10 Of The Sexiest Beaches On The Planet

Have you ever dreamed of jetting out with your lover for a sizzling beach getaway? So you hop on the computer, prepared to buy two first-class tickets, and realize you do not have the slightest idea about where to head. All you know is that you want sun, sand, umbrella drinks and your woman in her sexy bathing suit. You decide to research the closest sexy beaches around, but are stumped by the sheer number of possibilities. Take it from us, not all beaches are created equal.

You might think that sexy beaches only come in the form of nude or topless, however, that's not at all true. Some of the hottest seashores offer stunning parcels of land where you may not run into another soul and provide privacy and isolation, while others provide city life, easy transportation, and a more populated atmosphere. The options for both types are plentiful, so to help narrow down the list, we have hand-picked a few of each to give you the full range. It will definitely help for the next time you have an impulse to grab your loved one and fly off to a sexy beach destination.

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11 Grande Plage - Biarritz, France


Biarritz is a city in the southwestern part of France that is extremely popular with both French and international travelers. It is considered a luxury destination and offers several levels of hotels, restaurants and beach accommodations. Biarritz is easily accessible by train from Paris or Bordeaux; there is also a local airport, should you prefer to hop over from just about anywhere in Europe.

The Grande Plage is not one of the most secluded beaches, but it's surely one of the best. It is recommended to couples who enjoy more than just sun and sand, as there are two large casinos in the area - one of which is near the Grande Plage - as well as nightlife and other commercial amenities.

10 Bondi Beach - Australia

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Bondi Beach and Bondi Bay are situated in the Bondi Beach area, which is a suburb of Sydney, Australia, and is considered one of the hot spots of the country for beach tourism.

If you and your sweetheart are runners, consider traveling to this area in August to attend the City to Surf Fun Run. There are plenty of other fun activities to consider, but if the beach is your main desire be sure to honor the Bondi Beach rip current warnings and mosey over to the safer and more calm waters. The northern end is known as the most gentle, so you may want to start there.

9 Angra Dos Reis - Costa Verde, Brazil

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Costa Verde translates to the green coast and as you can see, its name suits the spectacular Atlantic ocean coastline of the area. It's considered an idyllic spot for being alone with your significant other as there are 175 miles of coastline with bays where you can dive, swim, sunbath or just relax.

There are plenty of hotels along this stretch that are situated between San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Angra dos Reis, which means "Bay of the Kings", provides crystal clear waters and a plethora of beaches, so take your pick.

8 Matira Beach - Bora Bora, Tahiti

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The island of Bora Bora is a part of French Polynesia and is situated on the Pacific Ocean. It's beauty partially comes from being surrounded by a lagoon so you can imagine the environment is tranquil and provides stunning vantage points from just about anywhere on the island.

With only around 9,000 permanent residents, tourism is the primary income generator, so every outsider is made to feel welcome. Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the more popular activities. Note that there is no public transportation so a rental car or bicycle rentals are going to be your best bets for getting around.

7 La Digue Beaches - Seychelles

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Seychelles is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean near east Africa. La Digue is the third largest island that has occupants, which makes it the perfect destination for a romantic beach getaway.

It's easy to find secluded spots where you can spot rare and interesting wildlife and coral reefs. If the two of you are divers, then this island will provide some of the most beautiful opportunities. There is no airport on La Digue, but if you fly into Victoria, which is the capital of Seychelles, you can take a ferry over. Once there, traveling by bicycle is best.

6 The Republic of Maldives

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The Maldives has become known for its incredible islands and beaches. Malé is the capital and is a bustling city with restaurants and markets as well as available water sport activities.

Since there are hundreds of islands in the Maldives, consider going to Malé first before heading out to one of the others by seaplane or speedboat. There are luxurious seaside resorts, spas and beaches you can enjoy while spending as much or as little time alone exploring one another.

5 Baie Longue - St. Martin

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One of the most beautiful beaches in St. Martin, Baie Longue is nearly always warm with temperatures straddling around 70 to 90 degrees. It's a romantic stretch of beach in the southern part of the French lowlands, and it is considered to be both quiet and intimate.

The water is perfect for diving and snorkeling, yet the surf can be rough, so take heed if you're not a great swimmer. Baie Longue means Long Beach, and it is true to its name, so you can mosey along the beaches for quite a stretch until finding the perfect spot to plant yourselves for the day.

4 Ko Phi Phi Don Island Beaches - Thailand

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The Phi Phi Islands offer terrain and waters you won't find elsewhere on this list. Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest and the most inhabited island with fewer than 3,000 people. Unfortunately, some of its beauty was ruined in the 2004 tsunami, but it has since been recaptured and has mostly returned to its original state.

To get to this haven, you will need to fly into Phuket or mainland Krabi Province and take a ferry. Although it is tranquil, there are times of the year when tourists flock. However, because of it being a popular destination, there are plenty of things to do, places to go and wonderful restaurants to eat at.

3 Folegandros Beaches - Greece

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Folegandros is a 12-square mile island located in the southern part of Greece. Very few people live on this island (less than 1,000), which is partly why it has retained its natural splendor. The tiny capital, Chora, is situated on a cliff but is very accessible by a paved road which is used by cars and donkeys.

There are nearby hotels, B&B's and resorts that have many tourists singing the praises for service, views and amazing culinary opportunities. The beaches are, of course, stunning, and if isolation and privacy are high on your list, Folegandros is the place to go.

2 Tenerife Beaches - Canary Island

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Tenerife is one of Spain's extremely popular tourist destinations, so only travel here if you love the hustle and bustle of crowds. It's the largest of the Canary Islands and most populated, with around 900,000 residents and an estimated 5 million tourists per year.

Getting around is easy, as there are two airports and local transportation available. There are plenty of events and activities year round, such as the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is held in February of each year. You can't go wrong with this beach destination as it has something for everyone, except perhaps finding the most remote spots to be alone.


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