8 Reasons To Pack Up Your Life And Move To Australia

The sun, the heat, the people - Australia seems to have it all. Boasting some of the most magnificent coastal views in the world and internationally acclaimed beaches, Australia is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether your perfect vacation includes lounging poolside with a martini, navigating the outback, or riding the waves, Australia’s diverse and unique landscape will make you feel as though anything is possible. But what if it didn’t have to be just a vacation? With a recent episode of Modern Family filming in Sydney, Australia, and Ellen DeGeneres’ famous excursion down under, there seems to be a growing infatuation with this beautiful country. People no longer want to limit their Australian excursions to a two-week vacation; their fascination with the country is leading to a desire to integrate the famous lifestyle into there own lives, permanently. Australia is more then just coastline, surfing and parties - whether you are a new graduate, or just looking for a change, Australia might just be the best decision of your life. Here are the top reasons to pack your bags and book your ticket on the next flight to the land of Oz.

8 Happy Hour

True to the rumours, Australia produces some the greatest cocktails and wine known to mankind – and Aussie’s are well aware of this. So what better way to celebrate the end of a long workday than indulging in a variety of these very concoctions? While happy hour in much of North America is limited to a Thursday or Friday afternoon activity, post-work celebratory drinks are not limited to Fridays, but welcome any day of the week. With the high drink prices (cocktails usually range from $14 to $18 in Sydney), these gatherings not only celebrate the end of the workday, but take advantage of the cheap drink deals that many Australian restaurants provide.

7 Mates, Bogans, and other slang words you’ll wish you’d known your whole life

If you are planning on uprooting your life to the other side of the world, it might be a good idea to brush up on an Australian’s version of English – and no, there is not a dictionary to help you out. Not only are Australians famous for their accents, which unfortunately is a trait that cannot be easily adopted, they have also managed to create their own unique phrases and sayings. These phrases alone justify making Australia home. While some make sense, like referring to University as uni, or to friends as mates, some are a little more unique:

  •  Bogan: an ‘undesirable’ person, not a compliment
  •  Chemist: An Australian pharmacy
  • “How are you going?”: "How are you?"
  • "I'm Knackered": Exhausted

6 A Government voted for the people, by the people (literally)

Another great reason to settle in the land down under? Compulsory voting requires all Australians to vote during public elections, meaning that it could be argued Australian diplomacy is more legitimate than any of the democratic countries. While this system is undeniably effective, with the highest rate of public engagement at 93 per cent of people voting, it is also incredibly welcome by the public with an approval rating of 70 percent. Australians not only have the chance to voice their opinions, but they are required to do so, ensuring that the government is truly a testament of public opinion.

5  5. The People

It is no secret that Australia breeds beautiful people, but not only are the people in the country stunning, they also exude friendliness and happiness. Notorious for their helpfulness and easygoing nature, many of our favourite celebrities cite Australia as their own country of origin. Keith Urban, Russell Crowe and Kylie Minogue all hail from the land down under – if that’s not enough to convince you to get on the next plane over, we don’t know what will

4  4. The Beaches

Sky-high waves, clear blue waters and thousands of km of sand, this list wouldn’t be accurate if it didn’t mention the incredible beaches that make up Australia’s 36,735 km long coastline. The coastal studies unit at the University of Sydney has counted over 10,600 beaches, which is the highest amount of any other nation. And, while many other countries claim to possess the most beautiful beaches in the world, most cannot compare to Aussie’s sun and sand. One of the country's most famous beaches, Bondi Beach, located in Sydney, Australia. Bondi Beach is also home to the Bondi Iceberg club, a swim club famous for its incredible sea-pool, directly bordering the ocean. Other famous Australian beaches include Byron Bay, in Northern New South Wales and the internationally acclaimed Whitehaven of the Whitsundays, a stretch of beach in the northern tropical region of Australia.

3 Spending christmas at the beach - and other perks of a yearlong summer 

While Australia varies in climate and geography, the country boasts one of the warmest year-round climates in the world. Between all the southern capitals, where the majority of the country's population resides, the average temperature in the winter reaches a minimum of 6 °C and a balmy maximum of 14 °C. In the summer, a minimum of 6°C and a scorching average high of 26°C. In the sub-tropic and tropical regions of the country, which make up Australian’s northern half, the minimum temperatures are between 20°C (Alice Springs) and 23°C (Darwin). Not only does it rarely drop below zero degrees Celsius, but the months are the opposite to those in North America, which means that Australian Christmas traditions, more often then not, include a BBQ dinner, seafood and family trip to the beach.

2  2. Voted as the best place to live and work, and the happiest of the industrialized nations

Even statistics have shown that Australia might be the best place in the world to live. For three years in a row, Australia has been rated by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, as the best place to live and work – and with the beaches, heat and happy hour deals, this should come as no surprise. Additionally, a third of people surveyed by Boston Consulting picked Australia, besides their own, as the country they would most like to pack up and settle down in. Overall, 84 percent of Australians say that they, on average, have a more positive daily experience then in any other country. If you are planning on moving to Australia, the government offers a variety of visas that will allow you to enter the country. Each particular visa has various restrictions; while a tourist visa will allow you into the country to travel freely, you will require a work visa in order to actually work in Australia. Work visas come in many shapes and sizes, including a working holiday visa for those between the ages of 18 and 30 who are looking to live abroad for a year.

1  1. The lifestyle

Beyond the beaches, beyond the beautiful people and beyond the happy hour deals is a lifestyle that is incomparable to any other – making it the number one reason you should pack up your life and move to Australia. Long summers mean that Australians generally lead an incredibly active lifestyle, made famous by the Aussie’s love of surfing. Surfing is one of the most popular activities in Australia, a sport with such a dedicated following that many locals wake up early just to catch a wave before work. The Australian Open of Surfing is an annual event held at Manly Beach in Sydney, and features some of the most amazing athletes in the professions. When the summer heat changes to the brisk, crisp temperatures of autumn and winter, Australians go up, literally. The mountains in Australia surprisingly do see snowfall, in other words, Aussie’s pack up their snowsuits and travel up the mountains for a different kind of boarding. The Australian Alps include Australia’s only peaks that exceed 2,000 meters. While sport is a big part of the Australian culture, the friendly and casual nature of the country means that a New York minute is just an expression, and while work is still an important feature of everyday life, Australians put a high priority on happiness, family and relaxation.

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