The 10 Most Promiscuous Cities In The US

If you're thinking about moving and are wondering which city might be a good fit for your over-amorous, over-sexy lifestyle, then this list is for you. It all started when CBS News picked up statistics from one of the largest online dating services, OKCupid.com. Since then, the list has been shared by many publications and even found that some of the city representatives felt insulted while others felt left out. It was a puff piece and not intended to accurately represent reality.

Here is how OKCupid got their lineup. When signing up for or playing around on this dating site, users are invited to answer a series of questions that range from favorite foods to more poignant questions about sex. Respondents' answers to the questions are then used to help members find suitable matches. CBS News was curious to learn more about where the members who were interested in casual sex live and OKCupid tallied the numbers and provided a list of the top ten cities.

What you have to keep in mind is that members are not forced to answer these questions, so the results are highly skewed. So we decided to review their list, along with others on the web and come up with a slightly revised list. Take a peek and see what you think.

10 Las Vegas, NV

Coming in at number 10 is one of the most notorious cities in the nation, Las Vegas. Sure, some of the sex is paid for but just think about all of the titillating opportunities that are floating around in Sin City.

In fact, you can't walk down any of the major streets without being reminded that sex is available in every way, shape and form. Let's face it, there is not much else to do in the Mojave Desert besides gamble and have casual sex. With over 40 million visitors wanting to say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas",  Las Vegas is definitely one of the most promiscuous cities in the world.

9 San Diego, CA

San Diego is on this list for several reasons. First off all, the city is home to a Naval Air Station and the Naval Base North Island, so sailors and higher ranking officers have been letting loose in this city for decades. The weather is amazing, with an average temperature in the 70s, so the people are walking around in sexy summer attire most of the year.

Add to that the 18 colleges sprinkled around the city that bring in lusty students from all around the country. San Diego State University is one of the largest and has a strong reputation for being a party college. Plus, tourism is San Diego's third largest industry - with about 70 percent staying in hotels.

8 Denver, CO

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According to the CBS report, Denver came in eighth on the OKCupid roster. Our guess is that the cold winters get everyone indoors with little to do but mess around. Plus, there are all of those ski resorts that draw out snow bunnies and party-goers who are likely feeling a little loose and giddy after a full-day of exhilarating skiing.

Denver also has quite a few colleges, which is generally a recipe for lusty parties and hook-ups. Metro Denver includes 2.9 million people and although we don't have an exact count on how many singles live there, we understand the ratio of employed single men to women is practically 2 to 1. The women are getting more than their fair share of men that leads to an abundance of casual sex.

7 Tempe, AZ

We hunted around for promiscuous cities and finally fell on Tempe, Arizona for seventh place. The city is small (39.62 square miles) and has an estimated population of about 162,000, with very high temperatures and a median population age of 28.

Combine the median age with high temperatures causing people to be indoors and it is very likely that there is a higher than normal amount of casual sex, per capita. Go Tempe!

6 Dallas, TX

It's not hard to believe that Dallas would be filled with promiscuity and casual sex. After all it is the fourth largest metro area in the country. It just makes sense that the larger metro areas would yield a higher number of sexually-active people, right?

While Austin is also a very promiscuous city in the Lone Star State, it's filled with more liberals than Dallas. To our way of thinking, it's  the conservatives in Dallas who are all about hiding behind closed doors after Sunday church to hook up. Remember, this is fun, not fact!

5 San Francisco, CA

Well, it goes without saying that San Francisco would be on this list. It has one of the highest populations of gays and lesbians, and it is common knowledge that the LGBT sector is all for freedom of sexual expression. So add that to the more traditional types and it's a clear hit for this list.

Did you know that California has the highest percentage of LGBT adults in the country, with a large population living in the City by the Bay? We love the freedom the city expresses and support its loose vibe.

4 Miami, FL

Miami is a good choice for number 4, as the city has a large population (about a half-million city residents and over 5 million in the metro area), filled with sexy Cubans, steamy hot, sweaty weather and a plethora of hotels in all price ranges - at last count there were 374.

Skimpy bikinis are out in full force, waiting for the muscle-bound jocks to make their move. It's a perfect recipe for oodles of casual sex encounters.

3 Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh came in third when OKCupid tallied the results of members who desired to have casual sex in their online questionnaire. It's the second largest city in Pennsylvania with a population of a little over 305,000. It's called "the Steel City" because of its extraordinary roster of steel-related businesses. It's also considered a top world destination by Today and The Economist, which may have prompted the addition of over 3,000 hotel rooms in the last ten years.

The area includes 68 colleges, ranging from small to state universities. This all means there is some serious partying happening in The Steel City. Between the cold climate, the high volume of tourism, the colleges and industry, we think there are a lot of people in Pittsburgh who are ripe for casual sex.

2 Seattle, WA

Seattle is known for having a rich musical background, with jazz as its noteworthy genre. It's a gateway to Alaska and Canada, and the eighth largest port in the U.S. So aside from Seattle's metropolitan area that 3.6 million residents call home, there is a great deal of coming and going through the city.

Generally, any city that has a higher than average quantity of transient travelers is going to be more likely to have more casual sex going on than cities that have a finite population. Add to that the large numbers of employees working at mega-companies, such as Amazon.com, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Boeing, and we think Seattle's a prime selection for the number two spot on this list.

1 Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, the "City of Angels", is our top choice for being the country's most promiscuous city for several reasons. First off, we know the city is not comprised of angels; just ask Tiger Woods to tell you about the Hollywood madam, Michelle Braun, who kept him supplied with, shall we say, companionship. Heidi Fleiss was another noted madam in Hollywood who kept her celebrity clients, like Charlie Sheen, coming back for more.

It's not that the city is more packed with madams and escorts per capital than other cities. It's really more about the fact that the sprawling city includes around 56 percent of single inhabitants. The city is filled with hoards of singles trying to get into the television and movie business, which often leads to the casting couch. Aside from that, the population is filled with sexual liberals who, we are pretty sure, would jump at the chance for some hot, casual sex. Yes, L.A., in our eyes you are numbero uno.


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