5 Islands That Are Haunted And Creepy

Paranormal activities have been recorded all over the world. Scientists have been trying to document and verify these different activities for many years. Have you ever witnessed strange activities? Heard or seen inexplicable phenomena that appears like it's out of a horror film?

Some islands in the world have been used with purposes such as: mines, prisons, quarantines, and vacation locations. The following islands have a history of dramatic events happening on it, of the eerie kind. Stories have been reported and apparitions witnessed that could scare the most courageous of people. The following island would persuade even the most pragmatic of people that ghosts really exist. Would you be willing to go on vacation to one of these five islands?

5 The Dolls Island

The Island of the Dolls is located in the south of Mexico, in the swampy area of Xochimilco. The island is located in the middle of Teshuilo lake within a labyrinthine of canals.

In the 50's, Don Julian Santana Barrera, decided to go live as a hermit on this island. He felt the presence of a spirit who was living in the island as well. The story is that in the 20's, a little girl downed on that island. To liberate the spirit from haunting him, he decided to reconstruct dolls and put them up in the trees of the island. Don Julian Santana Barrera was found dead at 80 years old from apparent downing. He left behind a book retelling all the paranormal acts that he witnessed during his fifty years that he spent on the island.

In 1990, the Xochimilco island was recognized as a site of national heritage. Since then, a program has began to clean all the small canals leading to the island. With the cleanup of the canal, arriving to the island has been made much easier. The sight has been described as strange during the day with the view of the dolls, but at night it becomes a very eerie and terrifying view.

4 Poveglia

This beautiful Island in Italy, situated between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, is one of the most touristic areas in the world.

This island is well-known for its paranormal activities. In the 14th century, the bubonic plague arrived in Venice, and the island was used as a quarantine island for people with the black plague. Once on the island, people were thrown down into pits and burned alive. Again, in the 17th century, the black plague arrived in Venice and the gloomy island became again a site of quarantine. It is said that around 160,000 people died this way. In 1922, a psychiatric hospital was constructed on the island. The hospital closed in 1968. During the 46 years of existence, it is said that strange experiences were seen by a doctor on the island. This doctor, in the tale, is said to have gone crazy and that his screams are still heard to this day. Nowadays, the island is forbidden to locals or tourist visitors, even the local sailors don't go close to the island. Lately, another strange story came from the island when people tried to restore the old hospital and stopped without explanation. People are saying that they were driven away by the angry spirit inhabitant of the island.

Poveglia has been featured in a lot of television shows like “the travel channel”, and paranormal phenomena was recorded during these shows. The island is described by a lot of people as the most haunted island in the world. The island is now for sale....

3 Isle of Wight

The isle of wight is situated only 70 miles from London, around 5 miles of the south coast of England. The island is inhabited by 130,000 residents and is only 147 square miles.

This island is well-known for it's haunted houses, pet, monk ghosts and lady in gray. The west wight beaches are believed to be haunted by drowned sailors, smugglers, brigands, and pirates. Many other landmarks on the island are believed to be haunted. Multiple ghosts have been heard and seen in the Castle inn; a cavalier, cats, a stable lad and even a ghost leaving pieces on the bar. The ghosts of Northwood house are apparently screaming children that are playing, as well as a pirates haunting the cellar of the house.

At Nodes point, The Priory Bay hotel is haunted by a sweet, gentle young girl with her beloved dog. At the Knighton gorges, ghosts are supposed to appear on New Years eve, and the house that once stood there reappeared for a ghostly parties with horses, laughter and music coming from the house. The Ventnor botanic gardens is haunted by tuberculosis patients and nurses of the once Old Royal National hospital that stood there. In Arreton manor, it is believed to be haunted by a young girl wearing a blue dress who was pushed from a window. Many more places on the island are believed to be haunted with different ghosts: the Appuldurcombe house, the Hare and Hounds, the Osborne house, St George's church, the Longstone, Golden Hill fort, the Isle of Wight zoo, Sloop inn, Priory Bay hotel, St Catherine's lighthouse, Wolverton Manor, Crab Inn... and much, much more.

Haunted tours are organized on the island by the famous ghost walk organizer Marc Tuckey and Gay Baldwin, an internationally-known paranormal author, focused eight books on the ghost of the Isle of Wight.

2 Norfolk Island

This small island of 35 square kilometers is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New-Zealand and New Caledonia. The 2, 300 inhabitants of the island are part of the commonwealth of Australia.

Formerly, a colony in which Britain sentenced its worst felons to prison, the island is believed to be the most haunted spot in the Pacific. According to the legend, the life on the island was so bad that convicts would try to kill themselves to end their misery. Due to the vicious and liberty of the guard, the island in the 19th century was described as “hell on earth”. Furthermore, medical experiments were conducted in the Civil hospital on Norfolk. This place is believed to be the most haunted on the island.

In an Australian documentary called The Extraordinary, made on the island, a resident witnessed that at least 50 percent of the population has seen or heard ghosts. Even, the most famous resident of the island, Colleen McCullough, a recognized scientist who worked at Yale Medical School, has witnessed numerous paranormal activities. Ghost tours are organized on the island to this day.

1 Okinawa Island

The largest island of the Okinawa islands is situated around 400 miles south of Japan. The island is around 1,200 square kilometers, with 1,384,762 people living there. This island is also known as having one of the healthiest populations in the world.

As does the Isle Wight, many areas of the island are believed to be haunted. The Kadena air base is one of those places, and especially a small house on the site; the number 2283. This house has been constructed on an old burial ground. Two stories are told by guides why the house is haunted. The first one is the one of an officer that beat his wife to death and the other is one of a stepfather stabbing a teenage girl. On the same base, the building 404 is also believed to be haunted. Another haunted spot is the golf court.

According to the legend, 17 high school girls committed suicide on the island. At the end of World War II, around 40,000 soldiers committed suicide by fear to be tortured or/and to avoid dishonor. Those suicides have been reported to be done on the cliff known as Suicide cliffs, the highest on the island, and on which “ghost jumpers” have been reported to have been seen. Numerous other spots on the island are believed to be haunted like Bazely towers, Hospital hill, and Futenma park. Many stories on the island are told about witnessing paranormal activities, like the taxi driver who took a woman and her baby to her house and waited for cab fare as the woman retrieved it from the house. The driver waited and finally went to knock on the door and was solemnly informed that the woman and the baby had been dead for quite some years by the husband.

A book, The Ghosts of Okinawa has been written by Jayne A. Hitchcock on the different haunted sites on the island. She lived on the island during 3 years from 1992 to 1995.

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