the tree's hollow trunk, after clearing the compost, uncovering its floor, and placing a door. Although the pub attracts a number of regulars, most of the people who come to visit are tourists who come from all parts of the world to see this amazing pub.

10 Hotel Edelweiss - Mürren, Switzerland

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The Hotel Edelweiss is situated 6,300 feet above sea level in Bernese Oberland, Mürren, and offers a stunning view of Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger mountain peaks. Mountain lovers will enjoy being in the bar in Hotel Edelweiss, the ideal location to ski and watch skiers prove their skills as they slide down the mountain slopes. From the bar, you will be able to see 21 peaks of the Alps, a view so magnificent you will hardly want to go anywhere else. In addition to the amazing surroundings, the service at the bar and the drinks here are worth every cent.

9 Bicycle Bar - Bucharest, Romania

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If you like bicycles, then you will love the Bicycle bar. Everything in the bar has a bicycle theme, from the seats to the tables, the pictures on the walls, and even the light fixtures. You might think for a moment that the seats might not be comfortable, but you will realize that they are very comfortable and functional, despite their design. You will come across all sorts of bicycle parts in this bar, with some very creative pieces of furniture having an amazing design that would win a competition. The drinks and the service here are great, exactly what you would expect from a place with such unusual décor.

8 Rumours Club - Liverpool, England

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Some of the bars on this list are here because of their unique theme and décor, others are here because of their unique location, but the Rumours Club is here because it holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest nightclub. This night club is merely 2.1 meters by 1.17 meters by 1.78 meters, almost the same size of a bathroom stall. The club has two speakers, two turntables, a mixer, LED disco lights, a doorman, and a DJ. The entrance fee is ridiculously low, but not very many people can fit in this club. Chances are that the club has a slim range of drinks available if any, and it is worth attending despite the fact that it is a portable night club.

7 Alux Caverna Lounge - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Caves can be some of the most romantic places to spend an evening with your special someone. If you agree with the above statement and would love a cave experience unlike any on the planet, make your way to the Alux Caverna restaurant and lounge in Mexico. Owners of the lounge claim that the caves are more than 10,000 years old, and they make up the largest cave bar in the world. The contrast between the rugged and seemingly untouched walls and the elegant sitting and dining areas make the Alux one of the best places to spend an evening.

6 Safe House - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Spy movies are some of the most popular movies in Hollywood today and most people would love to be part of such movies, even if they were to play a minor role or the role of extras. At Safe House, the spy-themed bar makes the dreams of all those who ever wanted to be on the set of a spy movie become a reality. Being a spy-themed bar, the untrained individual will have trouble locating the entrance behind a secret red door and giving the correct password to get in. Inside the bar are amazing secret passages and impressive spy-related themes.

5 Smuggler's Cove - San Francisco, California

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The pirate ships we see in movies such as Pirates of The Caribbean look interesting and possibly fun to be in, which is not necessarily the case in real-life. Apart from the pirates and their crew, no one would ever want to get into a pirate ship because chances of getting out alive are very slim. However, Smuggler's Cove is a totally different story because it is a pirate ship themed bar that both sells some of the best drinks and attracts people (while letting them leave at their own pleasure). You can drink 400 different varieties of rum, and over 70 different cocktails.

4 Kayabukiya Tavern - Utsunomiya, Japan

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If you happen to visit the Kayabukiya Tavern and have a look inside, you might think that there is nothing special about it until the waitresses come out to serve you. This restaurant takes service to a new level by having monkeys do the serving. The term "Monkeys" in the above statement is not used to insult any individual; it is just that the waiters and waitresses are actually real life monkeys that have been taught how to serve. Receiving service from an animal that you would expect to find in the zoo climbing trees has got to be an amazing experience, and the restaurant owners hardly ever complain when the guests call their employees "animals."

3 H.R. Giger Bar - Gruyere, Switzerland

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The H.R. Giger Museum Bar is one of those bars that will blow you away owing to the creativity the designers put into coming up with an amazing and unique interior. Being in this bar will make you think that you are no longer on the planet, or even give you the impression of being in the belly of a huge prehistoric beast. The interior of this bar can fit the description of a skeletal structure with arches of vertebrae crisscrossing the ceiling of a seemingly old castle. On your next trip to Switzerland, make sure to visit this bar just for the experience, if not for the drink.

2 The Lock-Up - Tokyo, Japan

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Hardly does anyone go to prison voluntarily regardless of having committed a crime or not, but you will enjoy visiting any of the many prison-themed bars called The Lock-Up. As soon as the staff set up your table, a staff member in police uniform will ask you which crime you have committed, he will cuff you, and lead you to your seat. As you enjoy your drinks and snacks with friends, lights and sirens might start going off and prisoners attempting to escape will start running around the prison looking for a way out. The experience can be frightening for people who have no idea that the drill often plays out on regular intervals, where the police always catch the criminals.

1 The Ice Bar - Quebec City, Canada

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The Ice Bar in Quebec City, Canada is the only bar on this list you cannot go to during the summer because it melts away since it is made up of ice. The Ice Bar is an amazing work of art, where ice sculptors create the most amazing bar made of ice from scratch every year, a bar that is only in use between January and March. People from all over the world come to this bar to admire its magnificence, not so much to enjoy the drinks. Only make sure to come with a coat because the temperatures inside the bar are far below what most other bars are.

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