7Lubang Nasib Bagus, Borneo

Lubang Nasib Bagus, otherwise known as Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave), is found in Gunung Mulu National Park, a World Heritage Site on the island of Borneo. The cave is famous for housing the largest underground chamber in the world. Discovered by three British cavers in 1981, the

Sarawak Chamber measures 2,300 ft. long, 1,500 ft. wide, and 230 ft. high. Running water created all of the caverns in Lubang Nasib Bagus nearly 5 million years ago. In order to reach the Sarawak Chamber, cavers must trek through 1.5 km of active stream. Moreover, the entrance passage is prone to flooding, which makes access to the great chamber impossible during certain times of the year.

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