Park City Utah. A Beautiful Mountian Getaway.

Park City Utah is a charming mountain town. Upgraded from an old mining town in the 1960's, the Park City offers a vintage feel, along with the most cutting edge boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City every year between The months of January and February. If you are a Hollywood junky, the Sundance Film Festival is an opportunity to possibly run into some of your favorite celebrities in a low key setting.

If winter sports are your thing, Park City is your place! The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Utah, leaving world class features still standing today.  If you want to ride down an Olympic bobsled run, then just head up to the Olympic sports park. If you want to see skiers launch them selves off of Olympic Ski Jumps, you are at the right place too!

If skiing is your main thing, then there are 3 amazing resorts to choose from.

Canyons Resort in Park City Utah is an amazing getaway for anyone looking to indulge in luxury Hotels or amazing ski runs. It is one of the largest ski resorts in North America with 182 runs and 3 terrain parks.

Park City Mountain Resort is a favorite for pro snowboarders and skiers alike. The Kings Crown Super Park has been voted the best terrain park by Snowboard Magazine 4 years in a row.

If groomed runs, great lodges, and a more high class atmosphere are for you, then Deer Valley is the resort for you. With exclusive skiing only privileges, this resort boasts as one of the nicest resorts in all of Utah. Who knows, you might even run into one of the many celebrities that own houses up here. Britney Spears and Tiger Woods are rumored to spend a lot of time up here at these resorts where they own their own ski-in-ski-out mansions.

Park City is a great mountain getaway that you will remember for many years to come!

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