5 Best Places to Tour in September

September is the time when nature bids goodbye to the scorching summer heat to welcome the soothing temperatures of autumn. The pleasant weather and beautiful events make this month an ideal time to travel to some amazing places. Here is a list of top five places you will love to visit in September.

5 Berlin, Western Europe

The capital city of Germany and also the largest city of the country, Berlin is a famous center of art and culture. The Brandenburg Gate is the pride of Berlin. It was one of the many gates that surrounded the city in the erstwhile days.

Do you want to experience a spectacular view of the lively city? Then, the Reichstag building is a must-visit. The newly constructed glass dome offers a 360 degree view of Berlin. The stunning Charlottenburg Palace and Park receive a good number of visitors every year. A stroll with your spouse through the picturesque park makes for a lovely experience.

Music lovers are going to have a ball in Berlin in September. The Citadel Music Festival, a series of around 25 open-air concerts starting from May to September every year celebrate different genres of music. International music legends like Bob Dylan have been a part of this festival.

4 Saint Petersburg, Eastern Europe

Built in the heart of a marshland, thanks to the brilliant idea of Saint Peter, Saint Petersburg, the capital of Russia is applauded as one of the loveliest tourist spots in Europe. The tall buildings, such as the Kazansky Cathedral and the Church of the Resurrection speak a lot about the fascinating history of the city.

Another appealing feature of this city is the beautiful boulevards. The three-mile long Nevskiy Prospekt Avenue invites to take a pleasant stroll. Visiting The Hermitage will transfer you to a fairy-tale world. The Early Music Festival, a tribute to the traditional music styles of Europe takes place in the last week of September and continues till early October.

3 Cape Town, South Africa

A paradise for every party animal and shopaholic, Cape Town is one of the most bustling cities on the earth. The Table Mountain is the crown of the city which is also home to a world heritage site, the Cape Floral Region.

It is a treat to travel around the Table Mountain National Park where whale watching is a major attraction. Laugh out loud at the unique humor of South African comic legend Chris Forrest at the Bay Harbor Comedy Club stage in Hout Bay.

2 Alimatha Island, Maldives

Alimatha is located on the eastern edge of the Maldives. Whether you are a beginner or an expert diver, diving in Alimatha is a true pleasure. Swimming in emerald shallow waters or engaging in snorkelling, there is no dearth of adventure on this pristine island.

Fotteyo Kundu, a protected dive site is a spectrum of various colors. Get set for a fantastic boat ride to this dive site from Alimatha. It takes about 90 minutes to reach there. At the end of sightseeing, make sure to indulge in a luxurious Ayurvedic massage while your stay in Alimatha Islands.

The most luxurious surfing event to be held in the world, the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy 2013 has started. If you are an adventure lover, you should not give this event a miss when you visit Alimatha in September.

1 Beijing, China

Beijing is the political, cultural and economic hub of China. The charm of the royal buildings tells a long history behind the development of Beijing. The Great Wall of China, one of the Eight Wonders of the World is the major reason why a record number of tourists travel to this city every year.

The Forbidden City presents a vast expanse of the Chinese belief of Divine Perfection. The Tiananmen Square stands not only as a symbol of Beijing, but also of China. Great Hall of People, the Tiananmen Tower, National Museum, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and Monument to the People’s Heroes surround the courtyard.

Soak in the fine autumn weather and admire the loveliness of chrysanthemums at the Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival starting from September 26, 2013. Chrysanthemum is one of the four traditional flowers of China.

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