The 10 Best Marinas in the World

The rich and famous always have a thing for luxury expensive toys. Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren and Jay Leno have their own collection of rare and expensive vehicles and they have specially-designed garages to house these automobiles. John Travolta is a noted air junkie and owns a couple of planes, so he had a hangar built in his backyard.

What about those who have their own boats? And we are not talking about just any boat here, but rather, those superyachts that are at least 55 meters long. Finding a berth for these monster boats is difficult because not all marinas have the capacity to accommodate them. Even the Marina del Rey in California, the biggest marina in the world that has the capacity to accommodate 5,300 boats, does not have enough facility for mega yachts.

That is why getting a berth for the superyachts of the rich and famous comes at a premium price point. The following features the places with the most expensive berths for superyachts. They are the 10 best marinas in the world. Prices quoted are on a per day basis. While they are not inexpensive, the fact that you have a superyacht means that you can very well afford to pay a huge amount for its berth.

10 Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands - €889

Yacht Haven Grande is located in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is considered as the premier marina in the Caribbean for superyachts. It is situated along the Charlotte Amalie Harbor and offers side-to berthing for yachts measuring more than 137 meters long. It also has 48 slips and 5.5-meter concrete docks and piers, as well as facilities specially dedicated to the yacht’s crew, owners and guests. The facilities include catering, laundry, chandlery and even a florist. The place is complemented by a shopping mall with 80,000 square feet of retail spaces that provide a variety of eating, entertainment and recreational options. There are also seaside residences in the area.

9 ACI Marina Split, Split, Croatia - €1,001

The ACI Marina Split is located in Croatia. It is situated in the southwest portion of the city’s port, just north of the Sustipan Peninsula. It is open the entire year and features a breakwater that provides a natural protection for the marina from gusty southern winds and the sea. It has 355 berths available, as well as 30 boat places on land. All the berths have their own supply of water and electricity. The marina is equipped to accommodate superyachts of up to 80 meters.

8 Marina Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain - €1,084

The Marina Port Vell is located in Barcelona in Spain. It was actually a rundown community as recent as the 90's but underwent a renewal just in time for the Olympic Games held in the city in 1992. It has since been transformed with modern infrastructure and world-class services that have allowed the marina to be a leading destination for superyachts.

7 Port Camille Rayon, Golfe Juan, France - €1,100

Port Camille Rayon is located in Golfe Juan in Provence Alpes Cote d’ Azur in France. It can accommodate superyachts with sizes of up to 75 meters. The marina has a complete range of basic services, like water and power supply and a gasoline station. Recreational and sports activities are also available in the marina.

6 Port de Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez, France - €1,356

Port de Saint Tropez is located in France. It has 734 berths available over two basins that cover an area of nine hectares. It is one of the most famous ports in the world and is considered as one of the major hubs in the Mediterranean. It is also a preferred destination of cruise ships whose passengers often partake in the place’s social and cultural diversity.

5 Ibiza Magna, Ibiza, Spain - €1,643

Ibiza Magna is located in Spain. The marina is located right in the middle of the city at the foot of Dalt Vila. It is considered as ideal place for superyachts with its 85 berths especially dedicated for boats of up to 60 meters long and 10 meters deep.

4 Puerto Jose Banus, Marbella, Spain - €2,069

Puerto Jose Banus is more commonly known as Puerto Banus and is located in Marbella in Spain. It was built by Jose Banus, a local property developer, in 1970 and has since become a luxury complex. It has berths for 915 boats. Its total surface area is 15 hectares, with a beach located on each side of the marina. Its clientele includes some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, including the King of Saudi Arabia 

3 Marina di Portofino, Genova, Italy - €2,100

Marina di Portofino is located in Genova in Italy. It has 16 moorings that allow it to accommodate medium size boats. Yachts that berth here are provided with basic services, like water supply, electricity and gasoline station. It is ideal for boats with a trailer as the marina offers a place that allows owners to leave the sea vehicle on land. It is also accessible by air as it is situated close to an airport.

2 Marina di Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy - €2,574

Marina di Porto Cervo is located in Sardinia in Italy. It is sparsely populated with less than 200 permanent inhabitants. The marina has a shipyard that is capable of repairing even the largest luxury yachts, making it one of the best equipped in the Mediterranean. It also has a total of 700 berths available for small boats.

1 Marina Grande, Capri, Italy - €2,585

Marina Grande is located in Capri in Italy. It has two basins, one for commercial ships and the other for leisure crafts. It has 300 berths available and can accommodate yachts as large as 60 meters long. Basic services are available at all berths, but reservation is a must as the marina can be very busy, especially during the peak summer months.

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