The 10 Best Hotels in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And staying in Vegas is best experienced inthese places. Here are the 10 best hotels in Las Vegas.

10 Circus Circus

Circus Circus may not be the best hotel in the world, but it certainly has somethingfor everyone. As its name says, there are indeed circus acts for viewing, like clowns,acrobats, trapeze artists and jugglers. It also has an amusement park called TheAdventure Dome that features rides like the Canyon Blaster, Chaos, Inverter,Rim Runner and Sling Shot. It also has attractions for little kids like Diego’s 4DAdventure, Dora and the SpongeBob Theater. The hotel has the Rock and RitaClub that features live performances. It also has several restaurants and eateries,including the award-winning The Steakhouse.

9 Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay covers 60 acres of property from the beach to the main hotel. Thoughit is not located right on the Las Vegas Strip, it does provide a free tram to and fromthe Excalibur, which then gives you access to the monorail. It boasts of probablythe best pools in Las Vegas, with each pool having its own personality. It also hasthe Shark Reef, the only exhibit in the entire continent that has a predator-basedaquarium. It also has a Lazy River Ride. Boxing and UFC bouts are often held in thehotel. It also has its own shopping mall.

8 The Mirage

The Mirage is an exotic hotel right in the middle of the desert. Its tropical landscapefeatures waterfalls and volcanoes, along with sharks and dolphins in massivesaltwater aquariums. It has both casual and fine dining restaurants, includingJaponais, Stack, Fin, Kokomo’s, Onda Ristorante and Samba Brazilian. Forentertainment, you can check out Cirque du Soleil’s production of Love, whichfeatures the timeless songs of The Beatles. If blues music is your thing, head to B.B.King’s Blues Club that features its own live music. You can also try out either theRevolution Lounge or Jet.

7 The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is a 54-story hotel with 3,000 rooms, 13 restaurants, five loungesand three swimming pools. It also boasts of a high-tech casino. Restaurants in thehotel include the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill, China Poblano, Comme CA,D.O.C.G., Estiatorio Milos, Holsteins, Jaleo, Overlook Grill, Scarpetta, STK, TheHenry, Va Bene Caffe and Wicked Spoon. The lounges include The Chandelier,Book and Stage, Queue Bar, Bond and Vesper. The hotel’s pride and joy, however,is the Marquee Night Club that boasts of an incredible sound stage and 50-foot highceilings.

6 Caesars Palace

You know you are in Caesars Palace when the people who greet and serve you areall attired in Roman togas. The furnishings are also done similar to the Roman timeswith its stone pillars, gold statues, crystals and frescoes. The rooms are designedto make you feel like you are in the palace of the Roman emperor. Popular chefshave restaurants in the hotel, including those of Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, BobbyFlay and Wolfgang Puck. There is also the Bacchanal Buffet that features over 500items of food from all corners of the globe. Nightlife is alive and kicking with Pure,Cleopatra’s Barge, The Shadow Bar, Galleria Bar, Numb Bar and Frozen Cocktailsand the Sea Horse Bar.

5 MGM Grand

The MGM Grand has a casino the size of more than three football fields. It also hasa Water Park and a Lazy River. You can also watch the King of the Jungle close-up at the Lion Zoo, a structure enclosed by glass. Entertainment cannot get muchbetter than the hotel’s clubs and lounges that include Studio 54, Tabu, Wet Republic,Rouge, the West Wing Bar, Centrifuge and Zuri. There is also the Crazy HorseTheater and even a stage specially made for the Cirque du Soleil.

4 Aria

Aria is a 56-story hotel noted for its use of natural lighting through its floor-to-ceilingwindows. The concept is applied throughout the hotel’s design, from the lobby to theguest rooms and even to the casino. There are 16 different restaurants spread allover the hotel, ensuring that guests can get a taste of practically any major cuisine inthe world. Clubs like Haze, Deuce Lounge, Gold Boutique Night Club, Bar Moderno,View Bar, Liquid, City Bar and the Pool Bar provide the entertainment.

3 Wynn Las Vegas

No hotel can probably top Wynn Las Vegas when it comes to friendly service. Thehotel features an 18-hole golf course and a three-acre lake. Shopping cannot getmuch better than the hotel’s offering of high-end brands, like Ferrari, Maserati,Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Graff, Vertu, Cartier and SanGiorgio Shoes. Clubs and lounges include Club Tryst, Blush, Encore Beach Club, XSand Surrender. If those are still not enough, there are two more resort bars that areopen at all hours of the day and night.

2 Bellagio

The Bellagio’s fountains have become iconic structures as they have been featuredin several movies. It served as the final meeting point of George Clooney’s gangof merry thieves in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. It also has a Gallery of Fine Artsthat can rival other full-fledged museums. There is a Botanical Garden. It is also thehome of “O,” a production from the Cirque du Soleil. There is also a Baccarat Barthat features a piano player providing background music to baccarat players. Lest weforget, this is Las Vegas so there is also a casino in the hotel.

1 The Venetian

The Venetian is a stunning hotel if only for its massively painted ceilings. Asthe name implies, the hotel transports you to the city of Venice with its canals,restaurants and gondola rides. The establishments in St. Mark’s Square will give youan outdoor feeling because of the hotel’s painted skyline. There is also a MadameTussaud, as well as shows by The Blue Man Group, Phantom and Jersey Boys. TheV Bar is considered the best in the entire city. Pool parties are also held nightly at theTAO.

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